Kill Fleas On Dog

9 Easy And Natural Ways To Kill Fleas On Dog

Dealing with fleas can be a very annoying thing with your pets. In fact, it can be a very heartbreaking sight to see your dog suffer uncontrollably by the itchy sensation brought about by fleas. While there are a number of products that are available to help kill fleas, it is not always a guarantee to use. This is why there are so many dog owners who are looking for natural ways to kill fleas on dog. If this is something you are interested in, it's best that you know natural ways to get rid of fleas. With this, you know that you are using something that can effectively get rid of fleas and will be safe to use on your dog.

Here are a few of the things you need to do to keep your dog free from fleas naturally:

Before you do anything, you have to determine where the infestation is coming from. If you notice that it is coming from your dog, you need to bring him to a veterinarian as soon as you can. This way, he will get a flea bath which will kill all the fleas that are residing in your dog's fur. You have to make sure to avoid bringing your dog inside your home until you have successfully gotten rid of all the fleas in your home. Otherwise, there is a chance that your home could get infested once again. To further protect your home, you can apply a monthly flea and tick preventative.

Step 2: Give Your Dog A Bath

Baby Shampoo for Dog

Before you bring your dog to a vet, it is important that you give him a bath. The reason for this is because your vet may spray a chemical solution on your dog that would prohibit him from getting wet for the next week. This is why it is best that you already give your dog a bath before his visit to the vet. You can opt to use any gentle dog shampoo. When you give your dog a bath, make sure to wash his neck area first so that the fleas won't jump to his head. Dog shampoo contains acid that kills fleas instantaneously. If there are remaining fleas, you can pick them off.

Step 3: Clean Your Home

Before you start trying to get rid of fleas on your dog, you have to make sure to clean your home. This means that you should also remember to clean every single item that your dog uses, such as his bed and toys. By making sure you clean these things, you can kill the fleas and ensure they won't be around anymore; especially since fleas can climb on stairs and other parts of your home.

Step 4: Vacuum Your Home

Vacuum Your Home

Apart from just making sure that your home is clean, you should also spend some time vacuuming it. The most important thing is that you vacuum areas in your home that are not as exposed to sunlight as well as your upholstered furniture, and those areas where you can find feces and dried blood. If you have a carpet, make sure to sprinkle baking soda, salt, or Borax throughout. Be sure to sweep it onto the base of the carpet so that it can work its way thoroughly. Allow these things to sit for a few hours before vacuuming so that the flea eggs can dry out from your carpet.

While you are cleaning and vacuuming your home, you have to make sure that your dog stays away from your home. This way, they won't accidentally get sick from the items you are using to clean your home. When you're done vacuuming, make sure to seal the bag and put it inside a covered trash container outside so that the fleas won't be able to climb out and start looking for a new place to get cozy.

Step 5: Clean Outdoor Areas

You should also make sure to clean any outdoor areas where your dog usually goes to. Make sure to trim your lawn and remove the weeds so that the fleas don't have anywhere to hide. Additionally, be sure to expose any cool and moist dark spots as these are areas where fleas usually hide. Expose these areas to sunlight or be sure to keep your dog away from such spots.

Step 6: Create A Natural Way To Kill Fleas

Most commercially available products that promises to kill fleas cost a lot of money. In addition to this, there are others that aren't safe for dogs to use. This is why there are some who choose to make their own solution using natural ingredients. If you are interested in creating your own flea dip, you can mix two cups of fresh rosemary leaves with two pints of water.

Make sure to boil this so that the rosemary will be absorbed. When done, strain the liquid and get rid of the leaves. Mix the solution with a gallon of warm water. You can then pour the solution over your dog. Don't rinse off instead, allow the solution to air dry on your dog.

Step 7: Use A Flea Collar

Collars For Your dogs

Put a few drops of Eucalyptus oil, citronella, tea tree oil, geranium, or lavender on your dog's collar before you use it on your dog. Make sure to do this every week so that he will be free from fleas. You can also use pennyroyal oil as it discourages fleas. You can plant these around your property, making sure that your dog doesn't eat it.

Step 8: Make A Spray

You can choose to make a citrus spray or a vinegar spray. If you will be using a citrus spray, make sure to slice a lemon thinly before adding it to a pint of water. Heat the mixture so that it boils. Let the mixture cool overnight. In the morning, you can spray it in areas where you think fleas hang out. You can also rub it over your dog's fur. You can do this once a month to make sure you get rid of fleas completely.

If you are using a vinegar spray, mix 1/4 distilled white vinegar with 3/4 water. You can also get add a tablespoon of dish soap so that you can get rid of dirt. Aside from using this on your dog, you can also use it as a cleaner for your surfaces and counters. You can also spray it once or twice a week on your fabric so that you can get rid of fleas.

Step 9: Use Table Salt

You can also use basic table salt to get rid of fleas on your dog since it dries up the eggs of fleas, eventually killing them all. If you plan on using salt to get rid of fleas on your dog, make sure to look for affected areas. For every area, make sure to use a pinch of salt. Massage the area with a drop of water on your fingertips. Make sure to reapply every day until the infestation has cleared. If you plan on using salt, you should be mindful about the amount you use as it could also irritate your dog's skin.

Getting rid of fleas can be tricky as there are instances they can return. However, you just have to remember to be thorough with your dog's fur so that you can effectively get rid of fleas. When you do, you'll be sure that he won't be bothered by fleas again. With the use of natural ingredients, you get to ensure that your dog is free from any side effects that could be brought about by the solution. At the same time, natural ingredients are a cost-effective way to get rid of fleas. You can get the job done without spending too much money on it.

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