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The Best Low Protein Dog Food Brands for Kidney Health

Dogs need lots of proteins and which they can get from the raw meat or they may also feed on various kinds of prepared protein rich food which are available on the market. Though protein content has to be very high in the daily routine of the dogs belonging from any breed, but some conditions may lead you to lower the protein content in your dog’s daily meals.

These could be certain allergic reaction some dogs may develop with time or sometimes the dog may start showing symptoms of having gastrointestinal problems, liver issues and other problems related to the digestion, kidney functions, and the liver problems.

You may have to find some of the best low protein Dog food brands to help your dog maintain its health and still get sufficient energy for its activities.

For Which Conditions The Vets Prefer Prescribing A Low Protein Dog Food?

There are many conditions when you have to face the issues regarding the health of your dog and when it comes to treating the health issues the most important is the selection of the right kind of food that you will be giving to your dog.

It is quite sure that the selection of the food depends on the age, size, breed and the activity level of the dog and can only be understood with the help your pet’s doctor.

 Protein Dog Food for bitbulls

Low protein dog food is never recommended until and unless a doctor prescribes it due to some major reasons, otherwise, it is always better to give your dog high-quality protein rich food that may fulfill its daily needs sufficiently.

In contrast to the usual dietary values and requirements of a dog meal, you have to lower the protein content under certain circumstances when a vet has prescribed to give your dog a low protein food t maintain its health and routine bodily functions.

The conditions can be of the following nature

  • Aging issue and decreased bodily needs
  • Weak gastrointestinal absorption and excessive toxins in the GI tract
  • Liver impairments
  • Urinary stones and
  • Kidney weaknesses and problems
  • Liver cirrhosis

Though it is also considered that having any of such conditions does not mean that your dog should be put to low protein food, rather it is always recommended not to cut the protein content until and unless it has been prescribed by a professional vet on the basis of proven impairments and limitations that may affect an impaired digestion of the proteins in a dog’s body and production of harmful toxins in the body.

But sometimes professionals have found that the low protein content may not help in decreasing the symptoms of having kidney issues in dogs.

According to a study quoted by Ken Tudor DVM, the control of protein factor has lesser importance if there are more issues in the kidneys whereas researches show that there is enough need to control the phosphorus content in the dog food rather than protein where the main issue is with the kidney functions.(Study)

How To Choose The Best Low Protein Dog Food?

Most of the times when you are looking for the low protein canned dog food you may have a number of options for you to check on and compare according to the percentage of the protein that is needed for your dog. You may choose the food on the basis of the following characteristics:

The protein content:

It is important to see if the protein content in the food is at the optimum level and will not be lower than required because the too low protein in the diet is also harmful to the dogs.

Other components:

You may also see if the other components of the food you have selected are promoting good and balanced dietary plan for your dog and there is no other harmful ingredient is there for your dog.

Choose well-known brand:

You should choose from the most well-known brands and products which have proven to help the other customers to give a positive boost to their dog’s health.

Benefits Of Giving Low Protein Dog Food To Your Dog?

There could be many benefits that can be obtained through low protein foods for your dogs if the food has been prepared with a low yet balanced protein content rather than having too low protein compounds.

Low protein food can help your dog in the following ways:

  • Help decrease the discomfort in Chronis Kidney diseases. Due to the fact when your dog has taken a lower protein level than usual, there will be lesser toxins that are usually produced during the digestion process of proteins and less pressure will be on the kidneys.
  • It may also assist in managing the inflammatory diseases in kidneys by lowering the toxin production in the body.
  • Low protein diet is said to be helpful when your dog is experiencing Lyme-disease associated nephritis and can help reduce the discomfort and related symptoms.
  • A liver shunt is a condition when the liver of the dogs are not working smoothly and has a malfunction issue. Eating low protein can help in reducing the symptom and will help in easing the digestion process in dogs.
  • These foods are recommended during Glomerulonephritis, Hepatic encephalopathy, and prevention of urinary stones.

Do’s and Don’ts of using low protein dog food

Though it has been emphasized many times that using the low protein dog food pets at home is only recommended when it has been prescribed or suggested by the vet and should not be given to the dog on your own.

Due to the fact the vet will determine how much you need to decrease the protein content that will not only control the bodily problem and will also help in maintaining good protein level without harming the dog’s overall health.

So what you should do and what not to do:


  • You should give the low protein diet when a qualified and well-experienced vet has prescribed it.
  • Only select the brands or the products that have been proven to be balanced and has no harmful ingredients in them


  • Never try to lower the protein content on your own or more than what has prescribed by the vet.
  • Never try to give low-quality food that will damage your dog’s overall health.

Latest assumptions and preferences among vets and dog health professionals:

It has been suggested that rather than reducing the amount of protein in dog’s diet, it is better to give them more easily digestible proteins that are easily absorbed and causes lesser pressure on digestion and in turn cause a lower level of toxins that the body has to process and hence the lesser burden on kidneys and liver.

Top 5 Best Low Protein Dog Food Brands

1. Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food

Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food

This fabulous formula presented by the Holistic health ensure that your dog will obtain the most appropriate amount of nutrients and especially the exact level and type of proteins that is required for your dogs.

The formula consists of highly digestive proteins and nutrients that promote dog’s health and help in reducing the digestive issue and problems related to the digestive tract. The protein content in this food is composed of easy to digest components so that the bodily issues can be resolved easily through proper diet.

This food product is available in various package size and also you can choose from the variety of ingredients according to the preferred food content you need for your dog.


  • Best for the dogs having digestive problems
  • Help in treating digestive tract issue and promotes easy and quick digestion.
  • Safe and made of non-harmful and natural components that are good for your dog’s health.
  • May help in managing the weight for overly weighing dogs.


  • Not good for the dogs having allergies to chicken and other components used in it.
  • Not good for the dogs having a low weight as the food intends to lower the weight through lower fat and quality of proteins and high fiber content.

2. Hill’s Prescription Diet I/D Gastrointestinal Health Dry Dog Food 8.5 Pounds

Hill's Prescription Diet I/D Gastrointestinal Health Dry Dog Food 8.5 Pounds

Due to the fact a better dog food is always the one that offers easy digestion and a balanced composition of the usual nutrients which are necessary for your dog, it is better to buy food products that offer clinical care and healthy constitution of healthy ingredients that may help you counter health issues in your dog.

This formula is also one of the best dog foods that promote internal health and help in improving the digestive tract and related functions that help in better absorption of the food and other components.


  • Made of digestive nutrients and help in tissue repair. It is best to use when your dog has internal inflammation or tissue damage problems.
  • Contains a well-balanced composition that helps in improving digestive health and lower the development of body toxins that in turn help in lowering the risks of having kidney issues and related diseases.


  • May not be good for dogs having high protein content and other nutrients as well.

3. Purina NF KidNey Function Canine Formula Canned Dog Food 12/13.3 oz

Purina NF KidNey Function Canine Formula Canned Dog Food 12/13.3 oz

One of the most important issues that needs great care is the kidney issue and renal health among dogs. Most of the dogs having such problems are prescribed to take in low protein food or having the proteins that are easy to digest and will pose lesser pressure on the liver and kidneys of the dog.

This special formula is made of low protein factor and easy to digest, safe components that can help in maintaining a good health of your dog and can improve the health when your dog has kidney problems and renal malfunction.


  • Low protein factor to help improve digestion and renal health and lower liver problems
  • High-quality ingredients to improve overall health of your dog
  • No harmful ingredients and your dog will remain safe from any hazards
  • Low phosphorus levels also promote renal health


  • May not be good for those having high protein demand and may reduce body weight if not taken care of it.

4. ROYAL CANIN Canine Hepatic Dry (7.7 lb)

ROYAL CANIN Canine Hepatic Dry (7.7 lb)

Royal CANIN Canine Hepatic Dry food for dogs is one of the best food formulae which has been designed to give your dogs assistance during the hepatic problems and liver related diseases.

Due to its balanced ingredients and controlled compositions, the formula gives enough support to the digestive system and help in healing the hepatic system in dogs.


  • It is capable of stabilizing the blood pressure through low sodium content.
  • Reduces the number of metals in liver through low level of copper.
  • Reduces the inflammation issues in the digestive tract and also help in boosting fiber content.
  • Easy to digest ingredients to help your dog digest them better.


  • The food consists of relatively larger bites which may not be suitable for small sized dogs who need smaller bites as their food.

5. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Gastro Intestinal Low Fat Canned Dog Food 24/13.6 oz

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Gastro Intestinal Low Fat Canned Dog Food 24/13.6 oz
Royal Canine Veterinary Canine low-fat canned dog food has a dual benefit system that helps in providing low-fat and easy to digest proteins that lower the production of toxin and reduces inflammation and also help in supporting the gastrointestinal activity through easy to digest nutrients.


  • Low fat and having easy to digest protein provide a soft and digestible formula for your dog who need lesser burden on the digestive system.
  • Specialized compounds help in nourishing the digestive tract tissue, including the fructooligosaccharides and Hydrolyzed yeast.

Among all these foods, the Purina Canine Kidney function formula can be considered as good for kidney issues as having low protein constitution and supportive ingredients. Whereas others are better for general intestinal and digestive health along with liver and kidney function support as their secondary function.

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