Dogs Eat Shrimp

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp?

Providing Tommy few shrimps as a treat is harmless. But you need to find out whether this crustacean is suitable for a dog’s diet and doesn’t lead to any dog shrimp allergy symptoms.

It is nothing but making a judgment and you can easily do it after being aware of the key considerations discussed in this article.No doubt, shrimps contain an abundance of proteins and this is necessary for dogs.

But this famous seafood has a high amount of cholesterol and sometimes lead to allergies in certain dog breeds.

Being a great seafood lover, it can be a downright blasphemous if you don’t enjoy delicious and mouth-watering seafood along the coast. Freshly captured shrimps are quite delicate and juicy in flavor. So, irrespective of whether you like it steamed, cold, drizzled using lemon or dipped in a cocktail, this is one of the perfect and light meals suitable for any occasion.

Now it is not a huge secret that the feline family members of yours like shrimp and sometimes on rare occasion, their food will be having shrimps as ingredients. However, can dogs eat shrimp? If so, do you think it is healthy for them?

Shrimp-Powerhouse of Beneficial Nutrients

dog shrimp allergy symptoms

Besides being tasty, shrimps are filled with various nutrients which dogs require like niacin, vitamin B12, anti-oxidants and phosphorus. Do you know vitamin B12 is significant for the metabolic processes of your dog? Plus it plays a great role in the gastrointestinal health.

Niacin or vitamin B3 is necessary for producing fat, proper function of the enzyme, production of energy, circulation of blood, chemical signals, and various other processes. Even phosphorus is important for strong and healthy bones. It also creates anti-oxidants which assist in battling diseases and reducing the aging of the braain.

Don’t worry if your dog accidentally ate shrimp tail as it is low in carbohydrates, calories, and fats so, it is one of the excellent choices for canines who are on diet. But keep in mind that shrimps contain a high amount of cholesterol. Giving your dog shrimps occasionally as a treat is great, but too many of them can be unhealthy and increase the level of cholesterol of your dog.

How To Prepare Shrimp For Your Dog?

  • For preparing a shrimp, first you need to remove its legs, head and tail. This is because; your dog can only digest the meat of the shrimp. Sometimes, eating the rest of the organs can lead to cuts, or choking or obstruction in the digestive system. In particular, small dogs cannot swallow shells.
  • You also need to devein the shrimp. It means that you must remove the intestinal tract. This is the one that runs down the back of the shrimp (basically, the black thread which you see on the back of the shrimp).
  • Never give raw shrimp to your pets. They contain dangerous bacteria which can affect the digestive track of your dog and cause various sickness and problems. Cooking the shrimp will destroy the bacteria present in it.
  • Never add any seasoning to the shrimp while cooking. This can be dangerous for dogs, especially salt as it can sometimes lead to hair fall. Even another seasoning mustn’t be used as it can even cause vomiting and stomach upset.

What Factors Do You Need To Consider While Providing Shrimp To Your Dog?

dog accidentally ate shrimp tail

Shrimp is a great diet food for your dog. But you need to be careful of the dog shrimp allergy symptoms that are common in certain dogs. So, you need to really consider these factors before giving shrimps to your dogs.


As per the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), a controlled and tiny taste of shrimp which is fully and properly cooked is not harmful to dogs. This applies to other kinds of shellfish like the lobster. Frankly, as long as you don’t give your pet a huge serving of fried shrimps, he will be healthy and great.

Changes In Diet

Besides safety, ASPCA also states that the sudden change in diet is also one of the major reasons for your pet’s stomach upset. And because of this most of the canines develop certain issues and sickness while consuming cooked shrimps.

Make sure to pay minute attention to the various indications that crop up in front of your eyes which show that the shrimp might not be the best thing for your doggie’s digestive system. Sometimes the symptoms can be diarrhea, stomach pain and even throwing up. So, if you see such kind of symptoms, especially if they are continuing for a long period of time, then don’t wait, immediately contact your veterinarian.

Human Food Stuffs

Now the occasional tiny snack of fried shrimp might not be a big issue for your fluffy pet, still, human food can be a bad idea at certain times. Just before you end up dumping anything that humans eat the doggie bowl, be aware of the facts.

Make sure to constantly keep your veterinarian in the loop so that he or she can know what you are giving and prevent you from giving something that can really create a drastic effect on the health of your pet. There is list of various foods that the Humane Society of the United States feel are toxic to dogs like raisins, chocolate, macadamia nuts, and walnuts.


Now if you are really thinking of providing your pet dog with cooked shrimp as a reward or rare treat, then try to make sure that it is plain. If you end up putting a lot of seasonings, then it will be a huge problem for dogs. So make sure that you follow a cautious approach. For example, butter is made from milk and most of the dogs can’t digest lactose.

In addition, salt can be to an extend toxic too, so you must ensure that the crustaceans are free from it. Also, sometimes spices like paprika can be harmful to certain dogs resulting in vomiting and stomachache. And this is not fun at all.

Why You Need To Avoid giving Shrimp To Your Dog ?

It is true that dogs can eat shrimps, but most vets advise that you should not give shrimps to your pets often. Even though shrimp contains low calories still they are high in terms of cholesterol and this is something that is not healthy for your dog. Also, keep in mind that dogs don’t eat shrimp in the wild.

So, make sure to restrict giving your dog shrimps often. Just give it as an occasion treat and that too only in tiny amounts.

Is Your Dog Suffering From Seafood Allergies

Now you might need to also keep in mind that certain dog breeds are quite allergic to seafood and if your dog falls into that category, then you mustn’t allow it to eat shrimps. Look out for various symptoms which can show that your dog cannot withstand shrimp like stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and the list goes on and on.

How Much Shrimp Can You Give To Your Dog?

Always keep in mind that moderation is the major aspect involved while you are putting new treat or food items into your dog’s diet. Just remember that each dog breed will vary in terms of food diet and lifestyle. So, they might react in a different manner in terms of shrimp. It is enough to provide one or two shrimps to your dog. And the best idea will be given partial content of the shrimp too small pedigree dogs.

Always consult with your veterinarian or dog nutritionist while providing seafood like shellfish or shrimp. Sometimes adding these items might lead to health issues. And if your dog shows any symptom concerning illness, intestinal discomfort, immediately make a call to your vet as soon as dog’s condition gets worse.

Is Shrimp Allergies Really Severe

Do you know food intolerance is different from food allergies? There is a great difference between these two elements. Food intolerance is because of poor digestion like lactose intolerance. Animals and humans who are suffering from lactose intolerance will be either having less or lack of milk digesting enzyme called lactase.

In the case of food allergies, it is nothing but the over-response of the immune system of your dog. This happens because of the invading proteins. And this protein is commonly found in the food of your pets. Certain people assume that proteins are only present in meat, but that is not the case. It is even present in vegetables and grains. And these proteins present in the food item can lead to drastic food allergies. Do you know the least common food allergens for dogs? It is rabbit and fish.


There is no harm in giving shrimps to your dogs. But keep it in the moderate count. Excessive shrimp consumption can lead to various sickness and disease for your dogs. And most importantly, it is best if you consult with your vet before you start bringing a change to your dog’s diet. Of course, you might not want to regret later if something bad happens to your cutie pie.

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