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Interactive Cat Hanging Toy

Interactive Cat Hanging Toy

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🐱😻 Our elastic rope grants you control, with a length range from 29.5 to an exhilarating 71 inches. Watch as the ball darts and dances, just out of reach, igniting your cat's wild side.

🐱😻 Hang It Anywhere, It Stays Put: From ropes to suction cups, windows to cat trees, and even door beams, our toy holds its ground. It's designed for dynamic play, resisting accidental tumbles.

🐱😻 Mimicking Natural Instincts: Featuring a soft surface and a bell, each lively movement emits an enticing sound, awakening your cat's primal hunting instincts.

🐱😻 Various Toys: It can be not only the original plush ball, but also the cat's favorite toy hanging on the free end of the rope, immediately upgrade to a new toy, full of fun.

Technical Details

📍 Product Specification

  • Weight: 30 grams
  • Material: plush
  • Length: Unstretched size 85CM, stretched size about 190CM

🎁 Product Package

1 x Hanging Spring toys

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Interactive Fun

The toy is designed to provide interactive play for indoor pets, keeping them entertained and mentally stimulated.

Exercise and Health

The toy encourages physical activity, helping indoor pets stay active and maintain a healthy weight.

Prevents Boredom

Pets can get bored easily, especially when confined indoors. This toy helps alleviate boredom and prevent destructive behaviors.