Dogs – Washing and Grooming

The only way to keep a dog clean is to wash them at least once in two weeks and brush them regularly. We advise you not to wash them too frequently unless they are always getting themselves dirty or smell too quickly. You can just brush them once in two days to remove all the dead hair and cells and keep their fur coat healthy and shiny.

Just like the vast kinds of dog coats, there is a huge variety of dog brushes as well. In general, dogs with good quality long fur coats like the ones on collies can be brushed with a dandy-brush, like the ones used to brush horses in stables. These brushes have long and coarse bristles that can penetrate all the way to the skin and clean them well. After this, you may use a brush with short and soft bristles to polish their fur coat.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a dog with a short fur coat, you will have to use a brush with short bristles. These will provide the best results. As a general rule of thumb, for dogs with a long fur coat, you use brushes with long bristles and for those with a short fur coat, you can use brushes with short bristles.


There are a few breeds of dogs that are an exception to this like Pomeranians, Yorkshires, and spaniels. Thee breeds require special brushes. In the case of Pomeranians, you will need a brush with a good length of bristles of uneven length. Spaniels have a moderate length fur coat that is tough. They will not break when brushing so you can use a brush with rigid medium sized bristles. Yorkshires need to be brushed with a brush that has fine bristles along with a rounded front. 

One important tip for dogs with a long fur coat, brush their coat thoroughly behind their ears and also their hindquarters as they are prone to matting, which is a nightmare for the dogs as well as being a sore sight for the pet parents. In severe cases, it may cause pain and will have be cut out completely. 


When it is time to wash the dogs, make it a point to use high-quality dog shampoo. As this is something that you will be doing once a week or once in a fortnight, you can afford to buy the best quality. You must never use products meant for humans as they are at a different pH level than those that are meant for dogs.

This will cause severe problems with their skin and may even lead to some serious problems that will have to be treated clinically by your Vet. To avoid the hassle of buying the right dog shampoo and washing them at home, you can opt to wash them in an automatic pet washing machine. These are the new trend in the pet community as these make dog wash so easy and hassle-free. You just need to take your dog to the dog wash machine that is available in most big cities and follow the instructions and within minutes you can walk your clean dog out of there. 

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