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How much Exercise does a Rottweiler need?

The Rottweiler is a breed that is impossible to miss! They are big and powerfully built, but with a loyal and very loving nature. In recent years they have shaken off the mistaken belief that they are an aggressive breed, and are now one of the most popular, both as a companion dog and as a family dog.

With more and more people choosing this breed for their home, more and more people are also wondering just how much exercise the Rottweiler needs.

Let’s get it straight right away!

A fully grown Rottweiler requires a considerable amount of exercise per day, more than you might expect for such a solidly built, big breed. And it is for both their physical and mental health that they require plenty of exercise.

Prepare yourself for a minimum of 90 minutes of basic exercise per day. Ideally this should be mostly walking, with a sprinkling of running mixed in too.

This hour and a half + can be broken into at least 2 periods during the day. And no Rottweiler, of any age, should be going half a day without a walk, even if it is just around the block. Spending a long time without being up and about, at least in a garden, would be bad for both their mental and physical health.

You can even go further with a Rottweiler, they certainly have plenty of stamina. A longer walk, or hike, when fully grown, is perfectly good for an active, healthy Rottweiler. Just don’t do it every day.

How much Exercise Should a Rottweiler PUPPY get?

Rottweiler PUPPY

Those little Rottie pups are full of spirit, cheekiness and energy. And they need exercise, fun and play to burn off that bounciness, which otherwise could turn to mischief. And all this interaction during exercise is great for their early socialization and training.

But be careful!

It is even more important with a growing pup, that you should not overdo the exercise. A Rottweiler puppy’s body is developing and their bones are still growing, and can be damaged or strained. This is true until at least 12 months of age, but even up to 18 months you should be careful.

Too much rough play should be avoided, and especially steep climbing. Activities such as going up and down stairs, or hill walking, should be kept to a minimum or ideally avoided all together.

For a young Rottweiler puppy a nice walk, a little running, or a bit of fun play is just enough.

Why is exercise important for a Rottweiler?

There are 3 main reasons!

  1. Physical health - A unexercised Rottweiler will be overweight, and could have high cholesterol. They will certainly be more prone to many more health issues.
  2. Muscle growth - A healthy Rottweiler should be strong and muscular, and only through a good amount of exercise will those muscles grow, form properly, and be maintained.
  3.  Mental health - The Rottweiler is a smart breed, and they like to have plenty to keep them occupied. Getting a good amount of exercise keeps their minds happy too, and can help prevent any temperament issues from developing, such as aggression and timidity.

Rottweiler Exercise Tips

As has been mentioned before, the Rottweiler loves to be active, and they never want to stop. But that has a downside too. Like many dog breeds, they don’t know their limits, and will want to go on and on and not stop. All that walking, swimming, running, and jumping can cause issues if not moderated. You as the owner have to create limits of what is a good amount for them.

So always take care to put a maximum time on that exercise. For example prolonged play, for more than 30 minutes, is probably not good. And regular walks of more than a few hours every day would be overdoing it.

Top Tip - Between hot and cool climates, a Rottweiler would prefer the cooler places. If you live in a hotter climate, aim to do your Rottie exercise early and late in the day, when the heat is less intense.

There are several clear signs of overexercise that you can look out for, and these include -  Panting / Lagging behind / Stiffness / Lameness.

See any of these symptoms, and let your Rottweiler rest right away. And if any of these continue, then it is time to visit your vet.

Building Rottweiler Muscles

The Rottweiler is obviously a powerfully built, and formidably strong breed; in fact they are famous for it. But that isn’t all genetics, they need good nurture to keep a healthy body shape, and that is another reason why exercise is so important for your dog’s health.

Short, moderately intense, and agile exercise is perfect for keeping your Rottie toned and muscular. Easy examples of this are playing with your Rottie, such as through fetch, frisbee, and ball. A really awesome idea is a backyard obstacle course for your Rottie to enjoy.

Rottweiler Muscles

Mental Exercise for your Rottweiler

It’s not all about racing about, it’s also about keeping that Rottweiler brain sharp. They have an active mind, as well as body, and if you don’t keep a Rottweiler puppy or dog mentally stimulated than this can lead to them causing trouble, and feeling very bored.

And keeping a Rottweiler as busy as possible, and not leaving them alone too much will certainly help this. That is why Rottweilers make excellent family dogs, and superb companions.

There are also fantastic self play toys and puzzle toys that would keep your Rottweiler happy. And having a good sized garden for them to be outside in would keep them more stimulated than being stuck inside a lot.

It can’t be denied, the Rottweiler is a breed that needs plenty of exercise. So if you are planning to get a beautiful Rottweiler puppy or dog, then you should be prepared to dedicate close to 2 hours per day to keep your Rottweiler sufficiently exercised. That includes walking, running, but also playing and fun in and around your home. With that time spent well you will have a happy, healthy Rottweiler by your side.

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