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Can Your Dog Benefit from CBD Oil?

The health benefits of cannabis have been well documented, and it is starting to be something that people see as an option, not just for leisure, but for their health. Cannabis oils are being used by lots of people to help with their general wellbeing, and when you vape the oils, it is not a case of getting stoned, but simply getting the many health benefits the marijuana plant can offer.

This is something even veterinarians are beginning to see the value of. Cannabis oils for dogs and cats have been around for a while and can actually offer some significant benefits to your pet’s health.

CBD oil is made from the same plant as the regular cannabis people use recreationally but doesn’t have the component that gets people high. THC is the chemical compound in marijuana that makes people experience the high, but CBD oils don’t have this in them. This means that all the health benefits of cannabis are available without having to feel stoned. A lot of people use CBD oil as a health supplement and never experience the problems of feeling drowsy or high. This is why it is safe to use CBD oils with animals.

Benefits of CBD Oils for Dogs

CBD oil has been shown to have a lot of health benefits, and these apply to dogs as well as humans. CBD oil has powerful pain-relieving properties and anti-inflammatory uses that mean it is very helpful for dogs who are getting older and experiencing some stiffness. It can also help dogs who are a bit on the neurotic side, because it promotes a sense of calmness. CBD oil is also something that can promote general health and wellbeing, so you may find that when using it, your dog has a shinier coat, is more relaxed, and generally seems to be enjoying their life more!

Giving CBD Oil to Your Dog

The benefits of CBD oil for dogs are well documented, and there are a lot of vets who now recommend using it for your pet’s health. However, you do need to invest in a product that is aimed at animals and has been tested properly, rather than using things you might take yourself on your dog. Dogs are lighter and have different physiology than people, so you don’t want to give them the same dosage or method of delivery that you would give yourself or another human.

Get veterinary CBD oil and follow the instructions that come with it when it comes to adding it to your dog’s diet. It can be highly beneficial, but you have to know what you are doing when you add it to your dog’s food, otherwise you could be giving your pet a bad experience.

Giving CBD oil to dogs is something that a lot of pet owners do, and it is endorsed by vets. You do, however, need to be sure you are only using CBD oil preparations designed for dogs and are administering them properly.

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