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Reasons To Buy Wooden Dog Houses For Your Pets

Everybody loves their pet dogs and wants to do anything for making it comfortable and convenient for living in their home. Whether you have a smaller breed or adult breed dogs at home, it requires separate space for sleeping, eating, jumping, playing and all other activities. Even though the dogs are the best friends to the humans, they also need some privacy sometimes.

Whenever you are looking to build a separate place for your dog, it is always better buying the best kind of dog house available in the market.

When it comes to the popular dog house, there are most probably two materials such as wood and plastic used for the construction. Those who require the elegant and modern style of small house for your dog can get the innovative designs in both plastic and wood material. But wood for dog house is the best choice when it comes to the weather conditions. The plastic looks good and elegant but not actually suitable for both the winter and summer season. It will definitely give the seasonal effects to your dogs. In such a way, wooden dog houses are highly beneficial when it comes to the temperatures.

Both in the hot temperatures and cold temperatures, the dog houses which are made up of the wooden material will be good to reduce the seasonal effects. When the pet owners are willing to give some more comfortable situation to your dogs when you have an idea of placing a dog house in your outdoors, it is better going for the insulated wooden dog houses. The insulation at the top and sides of the dog house will actually be beneficial to give warm temperature during the winter season and cold temperature during the summer season for the comfortable sleeping of your dogs.

Why Wooden Dog Houses?

The wood is one and only the best and suitable material which is sturdy and heavy to construct the wonderful range of pet houses for the dogs. When it comes to the dog houses, the pet owners should need to look for the house which is built with the engineered woods. Although the normal wooden material is strong enough to build the dog houses to give higher safety in all the seasons, they will give you cracked, twisted and warped pieces over time. These damages will be happened to your dog houses especially when you put it in the outdoor locations like lawns or gardens.

This type of lower quality wooden material is not good for your dog’s health and at the same time, it is not durable to use for longer years. This is why most of the pet owners are recommended choosing the engineered wood for dog house construction. Whenever you are looking for the best type of pet house in the wooden material, first you have to make sure that the selected pet house is made up of the engineered wood or not. The engineered wood is always high-quality material to build the dog house with the higher durability.

Different Types Of Woods For Building Dog House:

Most of the leading dog house manufacturers are only using the engineered wood products in order to make the unique design with the rough sawn cedar finish. The engineered wooden materials are used for providing the structural integrity and superior strength to the dog houses.

Similarly, it is highly beneficial for possibly reducing the level of resistance, rot, moisture, dent, scratch and also insect entered into the pet house. While buying a wooden dog house, all the pet owners should also need to consider the insulation in the outer region of the pet house for getting complete protection in all the seasons. Many of the dog house manufacturers are using the different types of woods such as.

  • Pine wood
  • Plywood
  • Fir wood
  • Many other types of softwoods

All these woods are first engineered in the industries and then used for the construction of the dog houses with the inferior grade of cedar finish. The pet houses which are all made up of these wooden materials perfectly suitable for both your indoor and outdoor locations. The soft wood materials are only suitable for your smaller breeds and quiet type dogs. When the pet owners have aggressive dogs at home, it is always better looking for the engineered wood for dog house in order to get stronger structure and higher durability.

  • The engineered woods are environmentally friendly at all the times and create healthy living atmosphere to your dogs.
  • Don’t go for the plastic dog houses because they are a very poor choice for your loveable pets. The plastic will emit several volatile organic chemicals which will create several health effects in your dogs. So, each and every dog owner should need to avoid selecting the plastic dog house.
  • The wooden dog houses are always the healthy option to choose for your pets. At the same time, the wooden pet houses are really attractive to give aesthetic effect to your home indoors or outdoors.
  • When the pet owners have an idea to place to the dog house in any outdoor location, it is always better choosing the insulated wooden pet house in order to avoid damages of the UV rays from the sun.

Why Insulated Dog Houses?

When it comes to the wooden dog house, everyone should need to prefer buying the insulated wooden pet houses from the shops. The insulation on the dog house will keep it safe from.

  • Conduction of heat or cold
  • Convection
  • Radiation from the sun or any other objects

There are several types of the insulating materials available to be used on the normal dog houses for giving maximum convenience and protection for sleeping, eating, playing and all. These types of insulated dogs are an environmental friendly to be safe for your dog and also surroundings. There are no harmful emissions from the wooden material like plastic. This is why it is always better selecting the insulated dog house which is constructed using the engineered wood.

The wooden dog houses usually vary in sizes. The smaller size pet houses are suitable for your smaller breeds and puppies. When you have larger breeds at home, you have to look for the larger sized insulated wood houses. Some of the naughty puppies require larger space to play with their siblings or any other toys. So, the pet owners can buy the large sized wooden dog house for your smaller puppies. For the style and modernism of the houses, the pet houses are also available in the stylish designs.

In order to make your pet house as a decorative part at any portion of your home indoors or outdoors, it is always better choosing the designer and fashionable dog house from the shops. Nowadays, online dog stores are a one-stop shop for buying the high-quality wooden dog houses with the thick insulation. At the same time, you will get unlimited numbers of varieties, designs, sizes and other options while going to the internet dog stores. While picking a dog house, the pet owner should need to keep in mind all the necessary aspects and suggested features in order to pick a right choice and suitable size of the pet house for your smaller or larger breeds.

Thick Foam Insulation:

For the most of the insulated dog houses, the manufacturers are using the thick foam insulation. Most probably this foam insulation method is utilized for insulating the basements of the houses. The same type of insulation is used on the wood for dog house. Even though there are different types of insulation materials are available in the market, the foam insulation is actually CFC free and has the thick layer. Therefore, it is high quality for using on your pet house about 1 to 1 ½ inches. When it is the thick wood, ½ and ¾ inch of foam insulation are enough to get total protection from the summer and winter seasonal effects.

Some of the leading wooden dog house manufacturers are also using a particular reflective layer along with this thick foam insulation on the top of the pet house. This reflective layer will be protecting to reflect the harmful UV rays from the sun. At the same time, this thick insulation on your pet house will be also better for the noise reduction. So, any unwanted sounds will not disturb your pets while eating or sleeping.


Thus, each and every dog owner should need to consider buying the insulated wooden dog house for the complete safety and protection of your pets from the various seasonal effects and weather conditions. Nowadays, the pet owners can search for the beautiful and attractive rang off the insulated wooden dog houses from the online shops at an affordable cost. Take the measurement of your dog and buy the largest one to give more space for sleeping, playing and other activities of your pets.

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