Vacuum For Pet Hair On The Market

Top 10 Best Vacuum For Pet Hair On The Market (Review, Rating, & More)

Almost every single person love to have pets, but if you have dogs or cats as your pet, then there is an added thing to think about. You will need to clean the hairs that will be shaded off by them. Pet hairs in your house might be a big trouble, not only because they are all over the place, but also they can cause your allergies as well.

Even though you have no allergies from the pet hairs, you will still need to clean your matt, your carpet and every other place which might be a bit difficult job.

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Well, for this purpose you will need to get a special type of vacuum cleaner. There are plenty of vacuum cleaners available to clean the pet hairs, but you will need to choose the Best Vacuum For Pet Hair so that you get the best solution. While choosing a proper vacuum for removing the pet hair, only going through the online reviews won’t be a solution.

 You will need to understand quite a lot of thing. First of all, your need is essential, because depending on your need you will need to choose the vacuum cleaner.

The next thing is the quality and the price as well. Obviously while buying a cleaner you will also be concerned with the performance as well. So, you will need to do these all, to get the right vacuum cleaner for your house.

Why Do You Need A Special Vacuum?


When it comes to the pet hair removing, the traditional vacuum systems won’t really work. If you try to use the normal system, the brush involved in cleaning, will only drive the hair inside the carpet or tangle it with the brush, rather than cleaning it properly. That is how it can become really annoying and disgusting while cleaning pet hairs with the ordinary vacuum cleaners.

The vacuums made especially for the pet hairs are designed in such a way that it can such the hair up and store it in the garbage dump, rather than getting tangled in the brush. The brushes used in these vacuums are generally made of silicon which makes this possible. Also, the powerful system can suck the pet hairs more cleanly and also the filtration system is upgraded to give you cleaner environment as well.

Types - Pet Hair Vacuum

Well, if you search online for vacuum cleaners especially for pet hairs, you will see that, there are plenty of options to choose from in the market. But all these vacuums are classified into 3 categories which can be helpful for you and will narrow your search area down: canister vacuums, all round vacuums, and the upright vacuums. All these vacuum systems are designed for a specific reason and need.

You will need to know which one you will need for your house and you can choose from that category. Also, remember one thing that compared to upright vacuums, canister ones are better if you want to have greater maneuverability in those close edges.

Important Factors To Consider While Choosing - Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

  • The length of the pipe: if you have a longer hosepipe to control the vacuum, then it is obvious that you are going to easily reach those difficult corners and the top of the shelf as well. At least you will need to make sure that it can reach the height where your pet can be hiding.
  • Maneuverability: movement is very important in the case of the vacuum cleaners. Unless you can move it easily, you cannot clean every corner of your house and make it pet hair free.
  • Weight: Weight is a real problem if you need to carry the vacuum cleaner upstairs and downstairs. This is why depending on your need you should choose the one that will be light in weight and can be easily movable from one place to another.
  • Capacity: The capacity of your garbage bag is very much important. For the vacuum cleaners made for the pet hairs, this is important that you clear them once in two days at least, so a bigger capacity bag will do nicely. Also, some breed of dogs will shade more hair than the others, so you will need to take that into consideration as well.
  • Performance: the performance is the foremost thing that is important in the case of special vacuums. If the vacuum does not clean the pet hairs properly, then there are no point of buying it, so above everything, a high-performance vacuum is required.
  • Durability: Durability is also important for a vacuum. A vacuum costs more than enough for sure, and you cannot buy them in every 6 months, so even if you use the vacuum every day, it is a must that, the vacuum is durable enough to give good performance for longer period of time.
  • Filtration: high-level filtration is also required in some cases. If you are allergic to the pet hairs, it is a must that you vacuum has a filtration system that will stop the bacteria to spread through your home and will give you a healthy environment all along.
  • Warranty: if you are ready to spend some money and buy a branded vacuum cleaner, you are surely going to get a good warranty package with it. But if you are going for a local brand, there is no guarantee that you will get a proper warranty for your vacuum cleaner.

How To Choose The Best Vacuum Cleaners ?

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for pet hair might seem to be a bit difficult, but if you think it straight, it is not really that difficult at all. You need to just check a few things and you can buy it.

  • Use review: if you are buying the vacuum online, then you can check with the user reviews to be sure whether a particular vacuum is working fine or not. This can be really satisfying if you can check the review of the same product on different websites.
  • Performance: this also you can get to know from the user reviews and from your neighbors who have pets. This is very much important because before buying a particular vacuum, it is important to know whether it will work fine or not. Also the reliability of the product you can get to know from the users who have used it once.
  • Easy to use: Well, you might be a techie person and you might find a vacuum very easy to use. But you will need to understand that, what if someone else in your house is using that vacuum, will it be easier for them to handle it. So, ease of use is another point that can help you decide which vacuum you can choose.

10 Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners for Dust Free Living

1- Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright - Best Rated Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to buy the best vacuum for pet hair, then this cleaner is surely going to be at the top of the list. With amazing features and quite a lot of advantages, this cleaner is really good at work.


  • This cleaner works on the Root Cyclone Technology. This technology actually was meant to remodel the airflow in order to maximize the power of suction.
  • Even if you are cleaning the hard floor, the cleaner head will adjust itself to get the optimal amount of contact and will give you the best cleaning experience.
  • The system itself is durable but when it comes to the weight, it is really light. So you can easily maneuver it and also it will be a good addition to your house, as it will work for longer period of time.
  • It comes with a warranty of 5 years and that makes it the most amazing product to buy to clean the pet hairs.
  • The ball technology used in the steering is really appreciative and works just fine.


  • There are many advantages of buying this vacuum.
  • The suction is really powerful.
  • There is no bag to bother about.
  • It can pick up the pet hairs from the difficult corners.
  • You can use it easily and maneuver it as you want it as well.
  • You can clean the high places and stairs with this as the hose pipe that comes with this vacuum is quite long.


  • If you compare the price tag of this vacuum, it is a bit high priced compared to the other vacuums.
  • The turbine tool used in this vacuum is not really tangled free but works fine for the pet hairs.
  • The weight of the vacuum is not really that light compared to the other vacuum systems.

2- Hoover Vacuum Cleaner T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH70210

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner T-Series


  • The weight is almost 18 lbs and is really easy to handle.
  • You can adjust the height to clean all kind of floor and places more easily.
  • The handle can be folded so, you can keep it in the smallest of the places.
  • The cord you use is stored inside the system. All you need to do is activate a switch and it will be retracted inside without any hassle.
  • It also comes with a hand tool that can dispose the pet hair from the higher ground; also it comes with a tool that can remove hairs from the furniture as well.


  • 5 position adjustment to give you best performance.
  • You can choose to use the beater brush or not. When ever you feel like not using it and use the vacuum, you can easily switch with a selector pedal and it will be done. This will also help your vacuum from not getting tangled up with the matt or the rug that you need to clean.
  • If you make the handle in the upright position the beater brush will be disengaged automatically. So, this will allow you to clean your carpet with the brush rubbing it at all.
  • Once you are done with the cleaning, you do not need to roll the cord and keep it, you can just fling a pedal and it will retract the cord inside the system itself.
  • You can store the vacuum easily, even in the smallest of the places! Thanks to the folding handle feature.
  • You can access the beater brush easily and clean it and also can change the belt when necessary.
  • You can use the turbo tool mode to get the hair out of the carpet and the upholstery.
  • The power controls are at your fingertips so that you can control it easily unlike the other vacuum cleaners.


  • The extension hose is a bit short according to some of the users.
  • The dirt bin is also a problem to dump the pet hair outside. So a dirt bag might have solved it.
  • The auto rewind feature might be a trouble for those who does not read the instructions carefully.

3- New Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner - Best Vacuum For Cat Litter

New Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner


  • There is no sound at all, while you clean your pet hairs. 6-speed controls are there and with a 1200 watt motor, it is very easy to clean the house quickly.
  • The buttons are all at the base of your vacuum system which is convenient.
  • The floor brush is a Parquet twister and it is 12.5”
  • You can easily clean deep to medium pile carpet with this vacuum.
  • The power cord gets automatically winded inside the system.
  • The power cord gets automatically winded inside the system.
  • Caster wheels are used in this vacuum system.
  • To eliminate any kind of odor, this vacuum uses Air clean filtration technique.
  • This vacuum uses disposable bags for the added filtration and air flow.
  • There is a performance indicator, which will help you know when you need to clean your bag or maybe there is something in the hose blocking the path.
  • The vacuum has a warranty of 5 years and the motor has a warranty of 7 years.
  • So, you can use this vacuum for at least 7 years straight unless you break it before that.
  • The weight of this amazing vacuum is just 13 lbs.


  • This vacuum can be used on the area rugs, carpets and on the smooth surfaces.
  • The noise level is really low and the performance quality is really high.
  • There are 6 power settings to control the speed of the suction and the quality of cleaning as well.
  • Good for thorough cleaning and can be good for cleaning high areas with the 5 level of height adjustments.
  • The floor brush is made in such way so that it can clean the tight spaces and under the furniture as well.
  • The turbo is truly good for cleaning the car seats and the upholstery.
  • You can get a great brush head control as well.
  • You can clean any space in the radius of 36 feet.
  • Active filters are really good to remove any kind of odor or allergic germs.
  • You can buy extra dust bag and also extra filters to make it more useful.


Even though there are plenty of positives that this vacuum cleaner has, but still there are problems that can be resolved:

  • The first and foremost thing is the cost. Compared to the other vacuum cleaners, this one costs really high.
  • There is no additional brush attachment that can be helpful in removing the loose hairs.

4- BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum, 81L2A - Best vacuum for hardwood floors

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum


  • You do not need to use any broom to clean the tight places and the edges.
  • The suction blade is designed in a way that it can suck the larger debris and the finer ones as well.
  • With the swivel head, it can easily clean the leg areas and the area rugs as well.
  • The dirt cup can be emptied easily and can be an easy cleanup job really.
  • The power cord is 20” long, so, you can use it in a radius f 20’.
  • This vacuum is specially designed for the hard floors.


  • One of the affordable vacuums available in the market.
  • The system is really lightweight can be handled with ease. It is not really hard to take it downstairs or upstairs.
  • It can really work fine one the pet hairs.
  • The capacity of the vacuum is really high capacity, so you do not need to clean it every day.
  • The system does not come in one piece, you need to assemble it but the procedure is really easy.
  • The suction is really great for any size of debris and pet hairs.


There are few disadvantages of buying this vacuum as well:

  • f you want to clean the edges near the wall, this might not be the best vacuum to choose really. As per the users, this does not work well on the edges.
  • When you are cleaning under your furniture, the air flow can make the dirt flow in the air and that can scatter around your vacuum, which is not really the thing you need especially because the dogs and cats love to go under the furniture and they most likely will have more hair than the other places.
  • The canister is high capacity, but the size might be a problem sometimes especially when you are cleaning under the furniture.
  • It cannot suck the kittylitter. You will need a pan and broom to clean it out.
  • The dust cup is at the end of the vacuum and the pet hairs get sucked into it. But sometimes the air flow might get jammed with the excessiveness of the hair being sucked inside. So, you will need to take care of that too.

5- Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B

Eureka EasyClean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, Hand Vac Corded, 71B

The EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum from Eureka has really helped a lot of user with its amazing pet hair cleaning ability and here is why the users liked this vacuum cleaner:


  • You get a riser visor so that you can clean the upholstery and the stairs.
  • It comes with a roll switch to on or off the brush functioning.
  • You can clean your house in the radius of 23 feet.
  • The power consumption is only 5.5 amps.
  • The electric cord is 20 feet long.
  • With the strong suction and a long hose, you can clean the upholstery, car interiors and also the stairs.
  • You can use this vacuum to clean the carpeted stairs easily.
  • You can wrap the cord very easily and can be good for extended cleaning when you need to cover a lot of ground.
  • Comes with 2 motors, one controls the brush and the other one performs the suction.
    It only weighs 4.8 lbs which are really light to move from one place other and clean upstairs and downstairs.


  • Great vacuum to clean the stairs and the upholstery. You can clean the stairs easily with the RiserVisor technology.
  • The suction is really strong to get every single piece of pet hair.
  • The sound is really low compared to the other vacuums.
  • The weight is really light.
  • The hose is quite flexible and versatile as well.
  • You can wash the filter and this vacuum comes without any bag, so the cost cuts down a bit more.


  • The capacity of the storage is not much really.
  • It may not be the best vacuum to clean your car from the pet hair.
  • The hose length is quite short to use.
  • Cleans every corner but not clean enough to rely on it.

6- Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


  • This vacuum runs on a battery, so you do not need to deal with the cord and all the hassles. And the performance is really good compared to the fact that it runs on the battery.
  • It lifts the debris and then removes them along with the other dirt as well.
  • Just with a touch of a button, you can switch the cleaning mode from hard floor to carpet.
    It can fit under all sorts of furniture mostly and can work on the edges as well.
  • It can also show you the battery left so that you can put it on the charge when necessary. So this is an added advantage for sure.


  • It can really clean super fast. You get to use it at the full power until your battery is totally drained. No drop in performance at all.
  • The bristles are gentle on the floor and can work fine even if you have hardwood flooring.
  • One of the best vacuums for the pet hairs. You can use this vacuum to clean the floors, carpets and the rugs as well. Easy to use and maneuver as well.
  • No need to go wild to maintain this vacuum. Just remove the dirt and the filters regularly that will do fine.
  • The sound is not much as well when you are cleaning your house.
  • No cord required to clean your house, so you can clean anywhere, anytime without being worried about the length of the cord.
  • You can even clean the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Cleaning those tight places with pet hairs is not a problem anymore with this vacuum.


  • If you have a large house, you might need to charge the battery after a few rooms.
  • You need to get a spare battery so that you can keep cleaning your house while the other one will be in charge.
  • Although, this vacuum is made for the pet hair removal, but not the best that you can get really as the brush tends to get tangled with the hairs.
  • You might need to go through online videos to use the vacuum, the manual provided is not really enough to get going.
  • Might not be as durable as it looks like.

7- Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads (NV356E) - Best Vacuum for Carpet

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional


  • The vacuum is really good in cleaning those places which are really hard for you to reach. You need to push a button and left the canister and that is all you will need.
  • You can enjoy the portable cleaning with this vacuum.
  • You can easily clean the hard floor. Comes with 2 microfiber pads.
    It can easily clear the debris and the hairs from the floors.
  • It comes with HEPA filter that makes sure that there is no allergic dust in the air.
  • The weight of the vacuum is not much, only 13.7 lbs and can be really good at work.


  • It can remove dirt, dust and the pet hair from rugs and carpets as well.
  • The suction is really good and you can assemble the product very easily with the manual provided.
  • You need to worry because of the noise generated while at work
    Also, you get a better maneuverability
  • You can clean any type of carpet easily
  • You can clean under the furniture and your bed as well. This is useful as you never know where your pet might be hiding all the day.
  • Good at sucking the pet hair.


Although, customers using this have experienced a lot of advantages, but this vacuum has also some negatives.

  • The material used to make this product is not up to the mark, according to some of the users.
  • Also, the aesthetic of this vacuum is not correct to some of the users.
  • If you overlook these negatives, still the price tag and the weight of the product can be a concern for the user who is going to buy this vacuum. Otherwise, there is no such complaint about the performance of this vacuum.

8- Hoover Vacuum Cleaner T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Corded Upright Vacuum UH30310

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner T-Series WindTunnel Pet Bagged Corded Upright Vacuum UH30310

Although this vacuum is not at the top of the list of the Best Vacuum For Pet Hair but still, has got quite a few important features and advantages as well.


  • The wind tunnel technique helps the vacuum to clean the debris and also the dirt from the floor more easily.
  • The bags that contain the dirt can be easily flushed in the trash can with a simple push of a button. You do not need to touch it anyway.
  • The height adjustment facility allows this vacuum to clean the pet hairs efficiently and can work on almost every type of floor or surface.
    You can use the power cord of 30’ to the good use if you have a large room to clean.
  • It comes with a 12’ hose and also an extended wand to clean any corner of the room easily.
  • It comes with a tool that is good to clean the pet upholstery easily.
  • You can also use the hand tool to suck the pet hair out of any place you want.


  • Cleaning performance is quite good.
  • Useful to clean any kind of floor.
  • Comes with the dirt sense technology.
    Can go under every single furniture almost.
  • The brush used in this vacuum is really high quality.


Even though this is good enough to clean the pet hair, but there are some aspects which might need some improvements:

  • The bump steering needs a hand as it is a bit clunky.
  • The suction power is not high.
  • It can miss smallest of the areas.
  • The noise amount is quite high while it is at work.

9- Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum, 3670G - Corded

Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum


  • The vacuum is really power packed with a motor of 12 amp.
  • You can use the removable wands to adjust the length to clean the areas you need to clean.
  • You can access the dust bag easily and should be an easy dispose of as well.
    It has a blower function as well, in case you will need to blow the hair out of the tight corners.
  • The weight is only 8.6 lbs. might not be the lightest but good enough to carry around the house.
  • It comes with quite a few accessories that can help you clean the tight corners and upholstery as well. The most important part is that the cleaning performance is really good.
  • The power cord is 20’ long.
  • You get 2 height adjustments to clean the rugs and carpets and the hard floors.
  • The cord storage is just beneath the vacuum, so you do not need to worry about the storage space at all.
  • The floor cleaning can be done at a height of 10 inches.


  • The suction functionality is really strong.
  • Weight is only 8.6 lbs which enable it to move around easily.
  • Good to clean the bare floors.
    Can reach the furthest of the corners with the extended wand.
  • You can use the blower functionality to good effect.
  • Comes with additional parts to clean the blinds, upholstery, and the stairs.
  • Being a canister vacuum, the price range is an affordable one.


  • Not really effective on the rugs and the carpets because of the brush.
  • If you want to clean your house at a time, you will need extra bags to dispose of all the dirt.
  • Warranty is only 1 year.
    You do not get any shoulder strap.
  • No auto cord rewind, so you need to recoil it with care and put it in its place every time.

10- iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic - Top Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba 880 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


  • The navigation sensors are really good when you have a big house.
  • It can clean automatically up to 3 rooms.
  • The 3 stage cleaning technique gives you 50% cleaner floor.
    The extractors are tangle free so can be used easily to remove the pet hairs.
  • The filter is good enough to get the dust and the dirt inside.
  • The power cord is almost 30’ long.
  • Comes with a turbo tool that can be useful for pet hair cleaning.
  • Comes with different accessories to give you all round cleaning performance.
  • Uses the HEPA bag for vacuum.
  • The indicator can show you the amount of capacity left before you need to clean your bag.
  • You can change the cleaning mode with an on or off switch.
  • The weight of the product is moderate: 15 lbs only.


  • Comes with the Wind Tunnel Technique: this makes sure that every single piece or dirt and debris gets inside along with the pet hair.
  • Clean-Drop Bags: this ensures that you do not need to hold the dirtbag in your hands. It will be easily disposed of in the trash with the push of a single button.
  • You can adjust the height of your vacuum to match the floor you are cleaning.
    Belt changing is inevitable for any vacuum. With this vacuum, the belt changing becomes really easy. You will just need to flip 2 levers and your belt changing will be done. You can also access the brush roll if you want to clean it regularly.
  • The hose is really long and can give you good area coverage.
  • The upholstery tool lets you clean the pet hair easily.


  • You will need to get spare vacuum bags.
  • It may not work as per manual or rather the cleaning pattern may not stay the same.

Buying Guide - Things to Consider When Deciding on What Vacuum to Buy

Now that you know the best of the vacuum cleaners that you can buy, it is time to understand how you can buy the vacuum cleaner that can be good for your pet hair problems.

The type:

First, you need to understand what type of vacuum cleaner you need? The canister one or the Upright one? The canister ones will be flexible and easily maneuverable. You will be able to clean under your furniture a lot easily. But you will have no control over the canister and it will bang with the furniture and the wall very frequently.

The upright ones are easier to keep. These vacuums are expensive in nature and you can clean under the tables and the stairs easily with the telescopic hose that comes with this type of vacuum. So, basically, it is up to you to choose the one that will suit you the most.

Bag-less or with the bag?

This is an important aspect while choosing a vacuum to clean pet hair. If you get a vacuum with a bag, it will keep the dust and dirt inside but you will need to buy a lot of those bags. But with the bag-less ones, you will not have to buy any bags to clear your dirt.


The power of suction is an important parameter of judging the performance. But always a vacuum with greater power does not provide the best of the performances So, check with the features and then decide which you can choose, the one with high performance or the one with the high power.

Area of your cleaning

At last, the cleaning is important. While choosing a vacuum you will need to think about the places you will be cleaning. Deepening on the difficulty of the cleaning, you will need to choose the proper vacuum cleaner. It does not matter how powerful the vacuum is or how good is the suction unless it can clean every corner of your house and make it pet hair free every time you vacuum. So, that is all for the buying guide.

You can also talk to the neighbors with pets and get to know what kind of vacuum they use and that might also be helpful in choosing the perfect vacuum. But once again, understanding your need is very important and you surely will need to rely on that.


Well, as you can see, even though all the 10 products reviews above are amongst the Best Vacuum For Pet Hair but still you can understand that every single vacuum has its own benefit and problems. Most of them are good at cleaning the pet hair and can be really useful to clean the house in general as well, but still, most of them will need some kind of changes to be best in the list.

So, choosing a vacuum cleaner to keep the pet hair out of your house is up to you. Depending on your need you can choose any of the vacuums that are being reviewed above. But if you want to narrow down your choice then you can try the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH70210.

The features of this vacuum are really good. It can clean any place and any kind of floor and also comes with additional accessories to help you clean the pet hair from every single place. The problems with this vacuum are the ones you can solve of your own with a little expense. You can get a longer hose and can use a dirt bag instead of the dirt bin. So, basically, if you compare all the products with this one, you can understand that this particular vacuum has all the benefits and comes with less number of problems; hence you can surely buy this and give it a go.

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