What Are The Best Foods For Your Yorkie Puppies?

When the pet lovers want to raise a loveable and cute puppy at your home, Yorkshire Terrier is the best type of dog for your home. It is basically a terrier type small dog breed and its maximum size will be only 3.2 Kg or 7 pounds. Some of the special Yorkie breeds can also grow up to 6.8 Kgs or 15 pounds.

Even though most of the people would like to raise a large breed of dog at home, this small breed of Yorkie puppies are really loveable and the best companion to everyone.

Foods To Your Yorkie Puppies:

When it comes to the Yorkies, these breeds are very prone to the stomach problems. If the pet owners are not careful to give proper foods to your Yorkie puppies, your dog will surely get several stomach problems like digestion problems. The following are the Yorkie puppy food facts which should be understood by pet owners.

  • Fat rich foods
  • Carbs rich foods
  • Protein rich foods
  • Rice
  • Sweet potatoes

These types of foods have been providing A, A- and B+ nutrition to your Yorkies. If the individuals are not having free time to prepare foods for your dogs, it is better buying the perfect foods with all these ingredients for your Yorkie puppies. Almost every pet owner has a habit of checking your puppy’s health in the veterinary hospital. While going there, you should need to ask your doctor about the perfect foods according to the health condition of your dog.

When considering the daily calories necessary for the Yorkie dog’s body, the Yorkie puppies require 200 calories per day, adult dogs require 150 calories and the senior Yorkie dogs need 120 calories in a day. Along with these calories, the Yorkie dog food should also contain all other necessary nutrients to maintain its health and enough weight.

Suitable Ingredients For Yorkies’ Dog Food:

The following are the healthy and suitable ingredients you can add in your Yorkie puppy food in a daily manner.

  • Carbs – With the Yorkie dogs, the pet owners have to take some extra care with the carbs in its daily diet. Some types of carbs found in the normal dog foods will not be good for your Yorkies’ stomach including soy and corn. So, it is highly necessary to avoid the dog foods which have the soy and corn ingredients. Instead of that, you can choose the dog foods which contain rice or brown rice and sweet potatoes as the main ingredient.
  • Protein – Like all other breeds, Yorkies also require protein. Foods which have protein from the muscles of any animals is the best choice to feed your Yorkies. Some of the protein-rich animals will be lamb, chicken, turkey, beef and fish.
  • Fats – Some of the readymade dog foods are basically light on the fat content. But the Yorkie breeds need the good amount of fats to maintain their shiny and long coats.
  • Fish oil – The dog foods which contain fish oil is the best choice for your Yorkies in order to keep its Hollywood and stylish look. The pet owners can also buy the fish oil separately in the market and add a few drops in your puppy’s dinner.

Health Problems To Watch Out:

The following are the two major health problems to be watched out by the pet owners in order to keep your Yorkies always healthy.

yorkie puppy food

Sensitive Tummies

The Yorkie puppies and adult dogs are actually known for their little sensitive tummies. If the pet owners are not careful in feeding, it can easily get problems in tummies with the improper digestion. In order to avoid the stomach problems of your Yorkies, everyone should need to follow these recommended things.

  • It is better feeding frequent small meals to your Yorkies.
  • When you change its food, it is necessary to do it gradually over some weeks.
  • Avoid corn and soy because they may create problems in its tummy.


When your Yorkie is very small, then it actually has more chances of developing hypoglycemia that means its blood sugar level will drop without eating for a longer period. Most of the small Yorkie breeds have this problem because of skipping meals. So the pet owners should be very careful in feeding a right type of food and at the right time to maintain its blood sugar level balanced at all the times.

Wet Poods Or Dry Foods:

When it comes to the dog foods, there are both dry foods and wet foods available in the market. But the dry foods are always the best choice for your Yorkies. If the individuals are searching for the Yorkie puppy food, look only for the dry foods which are best for its stomach and also dental health. Whenever you are selecting the wet foods, they will definitely create several dental problems. The Yorkie puppies or adult dogs which already have dental issues can surely try the dry foods for the best results.

The brittle and crunchy textures of the dry dog foods are very helpful to clean the canines, teeth and gums of your Yorkies in a natural manner. The home makers who are all creating dog foods at home will make only wet foods to feed it. But such wet foods are not fair for the stomach and stylish look of the Yorkies. When having Yorkie dog at home, you should need to buy special dry Yorkie dog foods to feed it.

Feed Grain Free Foods:

The grain free foods are now very famous when it comes to feeding the dogs at home. The grained foods are not well for all breeds of dogs especially Yorkies. The Yorkie puppies and dogs are really prone to the stomach problems created by the foods containing the grains. All the pet owners are highly advised to choose the Yorkie dog foods which are rich in carbs, fat and protein and avoid grained foods.

First of all, everyone should need to read the labels of the dog foods to be familiar with the ingredients used. If there is any grain in the list of ingredients, you just avoid it and try to buy only the fat, carbs and protein rich dog foods for your Yorkies.

How To Feed Your Yorkie Puppies?

yorkie puppy foodEverybody has to learn to feed your Yorkie puppy in order to maintain its health and stylish outlook. The unique feeding mechanism is really the main reason for the crazy difference of the Yorkie puppies from other breeds.

The pet owners should need to feed your Yorkies double the calories. It is definitely true that the Yorkie puppy requires about 400 calories per day. Even though your dog’s stomach is smaller than the normal dogs, it can eat more foods in the frequent interval. You should feed the healthy dry foods with all the above mentioned suitable ingredients for at least 4 to 6 times per day.

Another best option to feed your Yorkies is to available feed your puppy throughout the day. In this way of feeding, you just need to watch your Yorkie see how much it can eat. Sometimes, the puppies are eating more than its actual capacity with the excitement and being sick. So, you should be very careful to avoid overeating.

Important Things To Consider While Feeding Yorkies:

Whenever you are willing to feed your Yorkie puppies, you have to first understand the following things such as,

  • When to feed
  • What to feed
  • How much to feed
  • The varied ages of the Yorkies and their food needs

The exact amount of the Yorkie puppy food will vary according to the age and health condition of your puppy. The small Yorkie breeds require only the two or three small meals in a day. When you have large breeds at home it might go to 4 to 5 feeds per day. Improper feeding to the Yorkies might create weakness, stomach problems, clumsiness, vomiting and many other signs. So, each and every pet owner should need to be familiar with when, what and how much to feed for maintaining good health and look of your pets.

• Weaning age – If you have a Yorkie puppy with the age of 4 – 7 weeks to 3 months old, you should be very careful in feeding it. For the proper growth of the puppy, you should feed the foods which are rich in fats, carbs and protein for 2 to 3 times in a day.

• 3 months to 1 year – It is a perfect time to start the scheduled meals to feed. In this age of your puppy, the pet owners should need to give nutrition rich foods for 3 to 4 times per day in morning, afternoon, evening and night time.

• 1 year and above – When the Yorkie dogs are one or more years old, it is fine to give bigger breakfast and smaller dinner to your breeds. It will be definitely helpful to maintain its overall health better and also avoid stomach problems.

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