Expert Review On Ergo’s Auto Pet Feeder: Is It The Best Option? 2

Expert Review On Ergo’s Auto Pet Feeder: Is It The Best Option?

An automatic pet feeder can be a life-changing invention to you as a pet parent. This equipment helps you manage the top two considerations when feeding a pet: portion control and timely feeding. It also saves you the time and effort needed to prepare your pups’ or kitty’s meal.

Ergo Auto Pet Feeder

These days, a lot of pet dogs and cats are dealing with obesity and its complications. To prevent or to help reverse this, you have to feed your furry buddy with the right amount of food, at the right time. It can be a tough task, though, especially if you are the only human in your household and you have to spend the mornings and afternoons away from home and your pet.

With an automatic pet feeder, you don’t have to rush from your workplace so you can arrive fast and serve your dog or cat. The tool will take care of your duties and your pet.

However, not all automatic pet feeders are created equal. In this review, you’ll find out if Ergo Autopetfeeder is the best option for your situation and your pet’s needs.

Features, Specifications and Things to Consider

  • ​Consists of three parts: the food store bin, the feeding bowl and the 8-setting programmable digital timer
  • Battery backup
  • Metal over self-lubricating nylon auger
  • Large opening for the food store bin
  • Gray tube sheath protection for the power cord
  • Plastic-made food store bin
  • Two sizes available


  • ​Feeding Made Simpler
  • Reliable
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easy Refill

With the 8-setting programmable digital timer, you can set the automatic pet feeder to dispense pet food up to 8 times a day. You can also program it to provide the recommended portion for your dog or cat. The settings are permanent unless you change it which is easy to do. This means you don’t have to set it every single day.

In order to run, you just have to plug the Autopetfeeder’s power cord into any power outlet in your home. In case of a power interruption, it will automatically resort to its built-in battery backup. This makes Ergo’s offering a more reliable option than others.

Food jam is one of the common problems with food dispensers. However, you will rarely encounter this issue with Ergo’s Autopetfeeder. It has metal over its self-lubricating nylon auger which prevents food jam. This also ensures that the equipment operates as quietly as possible.

Thanks to the large opening of the food store bin, refilling it with pet food is made easier. It is also transparent so you can quickly see if there is still food inside the store bin. The lid fits securely as well, minimizing the risk that your pet will open the storage and eat more than the recommended portions.


  • ​Not Rat-Proof
  • Unsightly Power Cord

If there is a rat infestation in your building or neighborhood, the pests may find their way to your home and look for food. Aside from your own foods, they may also go after your pet’s food. Due to its plastic material, the rats can easily destroy the food store bin of Ergo’s Autopetfeeder. As a result, they can steal and munch over the treats that you have set aside for your furry friend.

The automatic pet feeder’s power cord is covered with a gray tube sheath to protect it against your dog’s or cat’s scratches. While advantageous, the design may seem unsightly. If this is an issue for you, you have to set up the equipment near a power source to prevent stretching the cord and making the design visible.


  • ​Small – Suitable for dogs and cats weighing 15 pounds or lower.
  • Large – Suitable for dogs and cats weighing 16 pounds or higher.

Manual Instruction

Ergo’s Autopetfeeder is already assembled before it is shipped to a customer. Aside from the user manual that comes with the product, the following guide may help you figure out how the equipment works.

  1. Double check if you have all the parts and if all the parts are damage-free.
  2. Set up your automatic pet feeder on the floor. Fill it with your pet’s food. Plug the power cord in a nearby power outle​t.
  3. Using the digital timer, choose the number of times that you want the automatic pet feeder to dispense food. Determine the portion as well.
  4. Test it and notice if there are problems with its operation.

Customer Reviews and Scores

  • Many customers rate the product with 4 to 5 stars due to its durability. With proper use and maintenance, some of the purchased Ergo Autopetfeeders even lasted for 5 years and beyond.
  • Several customers have contrasting statements about the amount of food dispensed by the feeder. Some claimed that it provided fewer kibbles than it should while others said that the portion was just right.
  • One customer gave the product a 2-star rating because rats were able to chew the food storage bin. Other than that, she was satisfied with the rest of the features.


Ergo’s Autopetfeeder is a good investment if your pet has obesity and other diet-related issues. It also simplifies pet feeding for you and your pet.

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