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How Cats Relate With Other Cats And Their Human Owners

The cat has become the most popular pet in the world among all other species. Approximately, 10 million cats have been found to live with humans, and at least 25% households around the globe own a cat. Cats possess similarities with other pets which make it easy to adapt to human homes.

Cats make fantastic pets due to their ability to make significant human to animal bonds, therefore, giving their owners emotional and social support. The human-cat bond is expected to be strong since the cat owns some extreme behaviors which involve their hunting escapades for their relationship with humans to stand. Studies have concentrated more on dogs than cats regarding the pets' behavior socially and how they respond to people and other cats.

However, the few studies conducted on cats have shown that they are quite affectionate and quickly form strong bonds with fellow cats and their pet parents. Therefore, we are going to delve into the relationships of cats with other cats and humans.

Studies in the past have reported cats to be colony animals. The colonies involve families that extend back to many generations as many cats come together for protection which strengthens their relationships. The most durable bond that cats have is between their relatives such as relationships between mother and babies, and between their littermates. However, this does not mean that cats do not get attracted to each other.

Cats communicate with one another using their tongues. Licking in cats is a standard behavior of showing affection that zoologists refer to as allogrooming. They spend a lot of time licking on themselves and others when they are not sleeping. However, cat licking has been associated with a high liking for each other but should not be mistaken when a female cat grooms her kitten son.

How Cats Show Love To Their Lovers

When cats are dating, they spend a lot of time together roaming around, exploring and eating. They also sleep near each other more often and cuddle up during cold nights.

Cat Grooming


If you find your boy kitty licking your female cat who is older, he probably feels emotionally connected to her like a mother. However, in case the licking behavior is spotted on a female cat that is younger, he is attracted to her as a friend and cannot hesitate to show her. Male kitties often lick at their female partners when the girl kitty is on heat and the male cat is ready to mate.

 Allogrooming is the primary signal from your cat towards their female lover signifying that they are more than friends. Most grooming action is directed at the head of the cat and areas around the neck. Male cats do not consider grooming other male cats but often wash the shoulders and the heads of female cats that they favor.

Urine Spraying & Caterwauling

Male cats in relationships have a common habit of urine spraying as a territory marker. Yowling sounds from male cats who have female lovers is a warning sign to other male suitors who are after their date. Male cats display high levels of competition when it comes to showing love to their favored female cats.

Let us look at when a kitten becomes a cat. You can never say that your kitten has become a cat by looking at its body size. Some kittens grow faster than others but depend on the environment it is growing in, the breed and how well you take care of it as a pet parent. The more the nutrients you feed your cat, the healthier and stronger it gets. However, the slow cats can take even longer than a year. Kittens are cute and cuddly, and as they grow, their attitude and body increases.

Cat-human Relationship


The relationship a cat has with their owner depends on the age, gender and the amount of time both of them spend together. The best cat relationships are usually among older women. The different behavior humans portray explain how the human-cat relationship works.

Men and cats rarely interact, but when they do, they are seated while on the other hand women tend to be more affectionate with cats as they lower their levels towards the floor. The relationship between children and cats is a problematic venture since kids approach them directly which is something cats detest. Humans call on their cat pets and give them time to respond. Cat initiated relationships tend to be stronger and last longer than those humans start.

Cats may act standoffish and leave for a while, but that doesn't show that a cat does not love you. Cats love a lot and exhibit different signs, as an indication of their love. Head bumps are their form of greeting in a bid to leave their scent on you, lifting their tails to welcome you back home, licking you to mark their territory and claiming you as theirs. Living with cats requires you as an owner to take care of them to reach a healthy and strong adulthood.

Nothing feels great like being told you are loved. With that said, are you ready to keep a cat?

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