How To Raise A Friendly Cat

Are You Getting A New Cat Or Kitten? Would You Wish To Make Sure They're A Loving And Gentle Recent Addition To Your Family? Let us Find out the how To Raise A Friendly Cat!

'Who'd believe such pleasure out of a wee ball o' fur?'

Never was there a truer belief compared to expressed with this old saying.

And there is nothing more inclined to melt the most hardened of hearts, more than the sight of a kitten.

Thus, if you've decided that enough time is to receive the hands on one of these animals that are wonderful, your enthusiasm is likely to be off the scale!

However kitty ownership comes the responsibility.

Of maintaining and making an environment that offers up his future enjoyment, but optimizes the chances of him maturing friendly cat.

As excited as you are, it is important to devote some some time for you to consider what owning a kitten will mean to you.

The goal of this guide is to help you not only make an educated decision about choosing a kitten in the first spot, however, talks about exactly what you can do to maximize your odds of increasing a friendly cat is favorable.

Should I Get A Kitten?

It is the right time to take off our rose-tinted glasses. Let us look at the practicalities that go.

Primarily, kittens take up a great deal of their time.

We are eliminating them out of behind ovens and curtains, chimneys if we aren't simply sitting watching their gorgeousness!

They're bundles of energy and, without oversight, could possibly get themselves!

Imagine you're not there to prevent him stepping into a spot he can't escape out of, or something he must not be chewing or merely to give extra stimulation. This may have an effect on his emotional and physical well-being. Also as with any bond between you.

Taking frequent holidays, obtaining a chaotic busy or regular schedule also can have negative emotional consequences. As kittens and cats who thrive on routine and predictability.

You should also be prepared for significant financial outlay.

How Much Do Kittens Cost?

There is the foodstuff; cat-related paraphernalia; the price of neutering; routine and emergency health; insurance, catteries or cat sitters, possibly to the next twenty decades or more!

You can like to think about the sum of job based activities.

Noone loves cleaning a mess out tray, but it needs to be performed, sometimes a few times each day.

Do not forget that kittens are near machines that are killing.

Thus, if you are an enthusiastic supporter of their rights of rodents, birds and other wildlife, you could find it tough to cope with your kitty's gory wild-life leftovers.

How is he likely to answer this beginner that is tiny if you presently have a cat?

It is necessary to understand and honor his own character.

How does he act around other cats, is he territorial or friendly towards them?

Finding a kitty could certainly affect the cats' happiness. Launch and especially as the kitten starts to grow its social and territorial bounds.

If you do not consider the suitability of your lifestyle and environment before getting a kitty, it is possible you can end up compromising his or her welfare.

Which Kitten is Perfect for Me?

Confident any kitty's requirements would be met by you ? There are a number of more decisions to be produced which might have an impact on how favorable he turns out to be.

Included in these are:

Exactly how many kittens?

Kittens can be good company for one another and will provide favorable experiences. Under the appropriate conditions, these can influence their ability to carry out friendly cat behaviour with others of their species at the future.

Be aware though that when kittens begin to develop their mature characters and sense of territoriality at around 18 months of age, their previously good relationship could change.

Related or Non-related?

Statistically cats that are not siblings or mentioned together from a very early age will have battle as mature adults. This of course will probably be determined by the setting, access to resources along with their temperaments.

Male or female?

This can be a personal option, but in the event you have more than one kitten, then it is sometimes a good idea to select reverse osmosis.

Moreover, be mindful that male mature cats are more very likely to be territorial.

Extended or shorthair kittens?

You will have to factor in time removing and dressing hair out of soft clothes and furnishings, in addition to the regurgitation of hairballs!

Where To Get A Kitten?

You might choose to receive a kitten from a breeder, or a rescue refuge, a national home or a pet shop.

But, it's certainly not where you get the kitten from that helps determine his character but additional essential elements.

Cat Temperament

Cat Temperament

How to raise a cat starts with feline cat temperament.

Each cat has a exceptional personality, however where it originate from?

Although research has demonstrated it's very likely that kittens inherit amounts of boldness in their father, it's still not yet determined whether they inherit personality characteristics from their mommy.

The cause of this is that Americans suffer making use of their mom continually from arrival and through their early evolution. What this means is it's possible that they are only learning traits from her.

Nevertheless, I would always recommend that you ask to fit with the kitten's mother. If she's friendly and sociable, hopefully her kittens will have learnt to be overly.

It's vital to be aware though, that whilst a kitten will inherit areas of his dad's temperament, and potentially learn to be favorable out of his mother, it won't mean to state that whenever he becomes an adult, his personality wont change!

Asides from genetics, there are different elements that play a huge role in shaping a kitty's character all through his life.

Notably socialisation, the atmosphere also to some extent the breed.

Best Friendly Cat Breeds

A number people believe that purchasing a pedigree kitten is going to soon be a guarantee of a particular personality 'profile.' Picking the best friendly cat breed could assist us with just how to raise a friendly cat.

But, whilst research has identified associations between behaviour and different cat breeds, it is fundamentally the responsibility of the breeder to shape their kittens' future behavior. They do so by giving them the positive experiences.

Thus, doing your homework and asking the proper questions is critical in determining the reality that your pedigree kitten will prove to be a healthier and social cat.

In terms of the friendliest cat breeds, anecdotally Maine Coons, Siamese, Burmese and Tonkinese are one of the ones that rate highly for social faculties.

Yet, some 'people-oriented' breeds happen to be favorable a tad too far.

They are able to develop intense bonds with their owners, be exceptionally demanding and can have problems with separation anxiety. As the owner of a Siamese kitty, I will attest to it!

Additionally, it is worth remembering that because a kitty may be consumed to be more friendly towards humans, doesn't mean he'll carry over this trait to additional cats.

A good example of the is Burmese cats, and in my experience might be territorial!

Kitten Socialization Period

Although kittens might inherit traits, they are not born being sociable towards humans. This attribute has to be learned throughout the burial period.

This is a time period passed between seven and two weeks of age when kittens are receptive to learning about their environment as well as forming bonds.

What they experience of these essential weeks of life includes a huge influence on what they will go on to socialize with people, other cats and other species in the future.

How To Socialize A Cat

how to raise a friendly cat

In depth socialisation calls for allowing a kitten to have and shape positive associations he is very likely to encounter during his life.

Needless to say, you aren't likely to be able to cover all eventualities.
But a kitten that isn't well-intentioned will find it tricky to interpret behavior and will likely have difficulties requiring the existence of people, in addition to some other cats and other species later in your life.

Kitten Socialization Checklist


Thirty to sixty minutes per day of gentle treatment by at least four men and women that are distinct.

Amongst whom should be noisy men and women and adults, kids, males, females, quiet persons.

They ought to support the kitty and handle all portions of the body.

Additional Species

Exposure to additional (healthy) cats at the time around in addition to some other species such as dogs, rabbits and other smallish furries may possibly help kittens develop good future relationships using them.


Taking kittens might help make travel, including trips to your vet stressful on.

Exposing them to household noises such as door bells washers as well as music and also the sound of this television should result in cats which don't jump at the slightest noise!

Allowing kittens to experience a variety of floor surfaces such as rugs, lino and hardwood flooring should help prepare yourself for whatever they may encounter in any dwelling.

Cat Stuff

Even though I would always suggest a tender sand like clumping litter for cats. Perhaps not everyone is going to use this, so exposing kittens to quite a few different clutter materials might only help to prevent 'accidents' .

If you fear the hullabaloo which complements trying to secure your cat into a kitty carrier, you will no doubt wish he was socialised to one as a kitty!

I don't necessarily recommend using loopholes on cats, however if there is a kitten likely to be let out for supervised 'walks', acclimatising him to a exploit may possibly be valuable.

Having your kitten will probably lessen any stress he can experience if he must wear one.

How To Raise A Friendly Cat From Adoption

cat friendly

If you're thinking about acquiring an adult cat looking to figure out if or not he will be friendly once you get him dwelling may be difficult!

That is because rescue cats end up with nothing understood regarding their own background at a refuge. A few of the cats could have been subjected to experiences, injury and misfortune.

They may come with phobias.

But most good shelters can possess something of categorizing cats according to their levels of sociability. With the cats undergoing treatment register.

My advice is to call the protector before seeing. Let them know the manner in which you expect your cat to fit in your lifestyle and exactly what personality characteristics you're searching for. The odds are that you may fall in love with a cat which looks to be just what you want, but may prove to be the opposite if you never do this!

Rescue Kittens

Kittens should undergo a schedule of socialisation.

Yet, rescue centers are very busy places and usually under a lot of time pressure.

Neither will they fully replicate the experiences of their normal home.

So, with all the best will in the world, they may not be able to expose kittens because they would like.

If a heart is set on a rescue kitten, make certain to consult the guardian in their socialisation procedures.

How To Raise A Friendly Cat

We can not predict our kitty will turn out to become.

Because the rehoming age for a kitten is between 2 and 12 weeks, in several instances, we have little or no influence over socialising cats. In other words period gone and has been.

However, even the most comprehensive socialization at the period is
No guarantee of producing cats with the ideal temperament, in case those cats are predisposed to unsociability or are inherently timid.

What you could do would be to equip yourself with as much information as you possibly can regarding background, the characteristics and socialisation of your pedigree cat, rescue cat or moggie.

And choose personally and socialize with you personally.

You can increase the chances of him remaining happy and friendly by learning to recognise exactly what it is he wants from the partnership.

After all, pet ownership ought to be all about mutual pleasure.

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