Bearded Dragon

What To Buy Before Bringing Your Bearded Dragon Home

Bearded dragons make great pets.

Still, they’re going to be a lot of responsibility. You have to care for them and give them everything they need to thrive. It is never a good idea to buy a bearded dragon until the habitat has been set up. After all, they require a specific amount of heat and light. If they do not get these things, there is a risk that something is going to go wrong. 

Within this guide, you will learn about the things that you need to buy before bringing your bearded dragon home.

vivarium for bearded dragon

First and foremost, you need a cage or terrarium for your bearded dragon. Remember that bearded dragons are native to Australia’s hot regions. So, you’ll need to make that vivarium pretty warm in the future. Either way, you should start by getting the right size. For the best results, your bearded dragon should always be stored in a terrarium that is at least three times bigger than the length of the animal’s tail. This will give the bearded dragon enough room to grow and move about freely.

Once you’ve got a suitable vivarium, it is time to make the area comfortable for your new pet. Remember that you can always learn more about bearded dragons and other animals by checking out Exopet Guides.


For your bearded dragon to thrive, they’re going to need plenty of heating. Your primary heat source should be able to keep your bearded dragon’s cage around 78 and 88 degrees. This will be sufficient during the day. At night, the lights will go off. During this period of time, the temperature should stay somewhere between 70 and 79 degrees Fahrenheit. If your home is too cold at night, you may want to invest in a night lamp. While they will not emit light, they will produce enough heat to keep your bearded dragon warm throughout the night.

Basking Light

You’ll also need a basking light. Bearded dragons love getting under the heat and hanging out for hours. You’ll need a basking light that is capable of keeping the temperature around 95 to 100 degrees. Just remember that the basking light should be placed in a strategic area. It should not keep the entire cage this warm. Instead, the bearded dragon should be able to enter and exit the basking spot as it pleases.

Basking Light

This will give the animal enough space when he or she wants to cool off. Using a thermometer inside of the cage is essential.

This will help you ensure that everything is perfect from the beginning.


You’ve probably seen vivariums with sand for flooring. This is fine as long as you’re dealing with an adult bearded dragon. Babies should not be placed on sand. There is a risk that they’ll eat some and that could cause problems. Adults are capable of digesting the sand so they’ll be fine. If your bearded dragon is young, you’ll want to use something different. Newspapers or dog pee pads will do the trick. This will also make it a little easier to clean up their messes.


Eventually, you’ll need to feed your bearded dragon. It is essential to choose food that is the right size. Young dragons should receive a diet that is primarily insects. You’ll also want to give them some greens from time to time. Young dragons can eat as many as 60 pinhead crickets each day. It is best to feed them in two sessions each day. Never feed young bearded dragons more than three times a day. When your bearded dragon becomes an adult, you should provide him or her with plenty of greens. This should consist of 60 or 65% of plant foods.

Always Provide Calcium

Finally, you always have to make sure that your bearded dragon is getting enough calcium. If they do not, the deficiency is going to cause big problems. Thankfully, you can buy a calcium supplement. Then, you’ll just need to dust the animal’s food with the powder. Adult bearded dragons should receive calcium at least once or twice a week. Young bearded dragons need calcium once a day. Do not forget to give your bearded dragon calcium or you’ll probably run into big problems in the future.

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