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Dog House Kennel – Build A Luxury Dog House For Pets

If you have pets and wants to be lived in a safe place, you should build the dog house kennel for your pets. Usually, the dogs always deserve the comfortable place to stay that would protect from the rain as well as other weather conditions such as cold or heat. If you want to have a dog in your home, you better have the right choice of dog house outside and let your pets sleep and stay inside the house.

Nowadays, the dog houses are available in several different models, sizes and shapes, so you can easily pick the one depend on your pet needs. Every dog needs the different kinds of dog house kernels, so you have to be careful in your selection. When it comes to buying the dog house kennel, you just want to have it right. In the current world, there are broad collections of luxury dog boarding kennels available on the market that provides much comfort and safety of the dogs. These dog houses come with a variety of features, so it could be highly recommended by many dog owners in these days.


This luxury dog boarding kennels can host an array of incredible amenities that make dogs feel more comfortable than and also as easy as possible. Even some of the luxury facilities are also included in the kennels such as extensive indoor playrooms, televisions, stocked with exercise and agility equipment and the selection of DVDs and so on. The advanced facilities of dog house kennels seem like live in paradise and comfort, which comes at a reasonable price. Based on the different models of kennels, the price ranges may vary so you should consider this factor before buying it.

The designer dog house with a kennel run can be a great addition to the backyard that helps to keep your pets healthy as well as happy. By making the excellent dog houses with kennel runs, you will surely keep your dog most out of the elements that allow them to feel comfortable as well as breathe fresh air. This kennel run is now featured with a chain link fence material and also there is a dog entry door available that leads into the kennel from the outside. If you want, you can also add the luxury of air conditioning and heating into the dog’s new home.

Now, these designer dog houses come with pre-cuts that are ready to be assembled. Even the entire trim pieces and hardware are also included as well. These pieces are primed and always ready to paint the color that you choose. If you want to enclose the kennel area, you can join the chain link fencing to run it.

When it comes to Victorian model, you may have the choices of over eight to ten-foot luxury dog house kits available to choose from. The only thing that you need to consider is to make the coziest home for your dogs and pain your choice that you are interested in. thus, the right dog house kennel can make all the dogs as well as humans feel green with envy.

Ideal Tips To Consider Before Making Dog House Kennel

If you search for the best dog house kennel, first of all you must consider some ideal tips and then buy the dog house kennel for your loveable pets. It is always quite complicated to choose the wide selections available and if you do not know exactly what to look for, here are some few points to consider that help you to decide what to choose from.

  • Initially, you have to measure and identify the exact size of your dog house. Make sure the size of the dog house should not be too small or big, because the dog feels more comfortable inside the house.
  • The safety is one of the most important things to be considered and ensure the dog house needs to have a smooth and rounded edges and does not hurt itself.
  • You can choose the best dog house that is made up of cedar wood or high-quality plastic such as sturdy. You can also prefer to buy a cedar wood that is highly resistant to even tough weather conditions such as humidity, water, snow, rain and hot too.
  • If you live in a cold weather area, the flat roof is a good choice for you that will increase the life of the house.
  • Before purchasing the dog houses, you should consider your budget and then buy things yourself.
  • The insulated warm house for a dog is also the best choice to use that helps to keep the house in all types of weather conditions.

Step By Step Methods To Frame A Dog House

If you want to give enough space to your dog and keep them escape from any weather conditions, first you should frame a dog house. If you are new to this, you just follow the step by step methods given below:

  • First of all, you need to schedule the plans and get some essential materials to frame a beautiful and comfy dog house for your pets.
  • If your dog spends too much time in the outdoors, you can build a classic dog house using a single sheet of plywood and some dimensional lumber.
  • Make sure the bigger size is not necessarily suitable to build, so you must consider the exact size for your dogs and then build it properly.
  • The right sized dog house always helps your pets feel natural body heat and stay more convenient during both winter and summer seasons.
  • Once you decide to make the dog house kennel, you must take the cut lists, tools and materials.
  • Initially, you need to layout the pieces from plan diagram to the plywood.
  • Now, you cut down all the pieces of the plywood. Before making any cuts, you should clamp the work piece and use the right materials to minimize the work.
  • When you cut the pieces, you should be consistent to ensure that the entire pieces can fit together properly.
  • Now, build and assemble the base properly and then place it on the bottom panel of the base and ensure all the edges are properly flushed.
  • After that you can assemble all the top pieces to each edge of the side panels and secure the edges and sides to the base.
  • Attach the roof panels on both front and back side of the panels and make sure that the overhangs are evenly arranged without any mismatch.
  • When you start roofing, first you should cover the whole areas and staple the roofing paper using an electric stapler.
  • The most important thing while roofing your dog house is that no nail heads protrude inside the house, because it will hurt your pets.
  • Finally, complete the entire process of the doghouse and paint it with your favorite color.

How To Build The Best Dog House For Your Pet?

If you are a little bit handy, you may build the dog house kennel for yourself. It does not matter, the basic purpose of a dog house is to address the welfare and protect your dogs. Once you decide to build the best dog house for your pet, you might consider the important things to keep in your mind that includes:

  • Size Of A Dog House: The size is a most important factor to consider, when you buy the dog house. If you select the right size, the dog can easily enter inside and comfortably turn around somewhere. Instead of open and airy, the dog house kennels are always cozy.
  • Materials: When you buy a dog house, first of all you should find the right choice of materials such as plastic, metal and wood. Among these, wood is always the best that has the capability to withstand in both summer and winter months. When you buy a dog house, make sure to proper ventilation and also drill many nickel sized holes into the dog house walls. This will keep the interior of a dog house dry rather than wet.
  • Location: Choose the best location to place the dog house that should be shadiest and coolest area. It is recommended to situate the dog house in the doorway faces east direction that provides much protection from the storms and winds.
  • Roof: When you buy a dog house, a sloped roof is better than the flat roof because the snow, debris or rainwater can be easily going anywhere. This will easily clean the dog house inside and outside as well.
  • Flooring: If it is possible, you can build it by own so the floor of a dog house is increased off the ground. Make sure that you do not rise too much and raise it to a few heights from the ground level. Another great tip is that the floor should slant slightly towards the opening. This will help to remove the rain water and melt the snow from the dog’s house and also drain out itself completely

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