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7 Pet-Friendly Holiday Destinations In Europe

It is said that vacations should be spent with family. Is our pet family? Hell yes! Which is why we take him into consideration in all our travel plans. It’s been some time since we dropped the option to leave our dog at home, making sure that somebody will feed him and give him attention. Nowadays it’s just easier to take them with us. Current lifestyle and society itself are helping and encourages us to travel with our dearly pet. Don’t take his freedom away and let him see new and exciting lands!

Before choosing your holiday destination, don’t forget that it’s so important for the puppy to be healthy in order to have fun beside you. So there is no other option than a visit to the vet. Make sure he has proper vaccination and buy medication. You’ll never know when you need it the most.

But there is more. Maybe he needs all sorts of things that you don’t use day by day. So go shopping! Make sure you buy enough food. Spoil him with a new toy in order to keep him busy if he ever gets anxious because of the new place. Buy him a new leash. Don’t forget about a first aid kit. Of course, you can’t just leave without a kennel that fits travelling. Whether you travel by car or by plane, not all kennels will meet the travelling guidelines.

Unfortunately, the most difficult and time consuming thing is paperwork. Certificates, passport, ticket, insurance. But if you choose to travel by plane, a professional company will take care of every single detail of your puppy’s ride. This is how you’ll be efficient in your preparation. Because the love for pets always involves big responsibilities.

Now that we know the most important steps in order to travel with your furry family member, let’s check on some pet-friendly destinations. These destinations are great for any season, why not have a vacation any time you want?

West Looe seaside, Cornwall, UK

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A stunning place, perfect for pets and people alike. You will find five-star services with great stylish rooms designed for pet owners. The ocean is one step away from your room and whole village is beautiful and great for walking. Above all, the food is excellent and the area is well known for its working fishing port. You just serve your dinner watching fishermen arrive at the shore and bring fresh fish directly at the restaurant. Anyway, UK itself has a reputation as a nation of animal lovers and you’re allowed to take your pet to many places, including gardens, parks and even some museums.



The place where dogs are allowed in restaurants and bars by default. The times when there is a sign or an employee telling you otherwise are rare exceptions. Go wherever you want, have a great breakfast, coffee or dinner, and take your four-legged friend with you. Always ask or check the rules of every city, but most cities allow dogs on trains or public transportation. All owners are required to have pet health insurance and there are specific rules to prevent cruelty to dogs.


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Italians absolutely love their furry friends. Most of the times, you will be able to bring your dog with you into stores, hotels or dining areas. Lately, some italian regions have new laws which make it mandatory to allow dogs in all public places. It is also known that the northern Italy is more dog-friendly than the south. Your pet is welcomed on public transportation, even if sometimes they need a carrier during the ride.



A nation of dog lovers. Dogs are welcome everywhere, except museums. You can travel with your pet in France without problems, being rated as one of the most dog-friendly places in Europe. Rules are that the pet should be in kennels or carriers on Paris transit systems.


Puppy jumping on the beach

As any other country, some parts of it are pet-friendly, while other parts are not so friendly with our dearest four-legged companions. Lots of restaurants and cafes are happy when you bring your puppy on their outdoor terraces. The best option in Ireland is to book a cottage vacation, those are popular for pet owners.


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Romania has a lot of great places suitable for hicking mountains along with your dog. If you choose a mountain area as a destination, you have all chances to find pet-friendly accomodations and activities. Perfect for nature enthusiasts!


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Lately, this country is getting more and more liberal in terms of taking dogs to cafes or restaurants. There are places that have „dog-friendly” stickers on their doors and there are plenty of hotels that allow pets. You can take your dog on public transportation with no additional fee.

Vacation, you said? All family members can join in so leave no one behind!

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