Dog Proof Cat Litter Boxes

Best Dog Proof Cat Litter Boxes: How To Keep Your Puppy Out

If you're your dog owner with a cat and your dog as well as your pet wants to sniff out and also taste that the not-so-appetizing treats the feline leaves in the cat litter box, then there are always a couple solutions available for you which means that your cat may perform their own business in peace.

Not merely could it be pretty disgusting, but it may be awkward for you if Fido leaves a distinctive gift outside in the exact middle of the hallway.

Fortunately, you are able to find your pet dog proof cat litter box that will aid you with this specific issue. A few are intended to just allow a kitty to move in and outside.

Continue reading to uncover exactly what services and products will actually maintain your pooch outside, and those your puppy can enter in to effortlessly...

Why Do Dogs Get Into The Litter Box?

Best Dog Proof Cat Litter Boxes: How To Keep Your Puppy Out 1

To create some sense of this, there's a genuine reason why dogs want to eat kitty litter. Cats do not consume most the protein elements inside their food, hence, once they relieve themselves, so it is inclined to possess a higher protein count compared to dogs or other creatures.Dogs burnout are extremely enthusiastic to different scents -- protein being just one. 

Your dog aromas it to be a yummy treat! Regrettably, it's perhaps not in any way beneficial to the furry friend as soon as you start to see this behaviour, you ought to put a stop to it, instantly. They could contract various parasites out of eating your kitty's left overs at the cat litter box.

Still another motive for this sort of eating behaviour might actually be due of genetics. Wild dogs have a tendency to eat a different animal's stool if they can not look to their regular prey. It's an easy method to receive their nourishment and vitamin ingestion. In addition, it might be heard in their own mothers. If a puppy is breastfeeding, mom will stink at them to receive their bladders and intestines aroused. Afterward, mom will actually eat their pups waste -- they can initially find out that which mom is left up to and keep doing so when they're fully grown.

What You Can Do About It

There Are Several possible Problemsolving tricks you can utilize until you dash out and buy a separate Litter box or go to the hardware shop to purchase supplies for creating your own?


Such a behaviour could be performed of direct boredom; your pet does nothing better to do than chomp away at the litter-box paintings. In the event that you may learn WHY your puppy is achieving so, you likely may have the ability to instruct him to quit this activity or become ready to distract him with something different.

Crate Your Pup

1 option you are able to consider as a final resource is always to lock your pet in its crate as you are outside temporarily. When you've tried any other alternative then an escape-proof cage may prevent them from actually becoming near the cat litter box.

Move It

Simply by moving into a people or diminished living room, your furry friend could be too idle to head into it, or it might possibly be a out of sight out of mind -- particularly when they're doing this out of boredom. In the event you decide to maneuver that, only make certain it's still at an area your cat may access to it.

Invest In a Litter Box The Dog Can’t Get Into

For those who have tried most the aforementioned along with your pet still appears to obtain the time and also joy of eating feline stool, it's probably time for you to put money into an item which may help keep your dog outside but still allow your kitty in.

There are just two kinds of dog proof litter boxes and litter trays which can be obtainable to your pesky pooches which wont stop trying: high entrance and unwanted entrance.

Negative entrance -- such a box is most appropriate for individuals who have dogs that are larger. It's created using a sub-compartment that your kitty needs to move through original, before actually getting into the cat litter box. Smaller dogs might continue to find a way to slip inside and slither their way through.

Top entrance -- this design was designed to help keep the medium and smaller sized dogs out. It's created with 4 walls and also a pit at the cap of the carton. Cats are still able enough to jump on the box, then on to the pit at which the mess is and out and from their pit as soon as they've completed their business enterprise. Smaller and mediumsized dogs wouldn't have the ability to jump in and up. Bigger dogs, nevertheless, could be in a position to simply put their heads in to the upper hole and bite a way.

Either of the options is perfect for owners that stress about going to work or leaving their pet in your home, independently through the entire daytime also can not maintain a watch out for the kitty litter box. Evidently, you can not hide the litterbox put it away as you're gone because in that case your kitty wont have the ability to make use of it whatsoever. Both the options are best for the dog owner.

Best Dog Proof Litter Boxes

There are just three different litter boxes which we'd urge for every dog owner who's seeking to dissuade their dogs out of their feline's feces.

1. Petmate Top Entry Litter Box

Petmate Top Entry Litter Box

This very best entry litter box comes with a non refundable lid that's a fantastic security feature for the furry friend when jumping up on it. Additionally, it comes built with a grate that's very good for excess clutter to fall straight back in to the box whenever you start the lid. There's really a good advantage element since it has handles on each side to produce shifting out the mess, simpler and cleaner. Unlike many other products and services, that one consists of vinyl and is quite durable.

A couple of downfalls with the cat litter box, but would be the actual fact it's pretty light weight. This permits larger dogs to go it around should they nudge the carton. Going along with this as well could be that larger dogs may also obtain access into the interior the box simply by sticking down their heads into the upper gap.

Unlike the timber, detail by detail litter-box, this particular one is much less pleasing on the eyes since it's merely a major plastic form of box. If you maintain it in an area that's not used regularly or can be simply seen by you personally, it's not going to matter exactly what it resembles, any way. This really is a well-thought-out litter-box for most owners on a budget. It's affordable and are certain to find the task done, effortlessly.

2. Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure

Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure

This pet litter box would be your better of the best in regards to price and design -- the surface of this lineup in several ways. It's a really versatile product that's established therefore that the cat can not kick out the clutter of it. It can accommodate several diverse sizes of trays as well as can adapt an extra tray in the event you opt to not incorporate the inner paneling. There are just two distinct entrances to the within, which can be at a diminished position. 

This permits an agile kitty to undergo, however, your dog won't have the ability to go it's way indoors. It will come in three distinct colors -- black, white, espresso and white. Even though there's really a small bit of building todo, the guidelines are easy as well as the graphics combined side this will probably make certain to create it simple for you personally. Even though this you can be on the milder end of stuff it really is really worth the price tag. It's made out of a stained woodgrain finish plus in addition it includes a storage compartment for the clutter scooper, toys and other accessories that your cat could have. However, the downside, some reviews on line have shown that the pet litter box isn't modest pet proof, therefore only a tiny strain could find a way to acquire through the staggered entry door.

3. Favorite Hooded Top Entry Box

Favorite Hooded Top Entry Box

If you by chance get a sizable, maybe not too lanky cat, then they may possibly require a bit more wiggle room to fit smoothly indoors as a way to do their own business in peace of mind. Fortunately, this mess box is created for exactly that.This really is a multi purpose litter-box since you are able to use it to households with your dog and be in a position to maintain them also in houses which do not have your dog and you also are able to continue to keep off the lid.

In the event you decide to keep off the lid, there's a slot beneath the bin to store it off. It's roomy and spacious to get much the fattest felines also it's got the entrance hole at the cap of the box then whenever your kitty is indoors, they wont find a way to kick clutter across on a floor out this tray.

It will come in 3 distinct colors: black, white & black and translucent & blue. This is a reasonable product which is quick to construct and disassemble in the event that you opt to maneuver it around or go on another places. Alas, the downfall with the specific design may be the absence of space for storage. Besides the slot which holds the lid whenever you aren't using it, there's not elsewhere designated for attachments. Much like the Petmate one, that one isn't too aesthetically pleasing to check out as it's merely made out of vinyl without a fancy or interesting layouts about it.

Litter Box Buying Mistakes

There really are a number of matters to consider and perhaps not do if it has to do with getting an alternative litter bin for the furry friend. It's ideal in order to prevent one side entry type of box making it simple for your pet dog of any size to adhere to their minds or whole bodies to the kitty litter box to consume what's inside.

Possessing a box which is too small can deter your cat from using it cats of all sizes have a tendency to be quite special about where they perform their company and the magnitude of it at the same time. As odd as it might look, cats could get stagefright as it is the right time to alleviate themselves. What this means is it's always ideal to set the litter box at an area the cat may access easily, however in addition an area which isn't just a central room that's used usually by plenty of individuals.

What to Look For In A Pet Proof Litter Box

A couple of facts to look at when investing in a brand new cat litter box would be the size and also the entry. As soon as a cat does its organization, you will find more steps required in only a tiny squatting. You have in order to own a cat box that's large enough for the cat to walk round a piece and find a way to dig out and pay things up. When it's too small, it can hinder your own cat away from being comfortable and doing things precisely.

Consider the period of your cat too. The elderly your own feline becomes harder it could be to move around. For this reason, you ought to have an item for them which is large enough to enter in to without needing to squeeze into a tiny entry hole. Along side this, the entry type can be essential to think about. Again, for those who have a bigger dog, then it's far better to elect for an individual having a side entry and also a premier entry to get a small or moderate size strain.


Quit thinking there isn't anything you can do on your own pooch snacking onto your own Pet's litter box bites. There are a lot of solutions for you that enables for the own cat to become more comfortable and also have their solitude, but in addition for your own dog to remain out and never join up. Based on the sort of dog you've got and also their size, should factor in the kind of litter box that you spend money on. Doing research prior to buying can be the very best bet to be certain you receive the ideal match for you and your cat and dog situation.

These merchandise we advocated above are only a couple of countless diverse types you may start looking to purchase. Reading dog confirmation cat litter box reviews can be really a excellent solution to acquire a sense of the solution and seeing whether additional owners as you, possess enjoyed or disliked certain litter boxes. Investing in a cat-friendly and also dog ridding litter box needs to really be done for your own security and security of the your pets. Keeping them both joyful and comfortable ought to really be the number 1 goal.

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