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How to Play with Your Puppy Without Encouraging Biting?

Why do dogs like to play fetch? Are puppies playful with their jaws? Should your puppy learn not to bite in a hard way? Can you teach puppies not to bite at all?

You should take steps to restrain the mouthy behavior of your puppy. There are practical ways to teach the lesson so that you can play with the puppy without encouraging biting. You can teach your puppy to be gentle by imparting bite inhibition lessons. The puppy should learn the sensitivity of human skin so that it will not hurt kids and adults.

Usually, puppies will learn bite inhibition by playing with other puppies. They play different kinds of games which include chasing, pouncing and wrestling. In some instances, the puppy will bite the playmate very hard. The playmate will yell and will not participate in the game. The puppy will stop biting as soon as the playmate yells. Thus, it will learn not to hurt other puppies in a hard way. If you are bringing up a puppy at home, you should implement right techniques as shared by experts so that the puppy will adapt to your conditions very easily.

There are different methods to train your puppy not to bite.

play with the puppy without encouraging biting


  • Allow your puppy to mouth your hands.
  • Let the puppy play until it bites hard your hands.
  • If you are hurt, you should give a high pitched yelp.
  • Notice if the yelping has a positive effect on the puppy.
  • If yelping doesn’t work, you can convey the voice message like ‘too bad’ or ‘you blew it’.
  • If your puppy stops biting, you should reward it. You can understand that the puppy had learned the lesson if it licks you.
  • The above steps should be repeated again and you should not yelp more than 4 times in a span of 20 minutes.
how long should i play fetch with my dog


The mouthing in puppies can be eliminated in a very efficient manner with time-outs.

  • If your puppy gives a hard bite, you should yelp loudly.
  • You should remove the hand when the puppy startles or looks around.
  • You should ignore him for about 10 to 20 seconds.
  • If the puppy mouths your finger again, you should move your position so that it will not catch you for about 10 to 20 seconds.
  • You should continue the play after a brief timeout.
  • If there is gentle play, the game should be continued. If there is a hard bite, the game should be stopped.
  • You can tighten the rules when the baby is not delivering hard bites.
  • You should teach the lesson until you feel no pressure with its bite.

Offer playful items

dog wants to play fetch all the time

If your puppy is very much eager to bite something, you should offer chewable items.

  • Present a toy or chewable bone.
  • Some puppies will bite on hands when you attempt to pat them. You should overcome the situation by offering a treat on the other hand.
  • The steps should be performed as per the nature of your puppy.
  • You can explore games where direct contact with puppies can be avoided. A tug-of-war is a safe method where your puppy will have good physical exercises and you will be able to play it safe.
  • If your puppy is comfortable with tug-of-war, you can procure some tug toys to be readily available in your pocket. As soon as the puppy mouths you, you can direct it to tug toys.
  • You should offer new toys so that the puppy will not be bored.
  • A young puppy demonstrates playful mouthing and it is a very common behavior. You should have the patience to understand its requirements and it should be trained in a systematic way as per your needs.

Take steps to socialize your puppy

why does my dog always want to play fetch

You should take steps to socialize your puppy with different kinds of people.

  • You can get clues from your breeder to train the puppy in the best possible way so that it will not hurt you and it will be sensitive while playing with kids and adults.
  • The puppy should be allowed to meet strangers, children, men and other puppies before it is 12 years old.
  • If your dog is socialized very quickly, you will reap many benefits. It will be your best companion day and night. It will engage your kids and will help you in the household chores as well.
  • You should follow the right approach so that you can teach your puppy not to bite humans.
  • There are puppies which are very much obsessed with fetching. You should understand their requirements and offer toys and other means as per their level of activity.
  • You can train your dog to fetch without intimidation as well.


It is important to teach your puppy not to bite humans and other animals at an early age. You should take the best possible steps to train so that it will learn good behavior. The training can be accomplished at home by using the right tools and techniques. You will not want to spend a fortune to train your puppy if you can devote your valuable time. The early training will certainly reward you as well as your puppy as it will become fit to be your best companion in the coming days.

I hope the steps provided above are helpful to new as well as experienced who would like to domesticate the puppy in a very efficient manner. The dog bite will have a harmful effect on human beings. It will harm you physically and there will be long-term complications as well. You can present your dog with a decent behavior before your guests and it will be a great honor if your dog presents itself in an acceptable behavior. You should not forget to reward your puppy for every instance of improvement so that it will understand the difference between good and bad behavior.

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