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Facts About Outdoor Dog Bed For Large Dogs

Most of the individuals love their pets and want to give all convenience for its happy living at home. Some of the pet owners have a habit of keeping their dog in the outdoor regions.

The dogs rising in the outdoor locations like a garden, lawn and some other special places should need additional care and support in order to bare the climatic conditions and weather in the outdoors. For this purpose, everybody considers buying outdoor dog beds in an appropriate size. When you have an adult dog at home, you should need to look for the outdoor dog bed large dogs with the maximum space.

The best type of bed is really very important to all breeds of dogs but specifically to the large dogs. If the pet owners are buying the medium sized or small beds, your large adult dog will not feel comfortable to sleep, play or anything. The big dogs usually require bid beds and don’t force it to sleep in the cramped bed. Almost all the dogs spend more than half of their lives only in sleeping.

They usually take 12 to 14 hours to sleep per day. The sleeping pattern of the dogs is completely similar to the humans. They also have only light sleeping hours and hours of deep sleep like REM (Rapid Eye movement) or the dream stage. For this sort of human like the sleeping pattern, the dogs need a comfortable place to sleep. The large bed will definitely be suitable and also handy for anytime sleeping of the pets.

  • At many times, the dogs have a habit of curling up the tight ball during the sleeping time in a particular position.
  • Similarly, they will not usually have deep sleep and are easily waked up.
  • During the deep sleep stage of the dog, it will frequently be stretched out on its sides and take more space to sleep.
  • In order to be comfortable in all these positions and sleeping conditions of the dogs, everyone must prefer only larger size outdoor beds for your adult dogs.

Why Large Dogs Require Own Big Beds?

The average adult dogs will typically sleep for14 to 16 hours per day. For this longer period of sleeping pattern, the large dogs usually require larger space. Every pet owner is recommended choosing only the washable dog beds to give unique large space to your dogs. In its own place or bed, your pet will actually feel comfort and also completely secured. The dog bed will also save the furniture items in your home. This is because your dog will go to its own bed when it feels sleepy and doesn’t come to your sofa, couch or any other furniture. By this way, the dog beds save your furniture available at home.

If you have arthritic or older dogs, they usually need a firm, cushiony and highly supportive bed in order to get relieve from its aching joints and muscle pressure. The large dogs also require its own big beds mainly for another reason to be safe at all in the weather conditions of the outdoor locations. The outdoor dog beds for large dogs probably have secured shape to protect your pet from the coldness of the winter season and heat of the summer season. In the rainy season, the dogs may hide their body in the protected place given there in it.

Overall, having own dog bed will enhance the quality of your dog’s life and it feels completely happy to live in your outdoors with a unique place and total freedom.

What Type And Size Of Beds Suitable For Dogs?

The pet owners should be very careful in picking a right size, type and shape of the bed for your larger size dogs to get complete convenience and satisfied with the sleeping.

  • First, the pet owners should need to pay complete attention on how your dog prefers to sleep. You have to watch the daily sleeping pattern and stretching directions of your pet everyday for about 1 week. It will definitely give you an idea to pick a right shape and size of the bed for your dogs.
  • The dogs which enjoy sleeping all curled up might usually prefer an oval or round shaped bed with more cushion. There are different varieties of beds available to totally suit the needs of the larger dog breeds.
  • The beds with the large area will be highly suitable to give a secured feel and at the same time comfortable for stretching during the sleep.
  • The pet owners can also find more amounts of cuddle and snuggle beds which have a similar structure of the bean bag. These kinds of beds will basically allow the dogs to coat or nest and also feel surrounded in the cuddly comfort.
  • Some other kinds of dog beds as well as have a tent like the cover on them which will let the dog’s tunnel inside and be totally covered for getting warmth during the rainy or winter season.

Measurement Of Outdoor Dog Beds For Large Dogs:

If the dog breeds curls up to sleep, the pet owners first have to measure it in that particular position at probably the longer point. After that, you can add 7 more inches to each measurement. While shopping the dog bed, you have to make sure that the bed dimension has to come closer to these measurements. When your pet prefers to sleep all widen out, you can buy mattress type rectangular pad or bed for it. These kinds of larger dog beds actually come in the massive varieties ranging from the thin (2 inches) foam pad to the deluxe thick mattress size up to 7 inches.

When you have extra large size dogs at home and it stretches out more while sleeping, you can also purchase the extra large size outdoor dog beds up to 12 inches for ensuring maximum comfortable. If your pet would like to sleep both these ways, you can buy either rectangular or oval shaped pad or mattress bed to have comfortable sleep. For all these purposes, first the pet owners have to take your dog’s measurement and watch its stretching position.

Other Things To Consider While Buying A Dog Bed:

  • Whenever the dog owners are searching for the outdoor dog beds for large dogs, measurement of the dog and its stretches are not only enough to pick a right choice. But at the same time, you should also need to consider some other important factors like health and age of your dog.
  • Age and health of the pet are most considerable things for choosing a right shape, type and size of the dog bed from the market.
  • Generally, the arthritic and older dogs require snuggly type bed in order to get rid of their frequent troubles in getting on/off of the fluffy.
  • For such cases, the supportive and firm mattress type bed will also be suitable to give complete orthopedic support for its joint pains.
  • For the older adult dogs, the large beds are the best companion to feel comfortable at all.
  • There are also several varieties available in the colors, styles and fabrics of the dog beds. According to the wall paint color and your home décor needs, you can pick a right color and style of dog bed from the market.
  • The fabric of your pet bed should be soft cotton which is suitable for all seasons.
  • It is always better selecting the durable bed with the removable covers. When there are removable covers in your dog beds, the pet owners can easily remove it and wash for the clean maintenance.

Must Have Features:

The following are the must have features of the dog beds for your larger size dogs. They include

  • Should contain orthopedic foam for the maximum support
  • Cozy and soft extra large dog bed
  • Cover is suede and Sherpa
  • Should have machine washable removable cover
  • The dog bed dimension should be more than 40 inches width, more than 30 inches length and more than 4 inch height.
  • Vacuum compressed package is also another main considerable feature of the best pet bed for your larger dog breeds.

Some of the dog beds will expand to its full size when the dogs will have more than 45 hours sleep in it. The pet owners have to select the best kind of dog bed with an appropriate size to provide comfortable space to sleep.


If you have a very big breed of adult dog at home, looking for the large size dog beds suitable for the outdoor location is very important. Some of the dog beds have a thick cushion to give nice and enjoyable sleeping and playing experience to your pets. The online stores are one stop shops to find a variety of dog beds in various designs, shapes and sizes according to the needs of the pet owners. All of you are recommended buying only the high quality and larger size beds in order to provide large enough space to your loveable dogs

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