Effective Tips To Make Your Home More Welcoming For Pomeranian Puppy

Without a doubt, a Pomeranian puppy is one of the cutest pets you can ever have. Who wouldn’t giggle at the sight of a furry and fluffy little pooch? Even those who are not fond of dogs will instantly fall in love with such an adorable creature. But behind its charming features is the responsibility of looking after a luxurious dog. Yes. Cost Figures quoted the price of Pomeranian dogs starting from $800 to $4,000, and that’s an expensive cost for a small dog breed.

To make sure that your money goes a long way, your home should be comfortable enough for the puppy to grow well. Remember that Pomeranians are active and playful dogs. The risks of electrocution, unnecessary distractions, possible damages to the household furniture, and potential urination in the room are highly possible. That’s why knowing the following is important before welcoming a Pom puppy into your home. 

Pomeranian Puppy the home

The first task is to make your house puppy-proof. This basically means making your house habitable for a puppy. It includes securing all electrical cables and outlets, putting all shoes and other household items out of the puppy’s reach, and making appropriate arrangements for the care of the household furniture, among others. This step is necessary to minimize any possible damages and interferences inside your home.

Tip 2: Puppy-proof your backyard

Apart from your house, your backyard also needs to be prepared for the new puppy. Pom puppies are very small; they can easily fit into small openings. For this reason, scan your backyard and seal off any holes you see. Consider reinforcing the hedges to provide extra protection and eliminate any possibilities of letting your puppy escape from your compound.

Tip 3: Designate specific areas for your Pom puppy

Because of their small size, pom puppies are typically indoor pets. Notwithstanding the fact that they are not to be left roaming around unnecessarily. They may cause undesirable damages on the household furniture and fabrics. This mainly stems from their playful nature, constant chewing, and open defecation. You should, therefore, make it a point to set a specific place where they can freely move and play. Aside from that, utilize that space for setting up all the needed containment facilities for the dog.

Tip 4: Purchase and install the various containment systems

These include the cage, crate, and pen, among others. They prevent your puppy from interfering with the other room occupants and also serve as the pooch’s resting place at night.

Tip 5: Buy the essential dog accessories

Consider buying the relevant dog accessories. These include the food and water bowls, identification tags, toys, and attire. Your puppy requires these supplies and accessories for it to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

Tip 6: Buy the necessary cleaning equipment

Apart from the supplies mentioned above, you should also prepare the puppy’s cleaning and grooming equipment. These include puppy shampoo and conditioner, blow dryer, brush, ear cleaning solution, nail clippers, dog toothbrush, towels, to name a few. They will enhance your puppy’s comfort in your home.

Tip 7: Set aside a specific potty spot

To prevent the little dog from defecating anywhere, have a specific area to serve as its potty spot; preferably located in the backyard of your home. You should accompany this by purchasing a special potty for your puppy as well. As soon as you bring in your puppy, take it to that specific spot and train it to go there whenever it needs to relieve itself.

Tip 8: Enlighten your home occupants about the little pooch

This holds if you live together with your family or friends. You need to let them know that you intend to bring in a puppy home. This allows them to make the necessary adjustments more conveniently. In case anyone of them is allergic or uncomfortable with the puppy, make prior arrangements to have their interests accommodated. This is to avoid unnecessary frictions at a later date.

Tip 9: Select a dedicated veterinarian

Puppies are more susceptible to diseases, pests, and slight variations in external environmental conditions. As such, you have to identify and contract a dedicated veterinarian to help you get started.

Tip 10: Draft a training and induction schedule

Other than merely letting your family members know of your intention to bring in a puppy, you should also involve them in taking care of the puppy. Draft a training and induction schedule. Do this by assigning each of them a task insofar as inducting your puppy to its new environment is concerned. This will go a long way in enhancing the overall process and prevent unnecessary conflicts and confusions.

Final Points

As you can clearly see from the foregoing, there are lots of things you have to get right while inducting your Pom puppy to your home. To get it right, it is important and helpful to know the tips presented about. You are also strongly advised to invoke the support of an expert in order to eliminate any ambiguities and be sure of the best possible outcomes for the sake of your little furry friend.

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