Best Food Items To Feed Your Yorkie Dogs

Petting a dog is always the lovable thing for all the dog lovers to get the happiness and relaxation from their hectic life schedules. Of course, there are different kinds of the dog breeds that are available and they have chosen the one which is suitable for their family members. Most of the times, people like to pet the little dogs in their home to give the pleasure and happiness to their family members. In that manner, the Yorkie dogs are the most popular small dog breeds which are highly petted by most of the people around the globe.

About The Yorkie Dogs

Actually, thiTs kind of the Yorkie dogs are also known as the Yorkshire Terrier and they are well known for its cute and attractive appearance. As it is having the unique and charming personalities, most of the people like to prefer it to pet when they have babies in the home.

In general, Yorkie is a wonderful and amusing companion for a human being and each of this breed dog has very own unique personalities. However, this breed of the dogs is well known for their intelligence, energy, courage, independence, and more.

When it comes to its appearance, it is having the cute outlook. Furthermore, they are having the long and attractive silk coat. It is normally appeared in the color of the brown and black combination. The fur of this dog is very soft and silky and therefore, it should be kept well.

Feeding Yorkie Dogs

If you want to keep your Yorkie dog to be healthy, it is very important to take care of its feeding. In fact, the food that you give can have the ability to affect not only Yorkie’s health condition, but can also make some considerable changes in behavior. Therefore, it is important to know best dog food for Yorkies to feed for ensuring its better health condition.

As the Yorkshire Terriers are the tiny dogs and they need some special dietary needs. Of course, these kinds of the dogs are generally weighing 4 to 7 pounds and so they are having small stomachs. This means that they cannot take a lot of meals. Therefore, you need to feed your Yorkie several small meals a day.

It is important to know that the Yorkies can be particularly prone to the low blood sugar level and therefore, feeding small meals several times a day can help to avoid this problem.

Choose To Give The Food Items With The Small Bites

When you are feeding your Yorkie a kibble of dog food, you just need to make sure that is available in the small sizes to give ease of swallowing. This will help your toy dog to get easy digestion.

Give The Calorie Dense Food Items

Small and the large breed dogs are always needed to have more calorie dense food for getting energy. In fact, the small dogs are also using the energy per pound and burn more calories than the larger dogs. Therefore, it is better to give the high-calorie food items.

For this reason, you can buy the best dog food for Yorkies that are particularly formulated for the toy and small dogs which can satisfy your Yorkies food needs.

Kibble Food Is Better To Give For Yorkie

Some of the evidence have suggested that the kibble can be the best food items for the dog’s teeth. To ensure your dog’s dental health you just give this kibble dog food. Apart from that, there are also many ways available for increasing your dog’s dental health condition. For this purpose, you can give him the tartar control biscuits, dental toys for the dogs and safe chew toys.

Since the Yorkie dogs are often prone to the dental diseases, it is important to brush their teeth in regular with the toothbrush and the toothpaste that are made for dogs.

Of course, the canned food items are also available for the dogs, but it is quite expensive than kibble. However, it is better to choose the food items that your dog prefers to eat most.

Grain Free Food Items For Yorkie

Some Yorkie dogs may get suffered or getting allergies when they have eaten the food items that are having the grains. Typically, the dog foods are made up of a certain amount of protein, fat and some kinds of the carbs. Even if the dog foods do not contain any grains, these things are available.

In fact, some kinds of these carbs and grains are not necessary for your dog’s food. Therefore, you need to check the labels of the dog food whether it is containing any unwanted grains and carbs.

If your dog does not feel any food allergies, then you can add some grains in his diet to ensure its health condition.

Homemade Food Items To Feed

It is better to give the food items that are exclusively made in the home for your Yorkie. However, it can help to eliminate all the possibilities of having the chemicals, fillers and coloring in the packed dog food. In such a way, you can try to prepare the food items best dog food for Yorkies that are giving the health features for your dog is listed as follows.

  • Meats – Preparing meat is giving the energy to your dog in the form of protein. Therefore, it is better to feed the meat like lean chicken, lean Hamburg, lean turkey, veal, fish, lamb and bison.
  • Vegetables – These are the nutritional things to feed your Yorkie and therefore, you can feed him carrots, spinach, string beans and sweet peas.
  • Fruits – Of course, the fruits are also the excellent food items to give to your dog. So, you can give blueberries, banana, mango, raspberries and more.
  • Carbs – It is better to give the carbs items to add more stamina to your Yorkie. For this purpose, you can feed him a sweet potato, rice, regular potato, pasta and more.
  • Apart from these things, it is also beneficial to add the ingredients in the food items like cottage cheese, eggs and whole white yogurt can be the best and effective choice for you.

You can also give some treats for your dog occasionally for ensuring his health condition. So, it is better to feed him with the white or cream colored snacks. Additionally, it is also effective to offer the crisp raw baby carrots and the frozen blueberries for the healthy snack options.

How Much Have You To Feed The Yorkie?

In order to feed your Yorkie, the calorie information is the important things to consider. However, the different kinds of the food items can have the varying levels of the calories and therefore, you just need to feed him by evaluating the calorie dense, your Yorkie’s consuming level.

As the way, it is good to feed a half cup of dog food for your 6-month-old Yorkie. Averagely, the growing puppy always needs to have 45 to 55 calories per pound of the body weight in a day. Then, the adults need quite less per pound.

Food Items That You Have To Avoid For Your Yorkie

Many foods are perfectly safe for human beings to eat, but all of the food items are not suitable to give for your Yorkie. This is because that it may contain the toxins which are completely fatal for your Yorkie’s health condition. In such a way, the food items that you have to avoid in his treat are mentioned as follows.

  •   Chocolate – The harmful compound that is found in the chocolates can make it dangerous for the dog. When Yorkie puppies eat it, there is a chance to become as the poison.
  •   Cocoa bean mulch – This is also used in the gardens and it is also contained the harmful compounds that are poisonous to dogs. You should be very careful about feeding your dog any chocolate regardless of your dog’s size and the type of chocolate.
  •   Grapes and raisins – These are the most dangerous things for dogs that can cause fatal kidney failure in some breeds. Even though, these grapes and raisins are having no ill effect, it is not suitable for dog’s digestion. Therefore, you should avoid feed it.
  •   Sugar-free candy and gum – These kinds of the snacks may have the sweeteners which are known as birch sugar. If is taken by your dog, it could result in the rapid blood sugar problems.
  •   Nuts – It is very important to avoid the nuts in your dog’s diet, because they have the phosphorous contents which can lead to some disease to your Yorkie.
  •   Raw eggs – If you want to feed your dog eggs, you should give him after it is fully cooked. When you feed him in raw, the virus in the egg may spread out to the dog. However, the cooked eggs are the excellent source for getting the protein.

In this manner, you just need to keep all these things in mind while feeding the best dog food for Yorkies. Of course, you can get more details by searching through online.

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