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PurrBowl Steel Orthopedic Cat Feeder

PurrBowl Steel Orthopedic Cat Feeder

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🐶😺 Durable Materail: Stainless steel bowl is strong and not easy to break, and it can be washed in a dishwasher. It is durable, hygienic, and rust-free.
🐶😺 Adjustable Angle: Just push the cat bowl into the 0/15 degree button, a reasonable bowl height can reduce the pressure on the cat's neck, arthritis or back.
🐶😺 Removable Design: The elevated cat bowl is composed of a bracket and single bowl or double bowl, which is easy to install, separate, clean and adjust.
🐶😺 Anti Slip: The bottom contains a non-slip bottom to keep it fixed.
🐶😺 Suitable For Pets: Suitable for cats and dogs or other small animals.

Technical Details

📍 Specifications:

  • Item Type: Cat Bowl
  • Material: Stainless Steel, ABS Base
  • Color: Silver + Dark Grey Base
  • Suitable For Pets: Cats And Small Dogs
  • Types: 1(Single Bowl), 2(Double Bowl)
  • Adjustable Angle: 0° Or 15°
  • Capacity: 0°(480ml/per bowl), 15°(275ml/per bowl)


  • 1(Single Bowl): About 141 x 141 x 87mm
  • 2(Double Bowl): About 291 x 141 x 87mm

🎁 Package Includes:

  • 1Pc x Cat Bowl
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Is your feline friend finicky about plastic (or ceramic) bowls?

A Seamless Transition to Stainless Steel, a Decision We've Never Regretted!

Introducing the PurrBowl Steel, crafted from non-porous, anti-bacterial stainless steel. Not only are they impressively robust, but they also maintain impeccable hygiene, eliminating the possibility of cat acne!

Prevent Post-Meal Mishaps with a Single, Effortless Upgrade!

Mealtime holds immense significance for your beloved feline. Elevate the dining experience by embracing the PurrBowl Steel feeder today, ensuring your cat enjoys the comfort they truly deserve.

  • Traditional Feeder

    Rise Above Ground Level Feeding Woes: Elevate Your Cat's Dining Experience!

    Discover the Downfalls of Ground-Level Feeding:

    ❌ Chronic Neck Strain

    ❌ Unsightly Post-Meal Vomiting

    ❌ Discomfort for Beloved Senior Felines

    ❌ Unwanted Intruders like Bugs and Hairballs Marooned in Their Food – An Unappetizing Yuck!

  • PurrBowl Steel Orthopedic Feeder

    Ready to Elevate Your Cat's Dining Experience to New Heights? Make the PurrBowl Upgrade Today!

    Unlock the Benefits:

    ✔️ Say Goodbye to Neck Strain and Dining Discomfort

    ✔️ Enhance Digestion, Minimize Post-Meal Regurgitation

    ✔️ Delight Senior Cats with Blissful Mealtimes

    ✔️ Elevate the Bowl, Keeping Bugs and Hairballs Far from Their Precious Food!

0° / 15° Adjustable

The stainless steel bowl can be easily rotated to adjust the angle and take off, easy to rinse under the tap, and the bowl can be used safely in the dishwasher.

How does the PurrBowl Steel compare?


How does the PurrBowl Steel benefit my cat's health?

It promotes better digestion, reduces neck strain, and minimizes post-meal vomiting, providing a healthier and more comfortable dining experience.

Is the PurrBowl Steel suitable for all cat breeds and sizes?

Yes, the PurrBowl Steel is designed to accommodate cats of all breeds and sizes, offering optimal feeding comfort.

Can I use the PurrBowl Steel for wet cat food as well as dry food?

Absolutely! The PurrBowl Steel is suitable for both wet and dry cat food, giving you flexibility in your cat's diet.

How do I clean the PurrBowl Steel?

The PurrBowl Steel is easy to clean. It comes with removable components that can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher.

Does the PurrBowl Steel help with arthritis-related joint pain in cats?

Yes, the elevated design of the PurrBowl Steel reduces neck strain, making it an excellent choice for cats with arthritis or joint pain.

Can I use the PurrBowl Steel for kittens as well?

While the PurrBowl Steel is primarily designed for adult and senior cats, it can also be used for kittens once they are old enough to eat solid food.