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PurrBowl Orthopedic Anti-Vomiting Cat Feeder

PurrBowl Orthopedic Anti-Vomiting Cat Feeder

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Veterinarians often recommend the PurrBowl for several compelling reasons:

😺 Optimal Feeding Posture: The PurrBowl's innovative design elevates and tilts the food, promoting an ideal feeding posture. This helps prevent neck strain, especially in senior cats, and minimizes the risk of regurgitation during or after meals.

😺 Reduces Arthritis Pain: Aging cats frequently develop arthritis, and the PurrBowl's elevated design ensures that they don't have to stoop uncomfortably while eating. This reduction in joint stress can significantly improve their overall comfort and quality of life.

😺 Hygienic Feeding Station: The PurrBowl's elevated platform keeps food and water off the floor, reducing the chances of bugs, dirt, and hairballs contaminating your cat's food. This helps maintain a cleaner and more hygienic feeding area.

😺 Minimizes Vomiting: Many cats are prone to vomiting after meals, often due to eating too quickly. The PurrBowl's design encourages a slower, more measured eating pace, reducing the likelihood of post-meal regurgitation.

😺 Enhanced Well-being: By providing an ergonomic and comfortable feeding solution, the PurrBowl contributes to your cat's overall well-being. Cats that eat without discomfort and stress tend to be happier and healthier, making it a veterinarian-recommended choice for feline health.

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Technical Details

📍 Specification:

  • Material: Environmental protection plastics
  • Type: Pet Bowls
  • Color: Black,White,Transparent

🎁 Package Included:

  • 1 x Cat Bowl With Raised Stand
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PurrBowl Orthopedic

Eliminate Vomiting Woes, Embrace Ultimate Feline Dining Comfort!

Experience the rave reviews firsthand! Countless pet owners attest to the sheer effectiveness of our feeder. Make the switch today and witness the transformation yourself!

Discover the Transformation!


  • Your feline friend strains their neck while eating.
  • Unwanted intruders like bugs and hairballs infiltrate their food.
  • Frequent post-meal vomiting is a recurring issue.
  • Senior cats experience mealtime discomfort.

The Solution:

  • Neck strain vanishes, and vomiting episodes diminish.
  • The feeding station maintains impeccable hygiene standards.
  • Your cat visibly revels in newfound mealtime comfort.

A Remarkably Cost-Effective Investment in My Cat's Well-being.

Transforming your cat's feeding posture emerges as one of the most budget-friendly avenues to enhance their overall health.

By embracing this prudent approach to feline well-being, you're not only saving money now but also safeguarding against potential future health expenses.

An Essential for Senior Felines, Vet-Endorsed!

Is your beloved cat a seasoned senior, aged 7 or more?

If so, you're likely aware that advancing years can bring about arthritis and joint discomfort, casting a shadow over even the simplest activities, like enjoying a meal.

Act now and bestow upon your senior companion the invaluable gift of comfort and compassionate care they truly deserve!


How does the PurrBowl prevent vomiting in cats?

The PurrBowl's elevated and tilted design encourages cats to eat at a slower, more controlled pace, reducing the likelihood of regurgitation after meals.

Is the PurrBowl suitable for all cat breeds and sizes?

Yes, the PurrBowl is designed to accommodate cats of all breeds and sizes. It provides optimal feeding comfort for both small and large cats.

Can I use the PurrBowl for kittens as well?

While the PurrBowl is primarily designed for adult and senior cats, it can also be used for kittens once they are old enough to eat solid food.

Is the PurrBowl easy to clean?

Yes, the PurrBowl is designed for easy cleaning. It comes with removable components that can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher.

Can I use the PurrBowl for wet cat food as well as dry food?

Yes, the PurrBowl is suitable for both wet and dry cat food, providing flexibility in your cat's diet.

Can I use this for my dog as well?

Yes! The concept of an orthopedic feeder is not just limited to cats!

Our feeders are great for small dogs as well as cats!

What's Inside Our PurrBowls?

Our standard orthopedic PurrBowls boast a construction of BPA-free plastic, guaranteeing your cat's safety and preventing any unwanted chemical seepage into their meals.

However, we're well aware that certain feline friends possess sensitivities or allergies to plastic materials.

That's why we offer a premium stainless steel alternative! Discover it here for an even more elevated dining experience!