Best Dry Cat Food Brands That You Can Trust – (Top 10 Reviews)

The best dry cat food brands should be great in the quality of nutrition it provides as well as the ingredients used in manufacturing. It should not contain too much of the filler products like corn and wheat. It is also better if these cat food brands do not contain artificial flavors, preservatives or coloring. These products should have a high meat ratio by weight. In addition to a great flavor, the cat food should also be able to provide enough nutrition to sustain the physical activities as well as a proper development of the cats.

​Reviews of Best Dry Cat Food Brands

110​Orijen Cat And Kitten Dry Cat Food


  • The diet is meant to replace and replicate a completely natural diet followed by cats
  • The cat food, being balanced with all three items, that is, meat, fruits, and vegetables, is very rich in nutrition
  • The formula contains almost 80% meat
  • The meat used in the product is derived from whole eggs, free run chicken, and freshly caught wild fish
  • The other 20% of the cat food comprises of vitamin enriched fruits and vegetables
  • The cat food is loaded with DHA as well as EPA omega 3 fatty acids


  • It gives a shiny coat and a healthy skin to the cat
  • Has just the correct amount of carbohydrates
  • It is 100% grain free
  • Easy storage, requires no refrigeration
  • Cats like the taste of it


  • Can cause allergies in some cats
  • The bag shows false weight quite often and may contain less items than as mentioned in the label



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