Clean Pet Hair From Hardwood Floors

The Best Ways To Clean Pet Hair From Hardwood Floors

Got a dog? A few dogs? Awww…must be pretty tough dealing with those friendly beings while at the same time, trying to maintain a sane-looking house. If your hardwood floor has been affected by your poochies, this article is just for you.

Here are some time-tested methods to keep your hardwood floor clean of dog hair, besides pet grooming and floor cleaning (which of course, you already do):

Perhaps your pet is shedding hair or fur excessively, and it drives you nuts because each place you turn, there are bits and pieces of hair.  A couple of tips to help reduce this excessive shedding are:

  • High Protein Diet: With a high protein diet, your pet is likely to grow healthier fur, which makes it lose less hair.
  • Trim Pet’s Hair: When you trim your pet’s hair at intervals, you also significantly reduce the chances of excessive hair shedding.
  • Regular bathing/brushing: Here’s what happens when you give your dog/pet warm baths and brush the fur and hair; you tend to shed off the excess hair, meaning there’s less hair to spread around and specifically, your hardwood floor is preserved.

2. Use a Dampened Mop

Ever tried using a damp mop to clean hair or fur off your hardwood floor?

The result is amazing; as a damp mop has the magnetic ability to pick up lots of pet hair at a go. This way, you end up achieving two goals: you have a cleaner room, and a room that’s also free from pet hair. This is a super amazing way of killing two birds with a stone. 

3. Use De-Shedding Gloves

De-shedding gloves help to reduce the immense amount of work you are saddled with when you have to take hair left by your dog off the hardwood floor. The de-shedding glove helps remove the hair as soon as you rub on its surface. Your dog also becomes shinier, and you would have spent some time loving up with your dog while cleaning the hardwood floor.

4. Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are also super comfy ways of losing the pet hair plastered all over you or your hardwood floor. They tend to catch lots of loose hair.

5. Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are known for excellent cleaning, the world over. Of course, they are useful in getting your hardwood floor clean of pet hair.

You could go in alternate directions a couple of times, and that should do the trick in picking up errant strands of hair. Also, empty your vacuum cleaner and keep checking the filters so as to prevent hair clogging, as this might keep your vacuum cleaner from working efficiently. Read's review of Wi-Fi robotic vacuum cleaners that can be controlled via your smartphone to get a view of smart yet cheap options for vacuum cleaning without having to break your back.

6. Rubber Brooms

Rubber brooms are actually very effective with regards to cleaning pet hair from your hardwood in any location of your house. Rubber brooms are also cool because they are very hygienic and easy to wash, and as well, can be used for other purposes such as cleaning windows.

7. Humidifiers

Humidifiers are excellent for use in cold climates, and they also double as being super effective at cleaning pet hair, and as well, removing loose fur from hardwood surfaces

8. Microfiber Dusters

The microfiber duster is one great innovation with regards to getting rid of dirt- hair inclusive. It is magnetic, and so easily adheres to hair. With it, your hardwood floor’s surface would heave a sigh of relief from errant hair strands.

Wrapping Up

As a pet lover, keeping your pet and your home clean might seem like two straight lines that cannot have a common meeting point. With the above tips, we hope you can do both, with a smile on your face!

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