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How to Ensure Your Cat’s Safety While You Are Away

The summer is fast approaching and if you are a cat owner you are likely thinking about what to do with your cat during those long weekends and extended vacations. Cats, unlike dogs, can be left alone relatively easy for short periods of time.

If you are going to be away from home for any more than 3 or 4 days, you might want to consider boarding your cat or having a friend or family member stop in to keep the cat company and check on its food and water supply. However, if you are only going away for the night, or a long weekend, and elect not to board your cat, follow these simple steps to ensure you cat is safe while you are away.

Food and Water

It goes without saying that your cat will need a hefty supply of food and water. A good practice is to actually place two bowls of food and two bowls of water for your cat. Sometimes they are skittish and jump around and water can easily spill. Also, cats are pretty tidy animals and expect their eating place to be clean and accessible.

Clean the Litter Box

Make sure the litter box is cleaned and refilled with fresh cat litter so that your cat isn’t using a dirty litter box. You don’t want your cat messing around the house because you forgot to change the cat litter. Again, if you are going for any length of time, it is a good idea to place more than one litter box. Better safe than sorry!

Anchor Doors for Rooms and Closetsa

Cats get into everything. They are like little children, especially when they go unsupervised. To ensure your cat doesn’t get stuck in a room or a closet, make sure all the closet doors are closed before you leave the house. As well, ensure that all bedroom, bathroom and other doors are anchored with a door stop so that they don’t get shut with the cat behind them.

Look for Pieces of Plastic or Other Small Objects

Before leaving the house, be sure to vacuum or sweep up the floors so that any rogue pieces of plastic or dirt won’t act as play toys for the cat while you are away. Cats love to chew on plastic, but you don’t want there to be a medical emergency while you are away. Plastic gets wrapped around cat intestines easily and can make them quite ill, or cause death. If you have children, then you know that these rogue pieces of plastic and toys can be everywhere. Do a double check before leaving so that your cat is free from harm.

Leave a Light On

Cats are pretty independent creatures. They really do just come and go and do their own thing most of the time. But you don’t want your cat to feel abandoned. Leaving a light on does two things: it doesn’t leave your home in total darkness for passersby to see that no one is home, and it helps your cat feel like it is not alone.

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