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What You Can Do to Keep Your Dog Hale & Hearty

Keeping your canine friends healthy and happy is a certain responsibility. Check out the tips to maintain a hale and hearty dog all year round right here.

It is your wish to keep your paw fellows healthy all the time and make them enjoy life around you as much as possible.

But there are times during the year with the weather and environmental impacts that may affect your puppy’s health. Those may include the incorrect diet, the unhygienic large dog feeder (in the case of larger breeds), or the heat.

So, what can you do to keep your dog hale and hearty? There are always solutions, which I have been applying to my little barky beast at home.

Watch out Canine Epidemic

First thing first to protect your dog from diseases.

It’s not hard to realize the symptoms of contagious infections in dogs.

The signs can be your puppies coughing, discharging, losing appetite, sneezing, and more. It would be wise to take the dog to the vet right away.

There are a few things you can do in the first place to prevent the illness:

  • Segregate the dog from his ill four-legged friends to avoid transmission
  • If your dog had contact with a sick canine before, wash his hands, and also your clothes
  • Get a vaccination is always the foremost guarding solution
  • Keep watching his progression and consult vets if needed

Provide proper diets

Foods are the primary source of all energy your pup has. So, you want to give the best diet that provides the dog with correct nutritional values.

Here are the healthy ingredients to keep in mind that benefits a dog’s health in many aspects:


  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Venison
  • Turkey
  • Salmon
  • Lamb
  • Sheep
  • Bison

Omega fatty acids

  • Fish oils (herring, salmon)
  • Flaxseed
  • Sunflower oil
  •  Soybean oil

Get enough exercise

You can buy toys for the dog and spend some time to play with him.

A dog fetcher will get your pup to burn his energy and maintain a healthy body. Or you can take the barky friend to your jogging section.

How about indoor canines and small dogs like Corgis and Frenchies? It’s best to invest in balls.

Note that some dog breeds can't endure too much exercise. You may want to consult your vet to learn more about your dog fellow.

Maintain a healthy weight

You may think a chubby pup is more adorable than a fit one. But if you keep having your dog putting on weight, it becomes lazy and overindulgent.

Overweight dogs, like humans, can suffer a myriad of sicknesses, including obesity, diabetics, and heart disease. Not to mention those illnesses take away their years of living.

You certainly don’t want that.

The best advice is to give your dog a suitable diet and a time table.

I’ve seen many dog owners can’t resist their pups begging for more portion in a day. I may not agree with giving more food than necessary.

Keep a check-up schedule regularly

Pick a close-to-home vet clinic and get the doctor’s number there. You will need to make a reservation for your pup’s check-up.

I have been following the recommendation to bring my dog to the examination at least once a year. In every visit, I have the veterinarians to detect health issues and give me pieces of advice to solve every bit of potential threats to my pup.

Besides, keeping in touch with an acquainted animal doctor allows you to ask for suggestions in emergencies.

Pay attention to body care


Sanitization matters a lot in the dog’s health.

You can imagine fleas making nests under that coat which hasn’t received proper grooming for a long time.

So, give your woofy prince/princess some brushes twice a week to remove sheds and bacterial dwellers.

Also, add to the diets supplements like vitamin C, E, and A to boost the health of skin and coats.

Dental’s health

Many dog parents forget this house of bacteria in canines. Of course, your pups don’t need daily teeth brushing like us, but on a regular basis. Or else, you may see your dog suffer gingivitis, plaque, or worse like periodontal disease causing bad breath, and tooth loss.

There are chew toys and dental treats available on the market you can buy to help with this task if you don’t want to use the toothbrush literally.


Your dog doesn’t have to be in perfect shape. But if you notice any abnormal sign of moving, or your dog having a difficulty moving, in pain, rush to the vet. Those are possible symptoms of joint health issues, causing your pup the ailment.

Fulfill with your love

Don’t just put food solely in the pet feeder, but your affection too.

Your love is the primary ingredient that makes your pup friend live the happiest life.

If your woofy pal has all the attention and care he needs, wouldn’t that encourage him to overcome any ailments?

Remember to enjoy every moment that you have with your pooch.

Love is a miracle product that heals and improves everything, including your pup’s life.

Wrapping up

Keeping your loving paws hale and hearty is not any challenge at all if you practice with sentiments.

Just remember to love with wisdom and ultimate care in crucial situations.

What will you have back?

Hmm. I guess you will receive a lot more than just a wagging tail.

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