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Healthy Treats For Your Dog

You are not the only one that enjoys a treat every now and again. Your dog is the same in that aspect. It’s important to feed your dog the appropriate amount of food each day and reward them with a treat every now and again when they shadow you with love or show you a new trick they learned. This dog or dog’s post will outline the best treats to feed your dog and explain to you how diapers can help your dog in an emergency situation.

There are good treats and not so good treats for your pet. It’s always important to look at the nutritional value in your dog treats before you buy them. Make sure the ingredients are hearty and will not make your dog sick in any way. You can use some leftover foods to treat your dog every so often, but make sure you do your research before feeding them. 

This will make sure those types of foods will not give your dog an upset stomach or diarrhea. It is handy to keep washable doggie diapers for your dog incase of an emergency and even for training your dog. You might think putting a diaper on your dog is insane but trust me, it’s far from unusual.

Let’s take a look at our top 10 healthy dog treats that your pet would love and treats that you can find in your house.

  1. Carrots
  2. Peanut Butter
  3. Plain Yogurt
  4. Apples (no core or seeds)
  5. Peas
  6. Cooked Rice
  7. Steak
  8. Salmon
  9. Broccoli
  10. Eggs

Are you surprised not seeing milk bones on my list? Well believe it or not but milk bones are not exactly the healthiest treat you could feed your pet- even though they are meant for dogs. Also if you are going to buy your dog some treats, why not buy them something that you like to eat too.

Let’s talk about my list of dog treats. If you like to give your dog a treat in a Kong (which is a toy that has an opening in the center to stuff food and yummy ingredients in there to keep your dog occupied) than you’re in luck. You are in luck because all the treats I outlined above will fit perfectly in a Kong. This way they will work for their treats and keep them busy. 

I recommend giving your dog a treat this way for that reason. Make sure you are not awarding your dog with a treat for doing something bad. It’s important to teach them good from bad and using a treat to do so can help. My two favorite treats of choice out of the list of ten would be: carrots and peanut butter. For some reason (the reason probably being that they're both delicious) dogs just love carrots and peanut butter.

 Of course if anyone in your family is allergic to peanuts you will have to choose another treat and my third favorite would be peas to replace the peanut butter.

There are many hidden benefits to the treats I have shared with you. Some include keeping their coat nice and soft. Others include helping keep their breath fresh and their vision in line. I hope you enjoyed the information above and your pet told me they couldn’t wait to try out one of these healthy treats!

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