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How To Handle If Your Dog’s Breath Smells Like Poop?

Bad dog breath can be one of the most unpleasant things to deal with. It just stops you from getting up close to your dog and having any personal moments together. A greater concern is that bad breath could be indicative of your dog’s serious health issues. There can be a number of reasons for which your dog might smell like poop as and when he or she breaths.

Although most dog owners dismiss bad dog breath as natural for dogs, in reality, it isn’t so. In fact, it is important to know the underlying causes behind bad breath and immediately start off with prevention and treatment. Plaque, tartar and periodontal diseases are some of the factors that could contribute to bad breath. Along with regular cleaning, occasional visits to a well known veterinarian would be best for the dental health of your dog.


This habit should be instilled in pups since a very young age. They should feel comfortable with letting you examine and brush their teeth. This simple habit could avert a lot of problems in the long run. It would be better to comply with the dental products that are specific to dogs. When you start training your dog for brushing, do not do it for a very long period of time. As they start getting feeling more familiar with the practice, you could increase the brushing time gradually. Given below are a few tips on the proper technique and how to put up the brushing routine.

  • It is always more advisable to brush daily. However, if you cannot manage the time to do it every day, 2 to 3 times in a week is also just fine.
  • The toothbrush size should be selected depending on the size of the dog. You can use trainer brush while setting the habit.
  • There is special toothpaste for dogs that come in flavors like poultry. You should stick to such toothpaste which have a special formulation for dogs and never substitute one with human toothpaste. Dog toothpaste is also completely safe if your dog happens to ingest it by mistake.
  • As you start brushing, start off with a pea sized amount. This will optimize the use. You can add more later.
  • Lift the lips of the dog and now start brushing from the front.
  • Always use slow circular motions while brushing and never apply too much pressure as it could hurt the dog while also causing some injuries to his or her gym.
  • After you are done with the front, apply more tooth paste and move towards the side. While doing so, brush following in imaginary straight line first along the gums. After this, you can start brushing with soft circular motion. Brushing each side for 30 seconds should be enough.
  • You do not have to brush inner parts of the teeth as these remain clean all the time due to your dog’s frequent licking.
  • To encourage your dog to comply with the habit, you can throw them rewards for cooperating during the brushing.

Food And Oral Products

Diet could also have a major role in controlling bad dog breath. Some of the premium dog food brands have formulas targeted for better oral hygiene and easy digestion. These foods have components that help to break down the plaque with the help of certain enzymes present in the saliva. Since gum lines can act as favorable areas for the bacteria to thrive, targeting bacteria removal in the mouth can actually be very effective in preventing bad dog breath. Always make sure that you do a little research before opting for any particular dog food or toy as they can come with their own risks as well.

  • It is advisable not to feed your dog with too much carbs or sugar, as these can support bacteria in the gum line.
  • Sticky and gummy food can also cling to the teeth, escalating the proper. So opt for grain free diets that come without any additional fillers and artificial additives.
  • Raw, dried foods are ideal for an overall nutrition as well as proper oral hygiene. These can keep the mouth clean and odor free in a natural way.
  • There are also a few toys that are manufactured keeping in mind the oral hygiene of dog. These usually come as chewies and can effortlessly clean the teeth and prevent plaque formation as your dog plays with them. Such chewies are actually better than cooked bones as the latter can leave splinters that may puncture the digestive system of your dogs.
  • Nylabone, hoof, bully stick, and yak cheese, on the other hand, are specifically designed to cut down plaque buildup.
  • You can also opt for oral products for dogs. These are easily available in the market and come in the form of gels, mouthwashes or additives that can be added to their food or drinking water. These products help prevent the food residues and mucus forming a layer on the inner side of the mouth
  • Another quick and easy way is to use breath sprays. These are very easy to use and can reach the tricky areas inside the mouth. Apart from treating bad breaths these sprays also help fight gingivitis.
  • Some sprays are simply meant for controlling bad breath while others have antibacterial properties. You can choose the one that befits you the most. You should also keep in mind that your pet may not like certain spray flavors

Dental Check Ups

Apart from the regular regimes for dental hygiene, you should also consider taking your pet to a well known veterinary once in every six months. This will give way to a close and thorough examination and help to identify and culminate any problems right in the bud. Bad breath is one thing, but when it starts smelling like poop, there are reasons enough to be alarmed. It could mean problems in the tonsils, sinus, gastrointestinal tract, and lungs, liver and if not checked on time, these could lead to lethal infections or even sometimes cancer.

Most of the time, bad breath occurs due to tooth decay, which can only be treated through professional cleaning. This is done entirely under the influence of anesthesia and may even involve tooth extraction in some cases. Poop like smell is not the only case where you should be alarmed. In fact, you should understand that it’s high time for a doctor’s visit when you notice the following symptoms.

  • When your dog breath starts smelling like pee. Most of the times this is indicative of kidney related problems
  • Sweet or fruity smelling breath could be indicative of high sugar levels due to diabetes and a reason for immediate check up

The best suggestion, however, is to not wait till there are problems and stick to frequent visits to a well known vet. This will not only help with dental hygiene, but promote the overall well-being of your pet. That being said, you will have a peace of mind regarding your pet’s health.

Homemade Food Additives

Adding a few additives from your herb garden can be very beneficial for your pet’s dental health. Here are a few ideas about the dog food additives that are entirely natural and homemade.


Mint has been long used in dental products like toothpaste, mouthwash, and chewing gums. However, you can also use them in a natural way. You can prepare minty solutions and add it to your dog’s drinking water or you can also crush up a few leaves and put them into the dog food. Along with improving dental hygiene, mint will also promote digestion.

Cilantro and coriander

These are easily available anywhere. Just sprinkle a little amount onto your pet’s food for clean teeth and fresh breath


Sage is quite popular for its antiseptic properties. This commonly found herb can be very effective in preventing bacteria build up inside the mouth, thus preventing bad breath


Parsley can add flavor to the dog food while also improving digestion. This will ensure that your pet will not suffer from bad breath arising due to gastrointestinal problems. You can prepare a rich broth, throw in some parsley and feed it to your dog.

Garlic and fenugreek

Garlic and fenugreek are very effective in combating bad breath and are also available in pet stores in the form of tablets. However, you can also give them directly to your dog in small amounts. The dose of this should be determined keeping in mind the size and age of your dog.


When your dog’s breath starts smelling like poop, you should make it a point to visit the vet right away without wasting much time. You may then follow the dental care routine as per the suggestions of the vet. Along with that, it is also very important to maintain daily care routine and proper diet as a preventive measure. Dental care products are best chosen after consulting the vet.

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