Are Apples Good For Dogs? 39 Foods Dogs Can (& Can’t) Eat

Foods Dogs Can (& Can’t) Eat

Dogs are the loveliest creatures on Earth. It’s often said that a dog is a man’s best friend. Imagine coming home after work all tired and dazed out. You return back home, and there is your dog waiting for you. It gives you immense pleasure, and eases you down. Dogs are said to be the best living animals to empathize with. They are a bliss to have as a pet.

These little munchkins come in different shapes and sizes. Doberman, boxers, labradors etc are known for their large size and structure. Pugs, lasa and Pomeranians etc. are little munchkins. Some of them are extremely furry and others have a touch of masculinity. Lasa and Dobermans are known for their prudence. Labradors and pugs are known for their playfulness.

One thing that really needs to be paid attention to is what should be fed to them. The diet and the eating habits of the dogs should be paid special attention to. This article informs you about the 39 foods dogs can (and can’t) eat.

Wondering about different food items, the dog owners often wonder what are those 39 food dogs can (and can’t) eat? Can dogs eat avocados? Can dogs eat bananas? Are apples good for dogs? And it goes on and on. This paranoid behavior of a dog owner can ease out by going through this informative article that talks about 39 foods dogs can and can’t eat.​

When a dog is provided with a well-balanced diet, he remains healthy and playful forever. Like all other creature’s dog needs a proper diet regime consisting of the appropriate amount of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. If the level of Vitamins and minerals are not set according to the requirement it might lead to bad results. Too much minerals will interfere with the vitamin absorption in the body and the lesser amount of minerals will result in various deficiencies. Let's go through the list of 39 foods dogs can and can’t eat.​

1​Can Dogs Eat Apples? In moderation. An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Can dogs eat apples

​Apples are loved by everybody. In order to satisfy the sweet tooth of your doggies, you can feed them with apples. Apples are considered as a source of Vitamin C, Phosphorous and Iron. The major question arises Are apples good for dogs? The answer would be a big yes. Apples should be fed to your dog as these are full of nutrients. It should be kept in mind that the apple seeds are harmful for your dogs as they contain cyanide which is a toxic substance. Secondly, dogs are not to be given apples as a whole. Always the apples should be cut into slices, otherwise they will prove to be a choking hazard for your dogs. This makes it convenient for the dogs to gobble up the apples. It should be kept in mind that the apples are being fed to them should be given in appropriate amount or they might cause bellyache and diarrhea.



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