PetChatz: An Easy Way To Connect With Your Pet

Many pet parents are excited about this new product: PetChatz. According to the news, it is an easy way to connect with your pet. While some are ready to join the craze, other pet parents are hesitant. Before investing money, the second bunch wants to make sure that if they decide to buy the product, PetChatz will give them their money’s worth.

PetChatz HD Pet Camera Two-Way Audio

​Below, you will find a review of the PetChatz product for pets and pet parents.

​An outstanding function of PetChatz is its two-way audio and video system. This system allows you to talk to and see your pet, and allow your pet to talk to you and see you, too. It is much like giving your pet their own phone to be able to contact them anytime.

​Here is more information about PetChatz:

  • ​5.8” (W) x 9.5” (H) x 14.6” (L) item dimensions
  • 5.16 lbs. weight
  • White and black color
  • Low-light HD video camera (with full-color LCD display)
  • Patented treat release system
  • Pet-safe microphone
  • Full-frequency speaker
  • Sound and motion detector
  • 24/7 DOGTV streaming availability
  • PawCall Compatibility
  • Specially formulated calming scent release system
  • Innovative pet-safe design

PetChatz Pros

​Many pet parents love PetChatz primarily because of its usefulness. With the product, they are able to address their concerns about being away from their pet.

​Here are other things that pet parents love about PetChatz:

  • You can attach it securely to stable surfaces (e.g. large bookcases, walls). This creates an immersive experience.
  • It provides a pet-safe design. It also does not come with chewable cords, corners, and edges.
  • Due to its scent-release feature, it lets you help your pet deal with anxiety, fear, and nervousness.
  • Its HD video camera and (sound and) motion detector allow you to see your pet clearly – as if they are right in front of you.
  • Its microphone, full-frequency speaker, and sound (and motion) detector allow you to understand your pet’s message clearly.
  • It allows you to connect (i.e. interact through the PetChatz app for iOS and Android users) to your pets from any location conveniently. So long as you can establish a stable internet connection, you can monitor your pet from where you are.
  • Due to its DOGTV availability feature, your pet can use it as an entertainment source.

​PetChatz Cons

You’ll find that its treat dispenser is PetChatz‘s disadvantage. Unfortunately, both the size and shape of the treat dispenser are quite selective of the dispensable treats. This means that you may not get to grant your pet’s favorite treat to them if it is not of a particular size.

A simple fix is to buy a load of supply from PetChatz’s own treat manufacturer. This way, the treats will keep on coming.

5-Step Instruction PetChatz Guide

Allowing your pet to familiarize itself with PetChatz is effortless. Once the product has a secure attachment to a wall (or any solid surface), you can then call your pet to come over and introduce PetChatz – as you would any other toy. Usually, this introduction phase takes no more than five minutes.

From then, you can start using PetChatz. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  • Smile and talk to your pet.
  • Press the Treat Button if you think your pet deserves a treat.

Once you know how to chat with your pet using PetChatz, the possibilities are almost endless. Here are some of your options:

  • ​You can use it to monitor your pet for hours while you are away.
  • You can Record and Share a PetChatz chat session with your pet. This is advisable if you want to re-watch the interaction with your pet or if you want to share it with others.

The majority of pet parents who have tried PetChatz find the product more than satisfactory. On Amazon and on the PetChatz website, PetChatz garnered a line-up of 5-star ratings. According to the reviews, the fact that PetChatz is an excellent digital system is a big plus. Its simple UI (or User Interface) makes it even more laudable.

Moreover, the reviews say that it is a must-have for pet parents. Especially if they do not like the idea of not seeing their fur babies when they need to travel, PetChatz is a useful product.


It is easy to see that PetChatz can serve as the ultimate digital daycare solution. Therefore, if you need help watching your dog, hiring a dog-sitter or a cat-sitter is unnecessary.

A great alternative is to invest in PetChatz, learn how to use it, and train your pet how to use it. In no time, you can leave your pet alone in the house and simply use PetChatz to check in on him anytime!

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