Road Trip with your Dog

Road Trip with your Dog

Road trip with your dogs is one of the most amazing things that you can ever do with your dog. This is more so if you are an adrenaline junkie who likes to explore new things. If this is the case, why not bring your dog along too? It can be the perfect opportunity for you to have fun and bond with your dog at the same time. It can be rewarding and refreshing to you and your furry friend too.

If you are worried about the lack of activities to do during a road trip with your dog, fret not as we have some of the top activities or things to do with your dog when you go on the amazing road trip!

1. Hiking in the mountains

When you go for a long road trip, one of the most natural activities that you should do is to explore scenic routes and perhaps even hike in the mountains. Imagine driving up to the Grand Canyon and doing some short hikes around the area. The view across the horizon is truly amazing, and it can be an Instagram worthy place too!

2. Camping and stargazing

Ever thought of simply lying beside your dog and enjoy the sights that Heaven bestowed on the sky? Why not just do it on a road trip? You can find designated camping sites peppered all around the country. Simply lay camp there, and watch the symphony of stars dazzle you and your dog. Try to spot the Milky Way too.

3. Northern lights

This might take more preparation, but if you have the time and energy, a road trip to view the Northern Lights might be something worthwhile to do.

4. Visit amazing states together with your dog

If you think of road trips as a regular trip with your buddies, then the amount of things that you can do will be aplenty. One of them is to do a trip down to the next pet friendly state and enjoy the sights in and around the place. You can plan and visit various pet friendly cafes as well as places of interest too.

5. Longer road trips

If you are planning for a road trip that is longer, say a few months or so, then you can really consider for some adventurous activities. This includes going on extended trips to explore islands with your dogs. This is something that most people can only imagine but not experience it!

Island hopping can be fun as there are really quite a bit of activities that you can do with your dog. While on the beach, let your dog roam around on the sandy beaches while you conjure up a nice warm meal for your beloved furry friend. They can also swim in the sea!

road trips with dog

While going on road trips can be fun, there are still certain things that you will need to be mindful of to ensure that the entire experience is an amazing one for your dog.

  • Safety for dogs in the car

When it comes to going on road trips with your dog, your dog’s safety in the car will be important. There are two ways to keep your dog safe while in the car. The first way is to find a dog crate that can fit into the car itself. As the journey might be long, we urge you to bring along a dog crate that is well ventilated.

The other way to ensure your dog’s safety is to use canine seatbelt for your dog. These specially designed seatbelts is able to strap your dog in, keeping them secured for the long trip ahead.

  • Never keep your dog alone

The temperature in the car can get pretty high during summer. If you leave your dog alone in the car, the heat alone will kill the dog. You should never ever leave your dog alone in the car, even if you are taking a quick trip to grab something from a store.

  • Do your research early

If you are planning for a longer trip, it does make sense for you to look at pet friendly hotels so that you can break up the trip into small parts .This is really to help the dog manage the endurance needed for long distances on the road. There is no official recommended maximum number of hours that the dog can stay on the road at any one time, but we highly urge you not to go for 5 hours without giving your dog a break. You should allow the dog out to stretch once every 2 to 3 hours.

Essential items needed for road trip with your dog

Road Trip with your Dog 1

When you are preparing to bring your dog out for road trips, there are some essential items that you would need to bring along for the trip. Some of these items are basic necessities while there are some items that we classify as comfort items. Comfort items are things that can help to reduce your dog stress, since the dog is traveling in unfamiliar territory. One such comfort item may be their blanket that they are used to. By having a familiar item during stressful situations, it can help to reduce the stress levels that the dog is facing. Also, since the ride is going to be long, why not purchase comfortable items for your dog to rest in? One such item is the dog booster seats.

A good dog booster seats should be able to strap your dog in so as to keep them secure. Also, when you check out the dog booster seat, please ensure that the material chosen is comfortable for your dog. The material, preferably, have to be waterproof and easy to wash too.

 Other than the dog booster seats, here is a list of some of the items that you might want to consider.
  • Food and water bowl: While you should obviously bring adequate food supply, you should aim to bring along their regular food and water bowl too.
  • Dog safety belt: To secure the dog to the seat.
  • First aid kit: Necessity so that you will not be caught unprepared when the need arises.
  • Medications: Is your dog on any medication? If so, bring them along.
  • Health documents: In the event that you need to visit the vet during your road trip, having the dog’s health documents will be important.
  • Additional dog harness and leash: This is just for backup purposes.
  • Chew toys: helps to relieve stress.
  • Dog drinking water bottle: Allows the dog to drink water while on the go.
  • Adequate water supplies: Trust me, when it comes to road trips, most owners negate the need to bring adequate water supply. This is indeed important as the dog and you will consume huge amount of water during the road trip.
  • Dog coat and collar: The temperatures in the country can drop pretty drastically at night, and hence it might be good to bring along their coat in case the temperature gets too extreme for your dog.
  • Boots: While doing a road trip with your dog across the country, the terrain might get too testing for them. In this sense, it will be good to bring along their boots so that their paws are protected against the rough terrain.

In particular, the chew toys do serve a particular purpose. When the dog is feeling stressful, they will need an outlet to relieve their stress, and the chew toy is one of the most effective ways to reduce the dog’s stress!

Motion sickness in dogs

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One of the factors that contribute to the dog feeling stressful during road trips is due to them suffering from motion sickness. Do note that motion sickness is actually more prevalent in puppies. If you notice the following signs, then it is an indication that your dog is suffering from motion sickness.

  • Sudden loss of activity
  • Dog is showing signs of lethargy
  • You can hear a low rumbling sound in the tummy

If any of the above can be noticed from your dog’s behaviour during the road trip, then it is highly possible that the dog is feeling sick from motion sickness.

To avoid or solve this problem, you should always first try to get your dog to be accustomed to riding in the car with you. The best way to do this is actually to take short rides between set locations. Once your dog stops displaying signs of motion sickness, you can gradually increase the distance.

Once this is done, and you are preparing for a longer trip, do ensure that you limit your dog’s food intake as well as water intake. This will limit the probability of your dog throwing up. Also, I realize that by letting the dog face the front rather than towards me, it really does help a lot in limiting the onset of the dog’s car sickness to recur.      

Of course, once your dog stops suffering from car sickness, you should always give the dog a treat! Always reward positive behaviour with a treat.


With the information above, you should be better well equipped with information that you will need to go on a road trip with your dog. Which place will you visit first?

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