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Four Essential Pieces of Fish Tank Equipment

When it comes to fish tanks, not all are created equal. Some people put their fish into bowls, expecting them to be healthy. Others worry about decorations and not about the more important parts, such as water filters. To be a successful fish owner, a person needs to have the right fish tank equipment. The following is a guide regarding some of the most essential pieces of equipment.

These filters will make sure that your fish has an optimal living environment. This is a lot better than just changing the water. Your fish could get a shock if the new water temperature is not the same. Also, the fish could get their fins torn up by the net.

Click here to check out some of the most highly recommended aquarium filters. These can be expensive, but it is probably one of the more important components you will purchase for your fish tank.

Experts in the field recommend that you test for ammonia, nitrites and ph levels. This filter will allow you to ensure that your fish swim in the right conditions depending on their breed.

2. Water Heater


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There are many parts of the aquarium that are vital but a water heater is up there. Most aquariums are heated to 22-30 °C. You don't want to freeze out your fish.

There are many variant types of heaters. Some can be put in the tank, others under the tank, or still different ones are placed under the gravel in the tank. With all this to choose from, a person can be discerning regarding the type of heater one wants to purchase.

3. Lights

What good would a tank be if you could never see your fish? If you purchase lights, then you will be able to see the entire tank light up.  There are all sorts available on the market for various sizes of tanks.

4. Thermometer

Again, what good would all this other fancy equipment do if a person couldn't tell how warm the tank is? Most heaters have thermometers, but then, some of them don't. You will absolutely need to know the temperature. Chances are your children will not want to eat their pets for supper if you accidentally fry them.

This might seem like an overstatement, but you will want to be sure you are regulating the temperature. Fish that are too cold or too warm tend to not last long in such a hostile climate.


There are some obvious items that have been left out, such as the fish, the gravel, the tank, and the fish stand. All of these are important as well. These are usually not the items that fish owners forget to purchase though. If you make the tank a safe space, then the fish can provide you, or your family with the therapeutic potential that they have innate.

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