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Best Cat Carriers For People To Choose In 2020

Having a feline at your home means you have to know their mood shifts according to the way they are being treated. They need affection, proper space in a house and also they are probably reluctant to be moved to another place until and unless they interested in doing so. For moving cats to another place you need to look for the best cat carriers that are capable of accommodating and helping them keep calm, relaxed and safe while they are being transported to another place.

There are many best cat carriers you can find on the market but you need to pick the ones that ensure to fulfill the needs of safely carrying your cat along with you when you are on travel.

A Quick Summary of My Top 5 Picks of the Best Cat Carriers

  1. Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed
  2. Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel
  3. PetLuv Soot​​​​​hing “Happy Cat”
  4. Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers
  5. Gen7Pets Pet Roller ​​​​​Carrier

Benefits Of Having The Best Cat Carriers

Keeping some of the best cat carriers for your feline buddy would be the best thing you can do in favor of your cat and yourself as well. It is because it will help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Your cat stays in place
  • Easy to keep your pet with you when on travel
  • Helps to avoid accidents and injuries to pets in case of collision
  • Keeps your pet safe from unexpected hazards
  • You can concentrate on your driving while on road instead of keeping an eye on your pet and hence avoid accidents.

The Top 5 Best Cat Carriers Reviews

1. Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed – Soft Sided Carriers

Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

Though we are talking about the best cat carriers found on the market, but this Sleepypod is more than just a simple carrier. It is a carrier as well as a comfortable cat bed that can be used at home with just a few tweaks to it and by removing the upper dome. This is a comfortable well-padded carrier that has hard yet padded lined walls to keep the cat easy and keeps it safe from bumps as well.

The upper part is an adjustable dome-like cover with ventilation net and a zipper. The dome can be fully opened or half opened for making it a private bed for your cat. The handle is also there to help you carry the pod with you and for keeping in your car. For safety purposes, you can pass through the seat belt across the handle to make sure the cat stays safe and would not turn over.

It is made with high-quality materials providing high-end plush polyester inside and nylon cover that matches the luggage materials to protect it from the outside. This is easy to use carrying pod for cats that do not require complicated handling and installation. You can simply open and remove the upper dome to make it a stable and sturdy bed and make it the carrying pod for cats by attaching the dome back.

Half of the mesh dome can be used to make it a covered car bed as well. It is suitable for cats around 15 pounds or below. The maintenance is also not an issue as it can be washed in cold water without bleach. It is highly ventilated, safe and easy to use cat carrier available on the market. Not considered acceptable for air travel in the US.

2. Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel – Hard-Sided Carriers

Petmate Two Door Top Load Kennel

This Petmate two door top load kennel like cat carrier is a sturdy box –like hard carrier made up of steel and plastic materials. The design ensures higher ventilation and visibility to make sure the cat is safe and easy inside it. The carrier comes with an ergonomic carrying handle so that you can keep the carrier with you anywhere you go.

This cat carrier is suitable for air travel in the US and is also made in the USA. The carrier is designed to keep the pet easy as well as safe from any bumps and shocks. This is suitable for cats or pets around 15 cm tall. Chihuahuas, Yorkshires, terriers, and cats can be easily transported by using this carrier.

3. PetLuv Soothing “Happy Cat” Premium Soft-Sided Cat Carrier & Travel Crate

PetLuv Soothing "Happy Cat" Premium Soft-Sided Cat Carrier

Comfort, safety, ventilation inlets and easy access to the pet that is all you need to look for in the best cat carriers. This one from PetLuv is a sign of quality and comfort that promises to lower the cat anxiety through highly comfortable interior padded with plush fabric and accessorized with a soft comfy pillow to help kitty relax inside. The foldable rooftop and aide walls make sure you can look at and access your cat when needed and zip it when you are on the go.

The overall structure is made of steel and has a unique design that makes it collapse and fold when it’s not in use. It also comes with easy to grip handles and shoulder strap for easy carrying while on travel. The cat carrier matches the needs of carrying the pets of medium to large size. The breathable, airy and soft carriers keep the cat relaxed and easy by reducing the anxiety that cats face in closed boxes.

4. Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers

Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carriers

You may need a comfortable pet carrier when you have to travel or even when you have to move to the vet for a routine checkup of your cat, you can use this sturdy, well-designed cat carrier that will not offer any annoying features your cat would not be able to bear with for sure.

It offers comfort in a stylish manner. The carrier comes with a spring wire frame that helps in keeping the carrier stable along the car seat by confirming to the under seat design. For keeping a good level of ventilation there are mesh windows and flaps that roll down as required for the privacy of your cat. There are two separate entry zones for easy usage and accessing the pet when needed.

The locking zippers are there to keep the pet safe from escaping out and it also is accessorized with the luggage strap and carrying strap for easy handling.

There is also a side pocket for keeping all the necessities in range. Further, the cat carrier is approved for use in airplanes as it guarantees comfortable accommodation for the pet and make sure it will not roam in the cabin at all. It requires being correctly selected as the height of the pet that will be kept inside it.

5. Gen7Pets Pet Roller Carrier

 Gen7Pets Pet Roller Carrier

For heavy or large sized cats you might need a little extra help with having a trolley attached to the pet carrier. This one is specially designed for people who cannot keep hanging their pets on their shoulder when they are walking or on travel and have to walk for long distances. It is a convenient and easy yet stylish cat carrier.

The smart-level carrier platform makes sure that your pet would stay easy and safe from tipping when you have to pull the carrier because the carrier gets support from behind. It is easy to handle and maneuver and would not be a hassle for you and your pet.

The carrier has two door design with a top opening and front door and mesh windows on the sides as well. With the perfect airflow and visibility of the pet, it becomes sure that you can travel or walk with no issues in your mind regarding the safety and comfort of the pet inside. It also converts to a backpack where needed while walking on the stairs or escalators. It is available in 4 different colors.

Things To Look For In The Best Cat Carriers

As mentioned earlier there are a lot of options out there for people who need to find the best cat carriers and there has to be a clear demarcation of the features you need and the requirements based on your pet’s mood and behavior and the nature of travel that is expected.

So the most important things to look for in the cat carriers are discussed as below:

The Materials

The materials which are used in the making of the cat carriers have to be very strong and able to withstand the scratching habits as well. Though not all cats have a nasty habit to scratch where they sit when you are putting an angry cat in the carrier against its will you might have to bear with certain anger filled scratches on the carrier for sure.

Due to the fact, cats are not fond of traveling and especially when they don’t want to travel a lot, you may need to have a carrier that is suitable to carry your cat easily and is not flimsy that breaks apart easily.

The Design

The design of the cat carrier has to be very easy for you as well as safe and easy for the cat as well. There should be a wide opening to make sure you can put the cat easily without grabbing or pushing it into the bag. In case if the door or the lid of the carrier is not wide enough you may face trouble as cats may get angry with being pushed into a narrow tunnel-like space. Wide open zippers and fully raised lids are good options to look for in cat carriers. Easy handling, proper accessories, and closure features are also a part of a good cat carrier.


​The size of the cat carrier also is an important feature to look for. You should choose a carrier that has enough space for your cat to sit and relax. But it should also be noticed that the carrier should not be too roomy as it would cause issues if you are on a long travel in an airplane. If the carrier is too spacious the cat might get banged on its walls when it is moved without care. So a reasonable space is okay to keep the cat easy and relaxed.

Handling and Placement Options

The best cat carriers that you can find on the market come up with proper handling options like with a shoulder hanging strap or a handle so that the carrier is easily carried by hand. Further, you need to look for the cat carriers which can be accommodated easily while traveling in a plane under the seat of your plane or in a car when you have to put it alongside your seat.

So, the placement and handling of the carrier of your cat should be maneuverable and easy.

Types Of Cat Carriers

Look for the kind of carrier you actually are looking for. There are basically two kinds of cat carriers based on its nature of the materials and purpose:

  • Hard, box-like cat carriers
  • Soft, bag-like cat carriers

Hard and box-like cat carriers are good where you have to leave your cat away in a vehicle like in an airplane or in a public wagon you need a safe box like cat carrier to keep it away from any sort of injuries.

Soft and bag-like cat carriers are great to keep the cats safe and comfortable and they are good for short travel and when you need to keep in place in your own car or in a private vehicle.

The Durability And Safety Features

The durability of the cat carrier is a must due to the fact it has to withstand the scratches and some serious angry moves made by the cat in case your cat makes lots of fuss for keeping in a carrier.


Proper ventilation plays an important in keeping the cat easy and safe and allows it to stay comfortable without suffocation problems. Most of the best cat carriers have large windows with durable net material and well-designed windows to keep the carrier airy and fresh for the cat.

Padding and Extra Features

Extra padded floor and resting spot in the carrier makes sure the cat stays relaxed and calm. Some extra features can also be seen as having food serving bowls for the cat and padded walls etc. these would be necessary if you are going to take your pet on a long distance travel.

You may also check for the cat carriers that are eligible for air travel and are allowed to be kept along in the cabin as well.

Though it is obvious that you will need to look for your own pet and your travel needs of finding out some of the best cat carriers on the market. But still, we have made sure that we give you the top-rated cat carrier from each of the available type and category so that you don’t have to put in a lot of effort and find your best pet carrier in a quick way. Just compare the features and estimate the benefits and uses and go for the best one you think would be suitable for your cat.

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