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Find the Best Dog Socks And Shoes Available In The Market

Who doesn’t love dogs as pet? It has been noted from various research projects that dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. These days dressing up your pet dog is a trend today. Dress them up in polka dot bow tie, solid color t-shirts and the best are dog socks.

The main point of this article is to talk about the best dog socks available in the market. The best dog socks are available in solid colors, polka dots socks, graphical socks and some more of them. Pet owners think that dressing up their dogs in socks looks cute, but technically talking dog socks have huge benefits. Given below are some of the benefits of providing your dog with best dog socks:

Benefits of Dog Socks


It is thought that the fur coat of the dog is enough to keep them warm during winters. To some extent the coat does protect them but the paws of dogs need to be kept warm by making them wear dog socks during winters. The dog socks even protect them from allergies and other harmful materials.


Dogs have similar problem when they grow old when compared to human beings. The old dogs should be made to wear dog socks, so that the paws of the dogs do not slip. This happens especially, if the old dogs are taken to the slippery areas. Further, dogs suffering from back pain or arthritis problem will be eased out as this will give them enough traction, so the injury is not deepened further.


So, injured paws are quite a task to handle. Especially with dogs, they are not able to handle the injuries effectively. Thus, they isolate themselves, so that they can deal with their injury on their own. On the other hand, dog socks provide additional protection to their paws, so that their injury does not get worse. Further, if dogs are going for a walk, that too to a place which is rough and hard, dog socks help them out. Dog socks will prevent the paws of dogs from getting hard and rough.

Protects Your Flooring

So you have just got expensive hardwood flooring or marble flooring done at your place. One scratch or scar on the flooring will just make your heart beat a little fast. The dog scratching his paws is your worst nightmare. In order to avoid this from happening all you need to do is buy best dog socks so that his paws are covered with clothing. This won’t spoil your flooring.

Comfort And Ease

Dog socks are considered far more comfortable when compared to the dog boots. Dog boots have a hard sole and your pet won’t feel comfortable wearing those all the time. Dog socks come to the rescue. The soft clothing material will give them ease and comfort. Comfort and ease are the added perks to go and buy those dog socks.

Fashionable Paws

Dressing up your dog has become a trend these days. People often find it trendy and fashionable to cover their dogs with those cute and funky socks. This will mark the fashion statement of your dog. You will be the trendiest diva in town walking with a dog in tow.

How To Choose The Perfect Size Of Socks

The paws and their measurement is quite a task for the pet owners. The paws of dogs seem small but once they are pressed and dragged on by the dogs, their size changes. In order to choose the perfect pair of dog socks, certain requirements are to be kept in mind. Following are some of the steps as to how you can measure the size for dog socks:

  • Take a piece of paper and place the paw of your dog on the paper.
  • Now press it a bit so that it appears that they are dragging their feet while walking.
  • Mark both the sides using a pencil on the paper.
  • Now let the paw of your dog go, and measure the distance between the two points.
  • The distance signifies the size of dog socks.
  • Further, it needs to be looked up on the size chart while buying the socks and given a match with the size that matches.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying The Best Dog Socks

In order to buy those perfect pair of socks for your dog, certain points need to be taken into account. Given below are some of the points that need to take care:

  • The socks should be one size larger than the measurement so that while dragging their feet it fits them perfectly and is not too tight.
  • It is to be seen that the socks are neither too loose nor too tight. If the socks are too loose they will sleep of their paws every now and then. If the dog socks are too tight, the socks will prove to be way too uncomfortable for the dogs. This in turn might hinder the way they walk, making it uneasy for them.
  • The socks material should not be too slippery but should have an appropriate balance. The material should be thick enough to protect them from frost bites and allergies.
  • The nails of the paws are generally too long and they often get stuck in the material. It should be seen that the nails do not get stuck in the material and they are not occupied with the uneasiness while wearing the socks.

Different Critical Views Regarding Dog Socks

The majority of dog breeders argue that it is actually not a good idea to dress up your dog. It should be noted that there is no harm in dressing up dogs but the thing is that somewhere down the line proper care needs to be taken while dressing them.

It is specifically said that dog socks is a must have if you have a dog as these will protect the dogs from frostbite and especially if the dog is been taken out for a walk. Vets argue that dogs often bite the material of the dog socks and chew them up.

The other thing is it should be kept in mind is that dogs should be kept an eye on so that this does not happen. This is one major step as chewing up the material might lead to a bunch of worsened results.

Thus it should be kept in mind that in order to dress up your dog stylishly, proper care is to be taken. Further, there are whole lot of advantages that cover up the one or two cons related to dog socks. So, Pet owners should always go for dog socks.

Some Of The Best Dog Socks And Shoes Available In The Market

RC Pet Products Sport Pawks Dog Socks, Paw Protection

RC Pet Products Sport Pawks Dog Socks, Paw Protection

This is one of the best company that provides for best dog socks in the market. The dog socks are machine washable and are made up of silicone coating around the paws.

This helps out in the areas where there is slippery surface. Thus, this reduces the traction caused due to slippery surface. This is really good for old dogs as this will prevent them from worsening their back pain or arthritis problem.

Further, these socks provide protection from the scratches on those expensive flooring tiles. This reduces the grief of the pet owners. Thus, these are good option for indoor and outdoor as well.

These are the best non slippery socks available in the market making it one of the best sport socks available. They come in size medium that fits two inches paws and comes in the set of four. There are set of four giving one for each paw.

RC Pet Products Pawks Dog Socks

RC Pet Products Pawks Dog Socks

All those pet owners who are looking out for cute socks to cover up their dog's paws, this one is the perfect fit for them. The pawks dog socks are anti-slippery and are made up of soft cotton material.

These anti slippery and cotton blended socks are available in different graphical designs that will make your dog look even more trendy and fashionable.

These socks have anti print decal paw provision that maximizes the grip of the dogs on the slippery surfaces. This in turn helps you out in the outdoor and indoor surfaces as well. This reduces the traction as well.

These socks are available to fit the paws of si,e 2 and one-fourth inches and are available in the pair of four socks. One for each of the foot.

Dog Socks Traction Control Anti-Slip for Hardwood Floor Indoor Wear, Paw Protection

Dog Socks Traction Control Anti-Slip for Hardwood Floor Indoor Wear, Paw Protection

The socks are anti-slippery and increase the grip. Thus this reduces the traction. Further it protects the hardwood flooring of your house. This then reduces the scratches on your pretty expensive wooden floorings.

The dogs would love to wear these socks and will heal the open wounds. Dogs have a habit of continuously licking the wound which will worsen their injury. The dog socks will prevent them from licking the wound and this will lead to healing their wounds in a well off way.

Added perks to buying these socks is that they come in cute prints and cute colours. This will make your dog look even trendier. They come with a silicone coating to decrease the traction on the slippery surface. They are available in three sizes.

Pawz Orange Water-Proof Dog Boot, X-Small, Up to 2-Inch

Pawz Orange Water-Proof Dog Boot, X-Small, Up to 2-Inch

PAWZ are one of the best dog booties available in the market. These boots are available in the market that is perfectly biodegradable. They can be used numerous times and can be thrown after a use. They are reusable.

They have got padding and the padding is really soft so that there is no discomfort. They have a perfect fit and can be worn without any zipper or straps. They provide the dogs with ease of motion and the highest level of comfort.

They are made up of rubbery material and are a perfect wear for all the nature lover. They are available in a pack of 12. The added advantage is that they are waterproof and reusable along with them being disposable.

Water Resistant Dog Shoes with Reflective Velcro and Rugged Anti-Slip Sole

Water Resistant Dog Shoes with Reflective Velcro and Rugged Anti-Slip Sole

These shoes are a perfect fit for your dogs and are available in every size. The perfect sizing can be looked up on the sizing chart available. The shoes are available with rugged material that are perfect fit on the hot pavement. This will even prevent them from getting injured from thorns and sharp objects.

These shoes are expandable by opening the seams available. Further they come up with velcro straps so that the fitting is even more convenient. They are waterproof so that there is no pressure of wiping that mud off.

All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots with Reflective Velcro Straps in 5 Sizes!

All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots with Reflective Velcro Straps in 5 Sizes!

These are perfect dog boots available in the market that are tamper resistant and decreases the traction. They are puncture resistant and are waterproof.

They are available in all sizes and are perfect for hiking, walking and hunting. They will keep the paws of the dogs dry because of their waterproof quality.

They are available in four sizes and are easily adjustable with the provision of Velcro straps. The comfort and ease in these booties is undoubtedly the best.

Ultra-Paws Durable Dog Boots Black Large Ultra Paws

Ultra-Paws Durable Dog Boots Black Large Ultra Paws

These are amazing boots that provide anti slip provision to the dogs. They have large seam opening and easily adjustable Velcro straps. They have perfect width and are way too comfortable for the dogs.

They have the anti-slip advantage that decreases the amount of traction, especially good for old dogs. They have skid resistant sole and come with good quality materials.


In a nutshell it can be noted down that the dog socks are the best options for your dogs to protect them in the chilly winter. The dogs have protection from allergies, debris, frostbites and salts. Further the foot of the dog is kept intact from traction and injuries. The best dog socks have been mentioned in the article and they are must have.

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