Know About The Best 5 Food For Your Adorable Kitty

If you have a fluffy Ragdoll or a cute British shorthair at your home then you might be also concerned about finding the best food for it, right? Because to keep your lovable friend healthy you need to think about it. Well, in that scenario, you can mostly see a fancy label on many brands which claim to be very organic, holistic or astounding either in this or that way but you must know that the real truth is revealed in the list of ingredients.

So, while you buy a pack of cat food make sure you’ve noticed that it has meat proteins, contains no by-products, filler or preservatives.

Further, if you are perplexed about which food will be the best for your kitten then let me clear out the confusion. Here is the list of five such cat foods which will obviously keep your sweet little pet super-healthy.

Let’s get started!!

Stew Wholesome Chicken Recipe

It has been rated as the best wet cat food by the consumer research. It is one such holistic cat-food which is formulated with various essential vitamins, minerals and numbers of whole food ingredients. It is grain-free without any chicken meal, by-product meals or any rendered meat. The prominent five ingredients of this top-class cat food are chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, carrots and Zucchini. It has no artificial flavours or preservatives. Halo Spot is the brand which launched this product.

2. Canned Chicken Formula

Canned Chicken Formula

This is one of the supreme moist cat-food from the brand Nature’s Variety which can be one of the healthiest alternatives to dry foods. Moreover, it is difficult to find a cat food that does not have the thickener Carrageenan. Canned chicken formula does not have thickener. It has 95% of chicken meat and liver and 5% of vegetables, fruits and other health-foods.

3. Canned Chicken And Turkey

Canned Chicken And Turkey

This product is from the famous cat-food brand known as Blue Buffalo Wild Delights. This company takes care of the fact that it makes the healthiest formulations which are very close to the natural diets of cats if it was living in a wild condition. This product is grain and gluten-free with no by-products or fillers and which include various top-quality meat proteins. It has chicken, chicken broth, water, turkey, and chicken liver.

4. Core Original Dry

Core Original Dry

With the tag of the famous brand ‘Wellness’ with it, this product stands out when compared with other cat-foods. It has natural ingredients and high-quality proteins in it. This food is a completely grain-free diet which has no artificial ingredients or preservative within it. Moreover, it also contains probiotics in it for improved digestion of cats along with flaxseeds and salmon oil which contain the essential fatty acids in it.

5. Dry Adult And Kitten Food

Dry Adult And Kitten Food

This product is from the brand known as Orijen which got top-ranked from consumer search for the best quality of meats and contains a high ratio of meat compared to other ingredients. This product has the maximum portion consisting of fresh meat. It has 85 percent protein along with 15 percent of veggies and fruits. Although cats are obligate carnivores they would still need fruits and vegetables for their stomach. So, these are added to provide your cat with the essential vitamins and minerals in the highly digestible form so that a cat can extract the nutrients.


Wrapping things up, I can say that if you haven’t purchased these fantastic cat-foods for your pussy cat yet, then make a move soon and buy these to choose the finest nutrition for your tamed darling.


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