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The Best Dog Food For Boxers (Update 2020)

Boxer dogs are said to have a high level of energy, bulkier body, and active lifestyle as compared to an average dog. Due to the different and enhances bodily features and internal body growth needs, you may need something extra and special for your dog to make sure they are not suffering from malnutrition.

To keep your boxers healthy and fit and ready to go on with their regular life routine you need to make sure they are getting the best food they need. To help you know the best dog food for boxers and what you need to care about while selecting the right kind of food, here is our selected information to make things clearer for you.

To help you understand the quality of the food and best puppy food for small breeds and boxers, you must know how much to feed a boxer puppy and what do boxer dogs eat and determine the best diet plan to help your boxer grow at the required pace without getting into any kind of trouble.

Here are the list and short introduction to 5 of the most valuable and best dog foods for boxers that you can give to your dog and let them develop as they grow.

1. Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

This Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food is considered to be one of the most valued dry food for the dogs having high needs of high-quality protein that has been derived from pure meat and allows the dog to digest them easily. This dog food helps medium to large sized dogs in all life stages and if the food is given in the proper amounts and according to the prescribed dietary plan according to size, weight, and age of the dog, the food is capable of providing enough meat driven proteins and useful vitamins derived from vegetables and fruits which are safe for most of the dogs.

The formula contains high-quality protein in the correct percentage so it boosts the healthy muscle growth and easy digestion for most of the dog breeds.


  • It is made of high-quality muscle building protein derived from pure meats.
  • The formula comes with extraordinary fruits and vegetable ingredients which are useful for all kinds of dog breeds and contain extra antioxidants and easy to digest components for healthy digestion and better growth.
  • Free from grains and grain based proteins and has no low-quality ingredients.
  • Has a great taste and dogs love to eat when you give it to them.


  • The taste may pose some issues and you need to sort out which taste would be best for your dog



This particular dog has been formulated and designed to meet the basic and advanced needs of an adult boxer dog. Due to the unique qualities and requirements of boxers, they need to be fed on high-quality protein foods which offer better muscle growth and a very balanced diet to keep them active and healthy all the time and away from health issues due to malnutrition.

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition offer dry dog food for an adult boxer and know what is best for the adult boxers and what things can be harmful and that is why this kind of food can help you maintain your boxer dog’s health in a very easy way.


  • It contains high-quality protein content which promotes good body growth and health weight.
  • The ingredients help developing good skin and hairs and also keep the body fit and active.
  • The formula has a great constitution to keep the dogs away from digestive and cardio-vascular problems as having taurine, EPA, and DHA.
  • It is good for a boxer for over 15 months and older.
  • The food has been given a particular structure to help boxers eat through their small muzzle without any trouble


  • The food has been given a particular structure to help boxers eat through their small muzzle without any trouble
  • It is for adult dogs and not for puppies so make sure you select the right option if your dog is not older than 15 months.

3. Orijen 6 Fish Grain-Free Formula Dry Dog Food 28.6 lb. Bag

Orijen 6 Fish Grain-Free Formula Dry Dog Food 28.6 lb. Bag

Due to a very high-quality product range, Orijen offers great foods for the various dogs breed. Whether you need food for your puppies, small dogs or need to find food plans for your adult boxers, you can find that from Orijen. The product offered by the company comes with high-quality food ingredients that support the natural growth of the dogs and they have no harmful ingredient inside to provoke allergic reactions.


  • The formula contains 80 percent of high-quality fish components that promotes muscle growth and a strengthened growth of the body in boxers.
  • The food also contains 20 percent of fruits and vegetable ingredients to keep a healthy balance of ingredients that a dog needs.
  • The DHA AND Omega 3 components offer great skin and hairs in your dogs.
  • The components offer a high level of joint and muscle support and promote great intestinal health.


  • Some issues with the taste have been reported

4. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Puppy Food

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Puppy Food

This is great puppy food when you need to give it a protein rich diet on a regular basis. It can help providing the right amount of protein for better muscle growth in boxers. The dry food comes in a bag which has been made to protect the food and deliver to you in a safe manner so that your dogs would get the best food.


  • Totally free from fillers and grains and consist of high-quality proteins from meat. This ensures that your puppy will develop the body mass that is actually considered as healthy and balanced according to the breed and size or age of your dog.
  • It contains real chicken and other multivitamins from quality fruits and vegetables.
  • High protein content enables the dogs to develop muscular body mass and health internal functions.
  • The food is inspired by the wolf diet and offer life source bits having all the natural ingredients your dog may need for a healthier body.


  • The taste may cause some issues and your dog might find it not like the thing they want to eat.
  • Some issue including digestive problems and hair loss have also been reported.

5. EUKANUBA Premium Active Adult Dry Dog Food

EUKANUBA Premium Active Adult Dry Dog Food

EUKANUBA premium adult dry food is a great food for an adult dog and also for the boxers breed due to the highest level of protein in this formula. The ingredients in the formula suit most of the needs of dogs having muscular structure and highly advanced protein needs in their body.

It is a great food for active and sporty dogs which need heavy energy supply for the day-long activities. The balanced protein and fat constitution offer great muscle growth and energy supply for the adult dogs. But in case you are using it for your boxers, you may monitor the food to provide the specific amount and avoid overweight issues.


  • Contains high-quality proteins and no fillers with balanced constituents of minerals, proteins and other nutrients along with proper fats in it.
  • Give an energy boost and balance body growth for the adult dog breeds.
  • Has necessary components to promote healthy body growth and calcium for bone health.


  • The taste of the food may pose some issues and if your dog is picky, you may focus on selecting the taste that it may like.

What Are Boxer Dogs?

Boxers are the dogs which are medium sizes, have a muscular body and they have their origin in Germany in the 19th century. Due to their bulkier body and muscular structure, they are commonly termed as the boxer breed. Their body structure is medium sized but their food intake shows their high demand of quality ingredients to keep them fit and active all the time.

What Is The Best Diet For Your Boxer Dogs?

Most of the people get confused when they are not sure what kind of food they should give to their boxers. Due to the fact, they have to support their rapid muscle growth right from the start of the puppyhood, they need special care regarding the food selection and giving them the proper amount of food that will nourish their body properly.

It is important not to overly feed the dog as it will cause overweight issue and your dog may face many health issues and it will also affect the activity level of the boxers.

So, it is crucial to give it the best kind of food that is suitable for them and avoid giving them lower quality proteins and grain foods as their food.

So, we can say that the best food for the boxers should contain high-quality protein derived from white meat and pure lamb which may provide pure proteins. Due to the rapid muscle development, there is a great need of high-quality protein content instead of other components.

Fruits and vegetables are also good but you may need to avoid a few ones to avoid allergic reactions.

It has been stated that an average adult boxer has the calorie requirement of around 1500-2500 calories depending on the age, activity level and body mass of the dog. Whereas they need around 40 percent of protein in the food composition which is quite high protein ratio as compared to other dogs.

Dog Food That You Need To Avoid While Feeding Boxers

You may have to avoid giving your boxers food like avocado, grain food and high fat and sugar based carbohydrates. These foods are not good for boxers as they may cause lower body growth and also an allergic reaction in the body. Grain foods are never recommended and the dry dog food having pure meat derived protein are preferred as compared to the cheap quality plant-based protein foods.

How To Choose The Best Food For Your Boxer Dogs?

Choosing the best dog food for boxers with allergies and heavy bodies is very important and even if your dog has no or less number of allergic issues, you need to be sure that you are giving your boxer the right kind and right amount of protein for the betterment of its health. To choose the boxer’s food, here is what you may look for

The type of protein

The first thing you must look for is the type of protein that is included in the dog food formula. If it is free from grain, has high-quality protein content which has been derived from white meat and lamb’s meat than the food can be considered as good for the health of a boxer dog.

The main ingredients

Look for the main ingredients and see if there are fillers included or not. Fillers are not useful at all and can be harmful in certain cases.

Fats and carbohydrate content

Make sure the fats and carbohydrate content is at the lowest and is not posing any danger of making your dog overweight.

Quality of the food

Never compromise on the overall quality of the food and always spend the time to search and select the highest quality proteins that will help your dog maintain the best body structure that is healthy and active.

The dosage and a balanced formula

Make sure you look for a balanced formula that has a proper and sufficient amount of protein in it and has a balanced content of fruits and vegetables and low-fat as well as free of sugar based carbohydrates. And you need to take care of the dosage and proper timing of the food to avoid making your dog overweight.

What Are The Advantages Of Giving Your Boxer Dog Best Food For Their Growth?

Boxer Dog

The main reason your boxer dogs need proper and balanced diet and extreme care in feeding them through dry or wet food is the fact that if they go through a low nutrition plan they will develop a weak body and lack muscles and will also cause the development of certain bodily issues and low level of activity, whereas high dosage of food may cause them become overweight which is also not desirable.

So, to keep them fit and weigh as per requirements, the proper diet plan is necessary for boxers.

Winner !

Among all the various kinds of food that we have discussed here, we can see that most of the foods that we may choose for the boxers should be free of grains and fillers, should contain pure meat driven proteins in high consistency and should have low fats to avoid overweighting problems in boxers.

Though the top 5 food options we listed here for the boxers are good, but we can say that the #2-royal-canin-breed-health-nutrition-boxer-adult-dry-dog-food is one of the best and most suitable and the best dog food for boxers due to its specific constitution to support growth and healthy muscle development in boxers, the food can help your boxer live a healthier and active life.

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