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ProSelect Empire Dog Cage Reviews

The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is an excellent product produced by ProSelect for pet owners who need one tough dog cage. The brand is a popular choice among breeders, pet care professionals, and pet owners for the value and quality of their products.

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

​They use high quality materials and brilliant design in all their products and the empire dog cage is no exception. They offer premium-quality products at a price that will give their buyers value that competing brands cannot afford.

​When you want to replace your pet dog’s old place cage, this Empire Dog Cage from ProSelect is a good choice. The cage durable and uses material that is nearly impossible for a dog to destroy. Other features such as the wielding found at the cage’s stress points, all come together to make the Empire Dog Cage an excellent option for pet owners.

Features, Specifications, and Things to Consider

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage
  • ​​20-Gauge Steel – The Empire Dog Cage uses a strong 20-gauge steel and reinforced steel tubes that are 0.5 inches in diameter.
  • Two sizes – The Empire Dog Cage comes in two sizes, medium and large.
    Interior size - The interior space of the medium cage is 35.75 inches in length x 23.5 inches in width and 24.5 inches in height. The large variant has an interior space of 40 ¾ inches in length x 28 inches in width x 31 ¾ in height.
  • Detachable Casters – The cage is equipped with casters to allow for easier transport or take off the casters for additional stability. When attached, the casters afford the Empire Dog Cage and additional clearance of four inches from the floor.
  • Floor grate with steel tray – A steel tray is featured in the Empire Dog Cage attached beneath the dog’s floor grate.
  • Durability – The Empire Dog Cage can go through strong abuse even from the largest dogs.
  • Shipping weight – The Empire Dog Cage ships at a weight of 76 lbs. Hammertone finish – The cage has a hammertone finish which makes it sturdy and durable, even for a big dog.
  • ​​Welding at stress points – The stress points of the Empire are welded for added strength and durability.


  • Made to last - The Empire Dog Cage is one of the most durable products for its class. Few can match, let alone better, the kind of lifetime performance as the Empire.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly – The only tool a person needs to setup the Empire Dog Cage are his hands and a hex head screw driver. It takes little time to assemble the Empire and is simple to setup thanks to its design and well written and illustrated manual.
  • Easy movement – The cage comes with detachable casters, these are wheels that make moving the cage a lot easier.
  • Stable wheels – The wheels of the dog cage are very stable and do not move in any direction even when a dog moves around inside.


  • ​Hard to transport without wheels – This cage is quite heavy. The lack of casters would make it difficult to transport or lift.
  • Grated floor – The Empire Dog Cage has a grated floor that may be uncomfortable for some dogs. Some padding may be required.
  • Inappropriately placed name tag – This cage has a nametag with the name of the manufacturer. Dogs might rub their snout on it and cause irritation or minor injuries.
  • Expensive – The cage is quite expensive.

Customer feedback and ratings

A large portion of customer reviews have given this product a rating of five stars. Many of the reviews state how easy it is to clean the cage thanks to its removable tray which “catches” dog waste and fur. The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage was consistently reviewed as being sturdy and almost indestructible. The steel used in its construction can stand up to abuse from any dog. The casters of the cage have also received wide praise for how useful they are in moving the cage.

Customers are concerned on the convenience of the dog while inside the cage. Since the floor is grated, pets inside the cage will experience uneven pressure throughout their body when they sleep on the floor. Most owners have resorted to adding a layer of tough padding to make it more comfortable for the pet.


The Empire Dog Cage is a heavy but durable cage built to contain even the biggest dogs. Though expensive, buyers get a lot of value considering what the Empire Dog Cage has to offer. Despite its excellence, the cage is heavily criticized for some of its features such as the uncomfortable steel grate floor and the manufacturer’s name tag which may cause minor injuries.

Overall, the ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is a wise purchase for pet owners looking for a sturdy cage, which is easier to clean. Take note that you need to add comfortable padding on the cage floor to make sure that the café has a good living condition even for a pet dog.

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