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The Top 15 Best Chicken Coops (2020 Reviews)

Self-reliance and sustainability seem to be the hot trends these days as more and more households are rearing chickens and planting their vegetables. This does not only ensure safe food sources for your family but also saves money. Before thinking about the results, let’s think about what you should prepare for rearing chicken successfully.

You want to rear chickens in your backyard, the best chicken coops are necessary to ensure a place where the chickens can sleep and lay their eggs. So, before seeking for chickens to rear, ensure their survival and productivity with best chicken coops is a must. If you can, you can make the best chicken coops in your backyard. However, if you cannot design a sufficient one or you just do not have time to do so, here is our advice on the best chicken coops that you need.

There are many chicken coops available in the market, which makes you confusing when selecting a suitable one for your backyard. That’s is the reason why we made a list of the best chicken coops which are convenient yet beautiful so that you could make a wise choice without any difficulty.

Based on customers’ reviews as well as the benefits of different chicken coops, we list the best chicken coops as following:

Best Overall
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SnapLock Formex Large Chicken Coop

Best Budget
The Top 15 Best Chicken Coops (2020 Reviews) 3

BestPet Chicken Coop Chicken

SnapLock Formex Large Chicken Coop

The Top 15 Best Chicken Coops (2020 Reviews) 4

Specifications and features

  • 64² x 39² x 42 ² inches
  • Impact, ultraviolet, water and chemical resistant
  • Removable litter tray
  • Larger adjustable ventilation
  • 4 nesting spots with removable dividers
  • Three 36² roosts

As one of the best chicken coops available in the market, this chicken coop manufactured by SnapLock has some outstanding features to be at your priority. Made of plastic, this chicken coop is superior hygiene. As plastic is easy to clean, the chicken coop is, therefore, maintained hygiene. Besides, plastic does not harbor bacteria.

Another benefit of this one of the best chicken coops is the ease of assembly. Even most chicken coops are not difficult to assemble and there will be an instruction book attached to the product, it is still a bit challenging for a beginner to assemble it. The chicken coop offered by SnapLock is made in a way that even a newbie can assemble it with no difficulty. There is no tool required to assemble this chicken coop.

Also, the SnapLock Formex Large Chicken Coop has three roots, providing sufficient area for each chicken. There are 4 nesting boxes, providing sufficient laying area for up to 6 chickens. Spacious is another benefit making this one of the best chicken coops available.

Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop

Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop with Nesting Box

Specification and features

  • Outer dimension: 53²L x 25²W x 28²H
  • Material: wood
  • Color: white red and white trim
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • 3-floor panels
  • Side nesting box with divider
  • Solid rain-resistant

The reason this is one of the best chicken coops, besides attractive appearance, is its material. This Petsfit chicken coop is made of solid wood, thus it will be durable. The wood is also rain-resistant and you do not have to worry about the quality of the coop even it keeps raining in your area. The gaps in the bottom of the coop facilitate air circulation while the floor panels, which are removable, allows cleaning to be much easier. The nesting boxes are put on the side, so you just need to open the top since it is hinged to get the eggs.

The chicken coop’s lightweight makes it easier to move it if necessary, not to mention the fact that its attractive exterior can suit any area of your backyard.

Pets Imperial Dorchester Chicken Coop

Pets Imperial Dorchester Chicken Coop Hen House Poultry Nest Box Ark Rabbit Hutch Run

Specification and features

  • Dimensions inch nest box: 6ft 8² (L) x 2ft 7² (W) x 3ft 4² (H)
  • Galvanized metal pullout tray
  • Material: timber
  • Ark shaped run
  • Fox and coyote proof

The reason why this chicken coop is perceived as one of the best chicken coops is its unique design. Luxury, opulent and affluent are what you can describe this coop. Thanks to this unique design, you can easily put it in any area of your backyard without affecting the whole appearance of your house. Besides, the amazingly ark shaped run gives your chickens proper protection from fox and other predators.

You can open the roof with no difficulty for cleaning the coop, giving the best living conditions to your chickens. The material is an animal-friendly tongue and groove treated timber, not only make your chickens comfortable living in the coop but also last for long.

The chicken coop is flat packed, supplied in two boxes. There are clear instructions, telling you how to assemble the coop. It is relatively easy to assemble all the parts of the coop, even for a beginner. This is a highly-recommended chicken coop which looks cute in your yard.

Omlet Eglu Cube Chicken Coop

The Top 15 Best Chicken Coops (2020 Reviews) 5

Specifications and features

  • Dimensions: 220 x 155 x 117 cm
  • Double-walled plastic construction
  • Optional Eglu retractable wheel system
  • Secure 3m run
  • Water container and sunshade
  •  Integrated nest box

Being in the list of the best chicken coops is a design offered by Omlet company. This Omlet Eglu chicken coop offers a modern solution for those seeking a coop to rear chickens. The combination of green and white gives this chicken coop an environment-friendly appearance. An outstanding benefit of this chicken coop, making it one of the best chicken coops, is the twin wall insulation. This system provides a cooling effect in summer. In the winter, on the other hand, this system brings an insulating effect to keep a comfortable temperature. In addition, the integrated ventilation system helps to increase air circulation inside the coop.

The feeder and waterer are durable and weather-resistant and easy to clean. The nesting area is designed in a way that is comfortable for the chickens and is easy for you to clean and collect eggs.

In addition, in each coop, there are optional wheels, making the coop a chicken tractor so that when being moved, it brings more space for chickens to explore. An optional attached run and all-weather share are available. This aims at protecting your chickens from predators, easy to clean and easy access to food and water. For all the benefits it brings, there is no doubt it is listed as one of the best chicken coops.

Precision Pet Nantucket Chicken Coop

Precision Pet Nantucket Chicken Coop/Rabbit Hutch

Specification and features

  • Dimension: 73.6 x 31.9 x 48 inches
  • Weight: 97 pounds
  • Material: CARB compliant wood
  • 2 roosting bars and 3 side doors included
  • 2 nesting boxes
  • Pull-out cleaning tray
  • Weather-, pest- and rot-resistant coating
  • Rain-resistant asphalt roof

If you are seeking a chicken coop with classic design, this is an ideal one you are looking for. Its color of white and blue make it suitable for any place of your yard. This Nantucket coop is nothing but a perfect home to your chickens with a 2-bay locking nesting box, 2 roasting bars, an open-air foraging area, enclosed sleeping quarters, 1 ramp and 3 side doors. The multiple doors help you to collect the eggs easily and get the chickens when necessary, not to mention that these doors increase the air circulation inside the coop, making it comfortable for the chickens.

The removable floor plan makes it much easier to clean and ensure the living conditions of your chickens. Made of hardwood coated with rot and pest-resistant formula, Precision Pet Nantucket Chicken Coop is perfect for outdoors and can last for years. This coop is also easy to assemble with no tool required and instruction included. If you have done anything like this before, feel free to get one as you can assemble it without any effort.

Why You Should Buy A Chicken Coop?

You have decided to rear chickens and this is not a momentous decision as you are about to do it for a long time. The best chicken coops are what you should think of now. Some people decide to build a chicken palace but it is not necessary to do so, especially if you do not have much time for it. From drafting, sourcing materials to measuring and cutting planks of wood,...the whole process can cost you up to one week. So rather than putting your time, efforts and money, seeking the best chicken coops is much easier and effortless. In addition, buying a chicken coop, you feel assured that it will come with good appearance and it does not affect the whole appearance of your house. You do not want an ugly chicken coop to appear in your backyard, especially when you have some close friends visiting, right?

Important Features of A Good Chicken Coop

Before deciding to buy any chicken coop, remember that the best chicken coops are not the prettiest ones, rather there are many other things to consider.

The first one is the quality of the chicken coop. Selecting a high-quality chicken coop will give the best condition to rear the chickens. You should see whether there are gaps between boards because these gaps are not good for your chickens, especially when it is cold. The wood’s thick should be at least 10mm so that it will be harder to break. The best chicken coops for your birds need to withstand the weather in your area, such as windstorms or thunderstorms, because such weathers can destroy the low-quality chicken coops and your chickens, too. Besides, in order to protect your chickens from predators, the windows and vents should be screened with hardware mesh. You also should check whether paints and stains inside the chicken coops give off vapors or not. The reason is that the vapors can cause harm to you and your chickens.

Next, consider the size of the coops. If you want healthy chickens, don’t believe the advertisements saying that a box 3ft x 4ft can hold 6 chickens. Each chicken should have 4 square foot of floor space to develop healthily and the area for a bantam is 2 square foot. The lack of space will lead to antisocial behaviors, including picking and pecking. Besides ensuring the living area for your chickens, the best chicken coops should fit your backyard. So, before deciding how many chickens to rear and how large the best chicken coops are, determine the backyard area and see which number of chicken and which area of the coop are suitable.

In addition, you also need to decide whether to buy a mobile or a stationary coop. If you want to clean the rearing area or want to reduce dusty, bare earth, a mobile one will be ideal. If you just want to set it up and leave it in place, choose a static coop would be a wise choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions when it comes to the best chicken coops are:

How much room needed in a coop?

Based on the number of hens you are going to raise, you can choose a suitable coop. Generally, a standard adult chicken needs the area of two square feet. However, if your backyard is large and your budget is generous, a big chicken coop is fine because it will ensure the area for your chickens to live. A right-sized coop for the number of hens you are going to raise can keep the temperature inside the coop more comfortable for the hens, especially when it is hot outside. Besides, it also reduces injures caused by pecking – a situation which is often seen when it is overcrowding.

The number of nesting boxes to add to the interior is also needed. For every four to five hens, there should be a nest box for them to lay eggs. Remember, these boxes are installed a couple of feet off the ground to ensure your hens will use them.

How tall is the chicken coop?

The minimum height of a chicken coop is three feet. The higher, the more ideal so if you can, buy the best chicken coops with a higher ceiling. Extra height offers many advantages when it comes to maintaining a healthier environment for chickens to grow. If it is possible, buy a coop with small windows so to increase air circulation inside the chicken coop. Besides, the best chicken coops with high ceiling will allow extra roosting bars for the chickens to sleep off the ground.

What are other elements to consider?

To a minimum level, the best chicken coops should be well-ventilated (which includes clean watering and feeding stations) with sufficient roosts. Besides, it should be designed in a way that you can easily clean so to ensure the living conditions of the chickens. You can choose the one with wooden floors, which are easy to clean and can offer more protection to your hens.

Natural light can facilitate egg production, so it is better selecting the one with windows to get sunlight inside the chicken coop. An automatic waterer is highly recommended. This is to ensure adequate water for chickens to grow, besides the fact that it will save you much time and efforts to provide them with water.

Where to place the chicken coop?

Firstly, you should choose a place with access to natural sunlight as it is needed for the growth of the chickens (stimulate chicken’s pituitary gland and egg production). If possible, out the best chicken coops you have chosen in southern facing locations for sunlight and for protecting the chickens from cold northern wind.

Other Chicken Coops We Reviewed

There are alternatives that you can get, including:

Pets Imperial Green Ritz Chicken Coop

Pets Imperial Green Ritz Chicken Coop Hen House Poultry Nest Box Ark Rabbit Hutch Run

This chicken coop, with its oval-shaped run, is no doubt a perfect addition to your garden. The thing that makes this coop a highly recommended one is its safety. There is no coyote, fox, dog and other predators breaking in and attacking your chickens through the solid wood and mesh sections. Made from treated timber, this chicken coop is moisture- and weather-resistant, making it last for long. There is no roof in the mesh chicken run, facilitating air circulation.

PawHut 124" Dual Backyard Chicken Coops

PawHut 124" Dual Backyard Chicken Coops with Outdoor Ramps and Nesting Boxes

With the large outdoor run, allowing your chickens to move around without the fear of predators, PawHut 124" Backyard chicken coop is no doubt one of the best chicken coops. The pull-out tray allows easy cleaning and maintenance. Besides, two nesting boxes with hinged top can help to collect eggs much easier. This chicken coop is natural-friendly as it is made from natural fir and is coated with a nature-friendly outdoor nitro lacquer, making it durable. Add to that, the main house is elevated so to prevent possible damages in case of wet conditions.

Tangkula Chicken Coop

Tangkula Chicken Coop, Wooden Large Outdoor Poultry Cage

This is an ideal chicken coop from Tangkula manufacturer. Made from premium natural fir wood and painted with eco-friendly waterproof non-toxic varnish, it is a perfect choice for your chickens and there is no need to worry about is durability and stability. The eco-friendly paint also brings outstanding features, including water-resistant, UV-resistant and corrosion-resistant, thus make your coop long-lasting. Besides, this one of the best chicken coops is spacious with a nesting box, resting box and ramp so that your chickens can fully enjoy living here. There is a removable bottom sliding tray equipped, allowing cleaning the coop much easier. In addition, the grid door is designed to not only ventilate but also to protect the chickens from the risk of different predators.

PawHut 83" Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop

PawHut 83" Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop with Covered Run and Nesting Box

Another name from PawHut company that you should consider for your chickens is the PawHut 83" Wooden Backyard chicken coop. The very first impression with this chicken coop is its excellent design. The combination of white and green brings a unique look to this coop and makes it easily match your house and your garden. The large indoor area, plus sizable fenced outside area, allows the chickens to be protected from predators while enjoying the sunlight. Besides, the large outdoor run provides more room for chickens to move around. This is one of the best chicken coops also thanks to the good design, allowing easy eggs collection, quick access inside and proper ventilation and airflow.

Confidence Pet 2-Story Chicken Coop/Hen House

Confidence Pet 2-Story Chicken Coop/Hen House

Made from fir wood frame with Kilned-dry treatment, this coop is durable for a long time. Buying this one of the best chicken coops, you give the chickens more space, whether indoor or outdoor, without having a large footprint in the yard or garden. Thus, your chickens have more space for moving, resting and nesting.

PawHut 63" Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop

PawHut 63" Wooden Backyard Chicken Coop with Garden Box, Run Area, Nesting Box

This coop provides large outdoor run with a wide-open fenced enclosure, allowing your chickens to stretch legs and wings. Its metal pull-out drawer makes it easier for cleaning while the nesting boxes with hinged top makes it easier for depositing and collecting eggs. This PawHut chicken coop is perfectly suitable for small space with its compact and low-footprint design.

Merax Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny Cage 2 Story Pet House Chicken Coop

Merax Rabbit Hutch Indoor and Outdoor Bunny Cage 2 Story Pet House Chicken Coop Poultry Cage with Removable No Leakage Tray

A representative from Merax which is perfect not only for chickens but also for rabbits. This coop is highly durable, making it a wise choice to many households. It is made from fir wood, which is not only strong and long-lasting but also good for chickens. A large run area with a heavy-duty wire provides more room for chickens to run around while protecting them from predators.

zoovilla Country Style Chicken Coop

zoovilla Country Style Chicken Coop Metal Nest Box with Asphalt Roof Panels

This coop, with a unique design, is another option you can consider. Designed like a house, it can protect your chickens from predators as well as different weather conditions. The removable tray enables the cleaning to be easier while lockable hinged nesting box roofs make it easy to collect eggs as well as protect your chickens.

BestPet Cage Enclosure Chicken Coop

BestPet Chicken Coop Chicken Cage Pens Crate Rabbit Cage Enclosure Pet Playpen Exercise Pen

This BestPet coop is in the list of the best chicken coops not because of its appearance but because of its durability and safety. The epoxy coating finish provides resistance against rust, corrosion and fading, thus making your coop last longer. There is also a waterproof cover included to protect your chickens from water, debris and light snow and UV. In addition, it is easy to assemble. Just follow the clear instruction and you can complete assembling in just 30 minutes without any effort.

Yardeen Chicken Coop

Yardeen Chicken Coop Large Wooden Bunny Rabbit Hutch Hen Quail Pet Cage for Winter and Windy Backyard Outdoor with Nesting Box and Run Cage

Made of premium natural waterproof fir wood, this coop is a durable one which can last for long even in bad weathers. Besides, it is also spacious with run rooms, nesting box, resting box, egg box and ramp. The chicken can easily lay eggs on the nesting box and you also can easily collect the eggs. Built with a removable bottom sliding tray, you will find it easy to clean the coop. In addition, this coop is equipped with an automatic feeder so to save much of your time spent on feeding and watering.

Rearing chickens has never been an easy task, right from the mission of selecting an ideal chicken coop. There are many things to consider and we hope that our list of the best chicken coops could help you.

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